Plus Sized Fashion Feature: Our Favorite Brands

At Daily Mom, we adore featuring designer brands that you may have never heard of. We know that having a true fashion sense doesn’t stop if you wear a size 14, or up, so that’s why we’ve teamed with these amazing companies to bring you this inclusive Plus Sized Fashion Feature.

Plus Sized Fashion Feature



Dresses by IGIGI are beautiful, top-notch quality dresses designed to showcase your curves. It’s evident that the plus sized body was kept in mind when designing their line, as IGIGI dresses highlight and contour in all the right places. Whether you are searching for the perfect afternoon cocktail dress or a floor length dress perfect for your next black tie event, IGIGI has it all. IGIGI’s line includes dresses sophisticated enough for big events, and they even feature evening and wedding gowns.

Plus Sized Fashion Feature: Our Favorite Brands 1 Daily Mom, Magazine For FamiliesIGIGI Dress: Similar

If you’re not in the market for a dress, their separate collection is to die for: peplum tops a-plenty, and tunics that have the perfect jets to really make your curves stand out and give you an hourglass appearance.

Plus Sized Fashion Feature: Our Favorite Brands 2 Daily Mom, Magazine For FamiliesThe Florence Peplum Top by IGIGI goes great with a dark pair of denim jeans for a casual yet sophisticated workplace look or can be dressed up with a pencil skirt for cocktail hour.

Plus Sized Fashion Feature: Our Favorite Brands 3 Daily Mom, Magazine For FamiliesToccara Sweater Tunic by IGIGI

The colors are vibrant, and the pieces scream designer-wear, but they can all be had for an affordable price. IGIGI delivers it all, and then some.

Plus Sized Fashion Feature: Our Favorite Brands 4 Daily Mom, Magazine For FamiliesA few more of our favorites from their Spring 2014 line: The Nikki Maxi Dress & Jordan Maxi Dress by IGIGI offer vibrant color palettes and trendy patterns.



We are simply smitten with the vintage styles that ModCloth has to offer, along with their vast selection of plus sizing clothing available. Dresses will flash you back into a simpler time, where girls and boys drank their soda from a special shoppe and oxford shoes were paired with everything.

Plus Sized Fashion Feature: Our Favorite Brands 5 Daily Mom, Magazine For FamiliesIt’s A-boat Time Dress by ModCloth: Pair this navy and white dress with sunny yellow accessories for the perfect pop of color.

Cardigans are a quick and easy spring piece, allowing you to layer without feeling tied down. Once again, ModCloth delivers with their massive selection of tops available, from a cute cardi to an adorable graphic sweatshirt.

Plus Sized Fashion Feature: Our Favorite Brands 6 Daily Mom, Magazine For FamiliesThe Spot-On Cardigan by ModCloth features a flattering V-cut neckline and soft stretchy material for a comfortable fit. We also love that the inside of the sweater is as beautiful as the outside.

With oh-so-many styles to choose from, you’ll have a hard time narrowing down your favorites. Another great thing about ModCloth that any woman can appreciate is that all U.S. returns and exchanges are 100% free–so you can truly find something perfectly unique for you, from dresses to tops and bottoms, even swimwear!

Looking for the perfect ensemble for Easter weekend? Check out these two adorable pieces perfect for a casual Saturday family jaunt in the park, or a dressy Sunday affair:

Plus Sized Fashion Feature: Our Favorite Brands 7 Daily Mom, Magazine For FamiliesHoppy Trails Sweater & Fateful Timing Dress by ModCloth


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Jill Alexander Designs

Jill Alexander Designs has plus sized contemporary clothing that is flowy and so fun to wear. Their 5Way Wrap Jacket is perfect for the plus sized pregnant Mama-To-Be, or the postpartum Mommy wanting to feel normal again. Boundaries are pushed with asymmetrical seams and hemlines, and nothing is expected with Jill Alexander Designs.

Plus Sized Fashion Feature: Our Favorite Brands 8 Daily Mom, Magazine For FamiliesLong Sleeve Asymmetrical Top by Jill Alexander Designs

Plus Sized Fashion Feature: Our Favorite Brands 9 Daily Mom, Magazine For FamiliesJill Alexander Designs shirt dresses with belts accent your waist. Leave a top button undone to create a flattering V-neckline.

Jill Alexander Designs wants every woman to feel special, with pieces that can mix and match to offer wardrobe flexibility. We are loving their newest fashion line for the Spring, and the versatility that it has to offer.

Plus Sized Fashion Feature: Our Favorite Brands 10 Daily Mom, Magazine For FamiliesDiane Wrap Dress & Glam Tee: Silver by Jill Alexander Designs


Whether you are a size 4, 14, or 24, fashion should be a statement about you, and your choices shouldn’t become planned or boring as you enter the double digit sizes. Wear your clothing loud and proud, for the best accessory of all is confidence. 

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