15 Essential and Unique New Photographer Gifts

Every new photographer has been dreaming of a million things that they can purchase to start their journey. Most of us even have a few online shopping carts full of those items, just waiting for the moment to press “buy!” If you’re looking for new photographer gifts, then search no more. We’ve pulled together the best of the best for beginner to expert photographers everywhere.

Basic Photographer Gifts

Canon EOS Rebel T7


When it comes to photographer gifts, the number one request is a camera! The Canon EOS Rebel T7 is perfect for beginners to learn all of their settings on. With an 18-55mm lens and built-in Wi-Fi communication, the photographer in your life will be able to play with each aspect of the beginning stages of photography on a DSLR.

50mm 1.8 Lens


While a camera is a must-have when it comes to photographer gifts, you’d be surprised at how much of a difference a new lens can make. The Canon 50mm 1.8 Lens is a perfect addition to any photographer’s collection. Prime lenses are known to be sharper glass, as they don’t switch focal length. With that sharper glass, you can expect a higher quality (and prettier bokeh) than the lens that comes in your camera kit. At this incredible price point, the 50mm 1.8 Lens is one of the best new photographer gifts that will be well loved for years!

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Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop Subscription


Whether you’re looking for new or experienced photographer gifts, Adobe is hands down something every artist needs. Having the ability to edit your images in a way that you could never have had them straight out of the camera is a whole new way to experience photography. While you can purchase Lightroom and Photoshop separately, the Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop Subscription is a great choice as a gift. You can choose to gift the subscription for a month or even a year! With both of these tools at their side, the photographer in your life will absolutely love being able to play and perfect their photos.

Let’s Get Personal With Our Gifts

A Personalized Camera Strap


Camera straps are meant to keep us from dropping our expensive gear, but having a simple brand logo on a camera strap can be a bit boring. When you’re searching for photographer gifts, give them a chance to show off a bit of pizzaz! A personalized camera strap will not only keep your gear safe, but it allows you to add a bit of personality to your photography life.

House of Flynn Blush Fable Rucksack


Camera bags are one of the most popular photographer gifts, but quality is key when searching for this item! While any bag would be fine, the House of Flynn Blush Fable Rucksack will blow your photographer’s mind. The quality of this genuine leather and canvas bag is top notch, and it’s so big that it can even double as a diaper bag! The main compartment of this bag unzips and reveals slots for cameras, lenses and more. There are also several exterior pockets for even more space and organization. When it comes to photographer gifts that keep you organized and happy, the House of Flynn Blush Fable Rucksack is top of the list.

Triangular Prism


It may sound odd, but having a triangular prism in your camera bag can be a total game changer. Prisms reflect light, so you can use them to cast different light rays, and even rainbows, into your photographs. Photographers can play with a triangular prism for hours and still find ways to bring in cool and unique beams into their images.

JBL Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker


You may be thinking, “What makes a bluetooth speaker one of the essential photographer gifts?” Well, as a photographer, we’re likely going miles away or spending hours just to to take the best shot. Life on the road can get pretty boring without some of our favorite tunes. The JBL Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker is one of our favorite bluetooth speakers for photographers because it’s so compact (and waterproof). Simply clip it on your camera bag and hike away, without worrying about damaging it.

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Useful Gear That Will Make Their Heart Soar

SD Memory Card Protector Case


Photographer gifts should be thoughtful, but extremely useful. An SD Memory Card Protector Case is one of the best photographer gifts you’ll find that will ensure they never lose a card (and precious memories) again! While keeping their memories safe, it’ll also give the photographer in your life a chance to use all their memory cards and not have to worry about one falling out of their camera bag. This SD Memory Card Protector Case has a snap-on locking system and is weather-resistant to keep out water, dust and other things that may find their way into the memory cards.

Toshiba 2TB Portable External Hard Drive


When you’re a new photographer, you’re bound to have so many photos of test shots or different projects. Instead of piling up your memory cards and possibly losing photos, having an external hard drive will give you the ability to free up space and have a portable back up of your photos. The Toshiba 2TB Portable External Hard Drive is extremely lightweight, so. you can easily store it in your laptop back or on top of your desk without worrying about space.

Cheat Sheet Cards


Photographer gifts that help your friend remember exactly what to do? I’m not sure if it gets any better than that! These cheat sheet cards are packed full of reminders for your photographer friend. From tips like the rule of thirds to understanding how to work with kids, it’s a no brainer when it comes to adding this affordable purchase to your photographer gifts. Plus, it clips directly on your camera strap or bag!

Light Reflectors


Every photographer dreams of being able to control light. Photographer gifts that give them that ability are treasured forever. Having light reflectors in the gear bag can make a huge difference no matter what you’re shooting. Whether the light is too harsh or you need it to be directed a different light reflectors help you achieve just that.

Yongnuo YN560 IV Speedlite Flash


Something that all new photographers fear is trying to take pictures in the dark. Sometimes our cameras don’t have the capability to create sharp images in low light. That’s why having an off camera flash system on your list of photographer gifts is a must! Imagine being able to create light at any point of the day (or night). The Yongnuo YN560 IV Speedlite Flash is a very easy to learn first off camera flash and will help the new photographer in your life have more control over their images than ever before!

Education is Key

Picture Perfect Posing by Roberto Valenzuela


Whether you’re shopping for new or experienced photographer gifts, education is always a needed present. We’re all trying to perfect our craft, and what better to do that than with a book! The Picture Perfect Posing by Roberto Valenzuela is one of the best photography posing books on the market for all skill levels. Roberto Valenzuela goes into the math, science and art of how to pose people in any situation. The ideas and facts are so relatable that your friend will be implementing these ideas at chapter one!

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Creative Live Creator Pass


Let’s face it, some photographers are visual learners. We like to see exactly how to work our gear and need to see physical examples on posing and composition. Luckily, there are photographer gifts for education that don’t involve picking up a book. In fact, with the Creative Live Creator Pass you can have access to tons of educational material. From learning to shoot on your first camera to pricing your wedding business, the Creative Live Creator Pass is a continuing workshop for all your photography needs. It is truly the ultimate photographer gift.

Camera Lens Coffee Mug


While all these gifts are essential, there is none better than a Camera Lens Coffee Mug. When the photographer friend in your life sits down at the beginning of the day to edit, nothing brings a warmer smile to their face than drinking coffee out of a camera lens. It’s cute, chiq and down right hilarious. You can throw this Camera Lens Coffee Mug in their Christmas stocking or wrap it up for their birthday. It’s such a versatile photographer gift that will constantly make them smile.

Photographer gifts are so much fun to shop for, from personalizing their camera strap and bag to making sure that they have the right access to gear and education! Whatever you choose to gift them, make sure to capture their smile on camera as they open their present! It’s something you’ll remember for a lifetime.

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