13 Things to Watch While Preparing for Season 3 of The Crown

As a self-proclaimed lover of the monarchy, I’m also a huge fan of history. Especially history that comes in the form of pretty dresses and love stories for sure. Among my favorite TV shows that center around British monarch is The Crown. I simply loved Claire Foy in the first two seasons, and I was so very excited to see that season 3 of The Crown is coming to Netflix next month and not next year as originally predicted.

Just like the season two release, season three of The Crown will be out in time to catch an episode (or all of them) before the kids are home for Thanksgiving Break. Though one of the perks of this show is that (the first two seasons at least) were completely appropriate to watch with children… if you had to.

But while the world waits in anticipation of season 3 of The Crown—complete with a new dynamic duo playing Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip—you need something besides football to watch!

13 Things to Watch to Prepare for Season 3 of The Crown

The Queen

Helen Mirren steals hearts each and every time. She’s proud, accomplished, and well-respected. The maturity seen in the queen here may be a glimpse into what viewers may see in season 3 of The Crown.

The Other Boleyn Girl

Another book-turned-movie. While the book is definitely (always?) better than the movie, it will still be enough to hold you over. Pretty dresses, love stories, and a decent dose of history make it a fun few hours.

The White Queen

I’m a huge fan of Philippa Gregory’s books turned to Starz mini-series. You don’t have time to read all the books before season three starts (well, maybe you do if you do nothing else) but the backstory on the White Queen stretches back to the maternal grandmother of Henry VIII. It’s absolutely wonderful.

The White Princess

Following in her mother’s footsteps, Elizabeth marries the new King and fights more battles than she was ready for. Forced into a marriage that eventually blossoms into a partnership, Henry and Elizabeth begin a line that produces some of the most powerful rulers England has seen.

The Spanish Princess

The third (and dare I hope not the last?) part of the story leading up through the Cousin’s War. Here, Henry the VII watches his eldest son, Prince Arthur court and wed the Princess of Aragon, Catherine. Then, of course, she goes on to wed Prince Harry on her way to becoming queen. It’s not the best of the three, but it’s pretty good.

The Tudors

While produced by Showtime, viewers can catch The Tudors on Netflix. It shows the scandalous and sexual side of Henry VIII, but if you are okay with the graphic nature, the storyline is good. And while Henry goes through all of his wives in this series, the last season when the King is in his old age, is one of the best.


13 Things To Watch While Preparing For Season 3 Of The Crown

Taking a trip across the channel to the continent, Reign shows the love story of Mary, Queen of Scotland and her French Prince Francis. At times an odd combination of period costumes and modern music, the storyline is fun to follow and the people are absolutely gorgeous. Although we know how the story ends, it still really felt like the series ended suddenly.

A Royal Night Out

If the sisterly relationship on The Crown interested you, you can see more of it in this movie. The two sisters head out on the town, while the country celebrates the end of World War II, and manage to slip out from their guards. It’s a feel-good movie for sure.


Years ago, the British monarchy was “saved” by another young woman, and you can watch her story on Amazon or PCS in Victoria. Of course, throughout the years, she and Prince Albert (another interesting relationship where the woman is in charge and the man has some issues with it) are pretty much responsible for having enough children to marry into all the royal houses of Europe. You’ll love this series (there are currently three seasons) and you’ll probably enjoy the movie Young Victoria as well.

Wolf Hall

If you love Claire Foy in The Crown, you’ll love her in this PBS mini-series chronicling Cromwell’s rise in the Tudor Court. Another interesting twist, on what some consider a timeless story revolving around the monarchists, this one focuses on some lesser characters who played a huge role in history.

Downton Abbey

13 Things To Watch While Preparing For Season 3 Of The Crown

British history at its finest, this six-season PBS Masterpiece follows a wonderful family through tragedies like The Titanic, World War I, and personal tragedies. You’ll fall in love with the family and laugh and cry along with them. Also, the movie (which premiered in September) had a monarchy appearance as well.

Upstairs, Downstairs

In this Amazon Prime mini-series that focuses on the interaction between the upstairs family and the downstairs staff, you catch a glimpse or two of Claire Foy playing a rebellious younger sister. Set in Britain from 1936 to 1939, there’s quite a bit going on. The heir to the throne is making some wild decisions, thrusting his younger brother—who’s friends with the owner of the house—into the limelight. Foy’s character runs around with an up-and-coming German politician, which in the late ’30s was just plain crazy.

The Viceroy’s House

If you love Downton, the British monarchy, and world history you’ll enjoy this movie. Set in India in 1947, Hugh Bonneville plays Lord Mountbatten—yes, the same one that set up Phillip with Princess Elizabeth—during the time when the British hand India back to its people. You’ll get a glimpse of the stoicism of the British and the trauma that the India/Pakistan divide created for its people.

And of course, you can watch seasons one and two of The Crown again timed perfectly so you can seamlessly go from the last episode to the first.

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Things To Watch While Preparing For Season 3 Of The Crown



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