Pick the Perfect Boudoir Outfit in 3 Easy Steps

Want to up the ante and give your special someone something more fun than a new watch or tie for the office? Spice up your gift-giving by choosing the perfect boudoir outfit and rocking an alluring photo session for your partner!

Pick The Perfect Boudoir Outfit In 3 Easy Steps

We get it. You hear the word boudoir and your mind instantly becomes overwhelmed by different wardrobe options. It can be difficult to style yourself for such a vulnerable space in a photo. Never fear! We have your back! Finding the perfect boudoir outfit is easy when you follow these simple steps.

What Style Do You Want to Show in Your Boudoir Shoot?

First things first, what feeling do you want to portray? Are you going for classic and feminine? Racy and Rough? Girl Next Door Vibes? Ralph Lauren Perfume Ad? There’s no wrong answer here folks, but deciding on a style really helps you narrow down the never ending choices of boudoir outfit options. You may even find that you already own your perfect boudoir outfit!

What are you typically wearing when you feel sexy?

Having trouble figuring out your style? No problem! Let’s take a moment to think about the times you feel sexy the most or even just the most often. Is it in his favorite band t-shirt with a pair of cheekies? Maybe it’s in your low cut little black dress that you constantly catch him double glancing when you wear it. It could even be that cozy, chunky, fall sweater that is a few sizes too big so it falls off your shoulder every time you stand up. Perhaps it’s even your favorite athletic bra and panty set. Think back to the times you feel powerful, exuberant, feminine. What were you donning? Bonus points if it’s already in your closet!

What do you feel is your body type?

We aren’t all stylists so finding the best boudoir outfit for your body type can seem scary. Not to worry though because we can help! This quiz can help you find your estimated body type. Not every trend is for every body and that’s okay! We want to show off your unique style while accentuating your most flattering assets.

Want to go the lingerie route? Let’s dive in and show you some of our favorite, top-notch options especially catered to you!

Pick The Perfect Boudoir Outfit In 3 Easy Steps


You lucky ladies have been blessed with a wider boo-tay and a more narrow waistline. Bodysuits with a deep or plunging neckline will accentuate all of those features from top to bottom! If you want to feel a little fuller up top simply grab a fun demi-cup bra with a hint of push up to get those girls perked up.

Pick The Perfect Boudoir Outfit In 3 Easy Steps


When shopping for a boudoir outfit you’ll want to add definition to your voluptuous allure. Focus on defining your waist with a piece with a corset vibe or anything with leading lines going downward that will elongate your torso.

Pick The Perfect Boudoir Outfit In 3 Easy Steps

Inverted Triangle

Matching cami sets or anything with a halter top is going to be your new best friend. You’ve got those gorgeous broad shoulders and small hip line so heating up your look with a balconette bra and low rise panties is your effortless, go-to look for a boudoir outfit.

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Pick The Perfect Boudoir Outfit In 3 Easy Steps


Lady, you’ve got those amazing straight lines that we all envy you for. Add a little “oomph,” do your shape by having a little fun with ruffles and ruching! These details will create the visual of a fuller bust and waist. If you’ve feeling really into it, splurge on a push up bra to give yourself a bombshell vibe.

Pick The Perfect Boudoir Outfit In 3 Easy Steps


Girl, you have all the Dita Von Teese vibes. That being said, garter belts are exactly what you need to up-level your already stunning figure. If garter belts just aren’t your thing, you could rock the vintage look with a teddy or corset. It’s hard to go wrong with any boudoir outfit here but we would caution against going the baby doll route as it will hide your slender waistline.

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A few added tips

-If you’re feeling awkward or uncomfortable about wearing lingerie in front of a photographer opt for casual clothing. Off shoulder top, high slit dresses or even a white tank with a pair of cute underwear is a great way to feel sexy but be more covered.

-Don’t size down. It’s tempting to try to squeeze into a tighter outfit but there’s nothing worse than having to hold your breath or limiting your movement because your clothing is too small or restrictive. We all have that one dress that look incredible when we are standing up but as soon as we sit down, well, that’s a different story. Even if you have to size up make sure your boudoir outfit sits comfortably on your body so you can move freely and feel amazing. *Bonus tip: try on everything before the shoot. Sizes vary between designers, labels, and brands so even if you’re a medium in one you have find another brand to have a different sizing guide.

-Cut off the tags. I know, it seems scary. What if I need the sizing information later? What if I want to see the care instructions? Trust us, that was our knee jerk reaction too. To avoid any issues simply snap a cell phone photo of the tag before removing so you’ll have the information handy. Cutting off the tags doesn’t mean you’ll lose helpful facts but it does mean you won’t have any awkward and distracting elements showing up in your photos.

-Skip the Costumes. While costumes and novelty outfits can be cute for Halloween or even behind closed doors these outfits won’t age well. Focus on classic pieces and avoid anything that can be easily dated as a fad or passing trend.

Best tip we can give you? You don’t have to break the bank. Lingerie can be expensive but there are some great options out there for completely affordable prices. No matter your shape or size Asos, Aerie and Adore Me all have gorgeous boudoir outfit pieces that won’t hurt your wallet. Additionally, you may find that less is more. Sometimes the best boudoir outfit is no outfit at all. Simply grab a white bedsheet and wow him with your organic self! Be comfortable, feel empowered, and rock the heck out of your boudoir outfit!

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Pick The Perfect Boudoir Outfit In 3 Easy Steps



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