Is an Online Period Tracker Still Safe – Especially When it Comes to Data Tracking in 2023?

When it comes to our bodies and our health, we want to make sure that we’re doing everything we can to stay healthy and safe. That’s why many of us turn to use an online period tracker or a period tracker website – so that you can keep an eye on your health and be aware of any health changes. But are these apps really as safe as we think they are?

Recently, there have been concerns raised about the privacy of data collected by online period tracking apps, among similar apps that threaten your privacy. So what does this mean for us women who rely on these apps to monitor our health? Are they still safe to use?

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How Does an Online Period Tracker Collect Data?

Data tracking apps have become an increasingly popular way to monitor your health. By recording data such as menstrual cycles and ovulation, these online period tracker apps can help women better understand their bodies and the natural cycles within them. Health professionals have also suggested that these types of tracking apps can be used in tandem with other medical treatments, such as fertility treatments or hormone therapy, as a way to provide doctors with useful information about key indicators for health. With this technology becoming more widely available, it’s interesting to consider just how data tracking apps can revolutionize the way we understand our bodies and our health.

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Online Period Tracking Isn’t Without Its Data Risks

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App security should not be taken lightly. Data on a mobile app or device can be vulnerable to hackers and third-party companies if proper precautions aren’t taken. With the prevalence of apps permeating every aspect of our lives, especially online period tracking apps, it is more important now than ever that users take extra measures to protect their data from malicious attacks.

Anything from banking information to photos could fall into the hands of those who don’t have your best interests in mind. It’s essential to stay aware and abide by safety protocols because at any second, your sensitive data could end up in the wrong hands with the risk of life-altering consequences for yourself or others.

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One of the most prominent examples of health data breaches with tracking apps is the 2017 attack on the fertility app Glow. In this attack, attackers were able to access and steal personal information from over 1 million users, including their full names, email addresses, and passwords, as well as details about their menstrual cycles and reproductive health. This incident caused a lot of anxiety for many users and sparked a wider conversation about the security risks associated with tracking apps.

Another example is the 2018 attack on MyFitnessPal, a health app that allows users to track their exercise and diet. The attackers were able to access usernames, email addresses, and passwords from over 150 million accounts. This breach highlighted the importance of encrypting data and being extra vigilant when it comes to digital security. 

These incidents illustrate how important it is for users to not only protect their data from hackers and third-party companies but also be aware of the risks associated with using tracking apps. It’s essential that users are familiar with the security measures taken by these apps and take extra precautions to protect themselves when using any type of online period tracker or health app.

Keep Your Data Private and Secure

In this digital age, it is important to take measures to protect your data from becoming public information – on your terms. Online privacy requires commitment and vigilance because hackers come up with new methods of circumventing standard security measures every day. There are several tips that can help readers keep their data private and secure:

  • A VPN for online activities is an excellent tool that encrypts your browsing data and hides your location
  • Tracking your privacy offline through physical documents is also a great way to ensure no one has access to sensitive information
  • Using a password manager can also help you keep track of all passwords so they cannot be easily guessed or hacked while avoiding apps that could risk your privacy should be kept in mind at all times.
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The key here is to be aware of the ever-changing risks of existing on the Internet and taking preventive measures – although there may not be any guarantee of complete immunity, diligent practices will increase your chances of keeping whatever personal data you hold safe and secure.

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Importance of Protecting Your Personal Data

As online period trackers and apps proliferate, it could not be more urgent to protect personal data and take control of your very private lives. Your online period tracker, linked with pregnancy status, health history, and other intimate details, is too sensitive to be divulged and exploited. Large tech companies may offer the convenience that online period trackers come with, however, given the limited transparency about how data is stored and used many have started looking for more secure and private period apps.

People have reached the conclusion that protecting PERSONAL DATA is no longer an option but a necessity of utmost importance. Protecting your most sensitive information should be taken seriously regardless of how much convenience an online period tracker app may promise you, because when one does not take charge of their data – the consequences can often be dire.

Overall, it is important to be aware of the online period apps that could risk your privacy and take measures to protect yourself from potential attacks. While there are many helpful and convenient apps available, not all of them prioritize users’ safety and security. Be sure to read the terms and conditions carefully before downloading any app and do your research on how the app collects, stores, and shares data. If you have any concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out to the app developers or contact a trusted security expert for help. Remember, it’s always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to safeguarding your very personal data!

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