35+ Greatest Father’s Day Ideas For 5-year-olds

Father’s Day ideas for 5-year-olds don’t have to be something store-bought, even better if they are literally handmade by your kiddos for dad. This year, bring Dad a smile while giving him a homemade gift, we have a ton of ideas to choose from, whether it be something simple with items you probably already have or a bit more involved, both kiddo and dad will love these! Not to mention that you will also enjoy the process of helping make something special and meaningful for this Father’s Day.

If you are wondering what kids can do for Dad on Father’s Day this year, read on for the best Father’s Day ideas for 5-year-olds! Even if you are reading this the day before Father’s Day, we have you covered. Father’s Day ideas for 5-year-olds are easier than you think and you might not even have to leave your house to achieve the best gift for dad this year.

DIY Father’s Day Ideas for 5-Year-Olds

35+ Greatest Father's Day Ideas For 5-Year-Olds

Father’s Day ideas for 5-year-olds can be a great way to spend time with your kid making something memorable for dad this year. Even if you are not handy you are sure to find something that you can make together to gift Dad and make him smile ear to ear from the heartfelt gift! Read on for our favorite Father’s Day craft ideas for elementary kids.

Get out your craft basket and let kids go wild while creating a “Best Dad” trophy. Use everything you have in that craft bin from colored paper, pom-poms, pipe cleaners, glitter, buttons, and more. Let kids be creative and don’t forget about showing Grandpa he is tops too! Perfect last-minute Father’s Day ideas for 5-year-olds as you probably have everything on hand that you need.

Build memories with Dad by creating a LEGO brick jar, each lego has a memory on it that means something to you your kid. From bedtime stories to learning to search, add to the jar for years to come. Stack the LEGOs to build a memory tower or whatever else your heart desires.

Instead of tossing the empty toilet or paper towel rolls, keep them for this project. Get out paints, crayons, yarn, markers, buttons, and whatever else you have on hand to create “just like Dad” out of the empty rolls. It will be fun for all to see how your kid sees Dad.

Create an upcycled project by reusing old records! You can easily find these at a local Goodwill, selling apps, or ask your parents if they have some lying around. Use them to create coasters with heartfelt messages on them. Let the kids decorate them as they see fit.

Create a Father’s Day keychain with all of the reasons why you love dad, from your kiddo. A daily sweet reminder every time Dad grabs his keys or just needs a little pick me up when away from home. Use Dad’s favorite colors, hobbies, and sports teams to really personalize it.

35+ Greatest Father's Day Ideas For 5-Year-Olds

Use this template from Joys of Sharing to create unique and personalized Father’s Day ideas for 5-year-olds. A perfect craft to reminisce of the times when Dad threw them in the air. This is sure to put a smile on Dad’s face when he pulls the string!

For the Dad with a sweet tooth, we love Father’s Day ideas for 5-year-olds that involve baking. Create Dad’s favorite cookies and have your kids decorate them using icing and toppings in his favorite colors.

Ask your kid what makes Dad so great and have them paint those messages on rocks creating Hero Stones. Place the painted rocks with their messages in a basket, and create or pot with a plant for his desk at work.

Another item for his desk is a “Love you to piece frame” grab a picture frame at the dollar store along with some puzzle pieces. Paint or color the frame and if desired the puzzle pieces as well and glue around the frame. Snap a picture of your kiddos holding a sign that says “Love you to pieces!”, print it out and frame it for a sure smile on Dad’s face.

If the Dad in your life prefers words of affirmation over gifts, this banner is the perfect way to go. Simple enough to do stuff you probably already have at home and a great way to wake up on Father’s Day this year.

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35+ Greatest Father's Day Ideas For 5-Year-Olds

For the handy dad give him a hammer with a message. First, have your kiddo write a message on the hammer and then use a wood-burning instrument to etch the message on the hammer. If that idea is a bit overwhelming for you, just use paint to custom a hammer for Dad, you can still include the kid’s message on it as well! Every time Dad goes to use his hammer he will see the message and feel good.

Use Scrabble letters to create an adorable homemade frame that says “Best Dad”, “Fantastic Father” or whatever else your kiddo wants. One of the Father’s Day ideas for 5-year-olds is also a great way for them to practice their letters. Even better if you can put Dad’s favorite picture in the frame.

Create a homemade card with an imprint of Dad’s shoes and your kiddo’s footprints inside of Dad’s shoes. Put “Walking in Our Hearo’s Shoes” on top. Make sure to put kids’ names down along with their ages, always a good idea to date the card with the year too!

Take a tin can for another upcycle idea and create a tin can pencil holder for Dad’s desk. Print out a picture of your kid, paste it on the can, and have them customize it as they want. Use for pens, flowers, or even a small plant, or just as a decor object.

This idea takes a bit more work, but the outcome is sure to be impressive. Have your kid hold signs, balloons, or a printout of “Happy Father’s Day”, “Best Dad” or whatever you wish. Snap a few pictures of each word and frame them in a frame with multiple cutouts for the ultimate personalized Father’s Day card.

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35+ Greatest Father's Day Ideas For 5-Year-Olds

Make Dad a candy tie by cutting out a piece of paper in an oversized tie shape. Color or customize as you wish and lay a piece of sheet protector on top, hot glue the sides, and fill with Dad’s favorite candy. Perfect for Dad who has a sweet tooth!

D-A-D Card Cards. are a classic Father’s Day gift and a great way for your little one to practice their scissor skills. Decorate with paint, stickers, markers, glitter, or whatever else you have on hand.

Get outside and gather as many small sticks and twigs as you can to create this rustic photo frame. Attach them to the edge of a picture frame with a picture of Dad and Kiddo inside. Date the picture so Dad can always remember what year it was from. Perfect Father’s Day ideas for 5-year-olds for the crafty ones.

Grab a few white mugs from your local dollar store and paint markers with geometric shapes and letter stickers for this idea. Place the stickers on the mug and have kids scribble around the stickers. Once done coloring, peel off the stickers and bake the mugs for about 30 minutes to set the paint. A scribble mug is also a great idea for Father’s Day crafts preschool-age kids as well. This mug is also a super cute way to capture your kiddo.

All dads need a catch-all for their things and a duct tape tray is a great homemade gift that is perfect for his keys, wallet, spare change, and more.

35+ Greatest Father's Day Ideas For 5-Year-Olds

Father’s Day craft ideas for toddlers for the sports fan are as simple as purchasing his favorite sports ball and some ink. Grab your little one’s hand and place it all over the ball for a handprinted ball. The perfect keepsake for a memory of how little his baby once was. Just make sure you don’t touch it too much and mess up the handprints!

Grab some craft sticks for this idea. Have your kids decorate their craft sticks with what they love about Dad. Glue them all together and roll them up with a ribbon for a stick roll-up card. Father’s Day ideas for 5-year-olds are best when they come from the heart.

Father’s Day ideas for 5-year-olds can also double as Father’s Day crafts for 10 year olds with this idea. Get some air-dry clay to have your kids sculpt something special for the Dad in their life. Paint, use gems or stickers to decorate, and once dry, glue onto canvas for a DIY fathers Day gift that will stand the test of time and might become his favorite masterpiece.

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35+ Greatest Father's Day Ideas For 5-Year-Olds

Gather old magazines and scraps of paper to make a creative collage portrait. It will be fun to see your kid create dad from small pieces of paper and see their imagination come alive on the paper. This is sure to be a special gift for years to come for Dad!

For the Dad who loves to make a good meal in the kitchen, get him some new utensils and create superheroes! Dad will get a kick out of the clever way to gift a useful one for the grill master.

Find out what your kid’s favorite activity to do with Dad is and create a gift basket for both of them to do this together. Whether it is watching a movie together or going on a hike. Gather all the supplies you need, and place them in a basket for Dad and kids to enjoy with some special one on one time!

Father’s Day ideas for 5-year-olds are best when it shows your kid in it. Take Dad’s favorite picture your kid has done and get it professionally framed. This will be a winner for the kid as well seeing their artwork professionally displayed!

If you are very short on time, create a scavenger hunt with your kids for Dad that lead to him getting to do one of his favorite activities or places on Father’s Day.

For the coffee-loving Dad, take the kids shopping to pick out all the coffee-related items and create a java-in-a-jar for Dad this year. From instant packs to small snacks that pair well with coffee, let kids lead the way for a personalized gift for dad.

Make your own Father’s Day coupon book that has all the coupons he would want for this Father’s Day and beyond. An inexpensive idea that just takes time to make Dad feel special this year! Father’s Day ideas for 5-year-olds are best when it involves stuff Dad loves!

This Father’s Day remember that not all gifts come from a store and the best ones are the heartful gifts that come from the heart made with love. Father’s Day ideas for 5-year-olds can be great for the whole family even younger or older kids. You can select one or a few to gift them this year. Dad will definitely enjoy these Father’s Day ideas for 5-year-olds as much as your little one will enjoy making them.

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35+ Greatest Father's Day Ideas For 5-Year-Olds
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