Sentimental Mother’s Day Gifts For Each Love Language

Are you looking for perfect sentimental Mother’s Day gifts but are unsure of where to start? Maybe try a different approach this year to help determine the best gifts for Mom by discovering her love language. Don’t worry if you have no idea what we are talking about. We have everything you need to pick out the most sentimental Mother’s Day gifts this year.

What Is A Love Language?

Sentimental Mother’S Day Gifts For Each Love Language

Have you ever heard of Gary Chapman’s 5 Love Languages? As a marriage counselor, Dr. Gary Chapman realized people expressed and received love in different ways. Based on the answers to his online quiz or your own observations of your mom, you’ll use one of five categories. They include Words of Affirmation, Physical Touch, Receiving Gifts, Quality Time, and Acts of Service. By knowing your mom’s love language, you’re on the right path to finding perfect sentimental mother’s day gifts. So let’s see what gift ideas are best for each category. 

Sentimental Mother’s Day Gifts For Words Of Affirmation

Sentimental Mother’S Day Gifts For Each Love Language

Has your mom’s face ever lit up when you told her you appreciated her picking up the kids from school? Maybe she has started a new book club in the neighborhood and you mention how well she’s doing running the meetings and her smile broadens. Hearing words of encouragement, appreciation, or even empathizing with what she may be going through are all forms of Words of Affirmation. So what do you do for a person whose love language is Words of Affirmations?  You give the gifts of words in sentimental mother’s day gifts! 

  • Words, written and spoken, to express how good she is at what she does can go the extra mile with a mom whose love’s language is Words of Affirmation. Sometimes just a card with words from your heart is the perfect gift bound to be read many times over.  
  • Make your gift personalized! Adding a note, signature, or message of appreciation to any gift can go the extra mile. Imagine your mom opening a frame engraved with I love you under a fun photo of you two. If you want to get her a new watch, engrave a kind message on the back of a necklace with words of affirmation on the charm. Go simple yet meaningful with the World’s Best Mom coffee cup to remind her to each morning, she’s got this! 
  • For the week, give sentimental mother’s day gifts of words every day. You can leave random post-its notes if you live in the home or set a reminder to send an extra thoughtful text every day. You can let her know how much you appreciate all she has done for you. Remember special moments, such as all the times she took you to sports practice or helped you with hours of homework. Focus on how you enjoyed your random talks and her willingness to just listen.

All mothers like to know the work they do on a daily basis is appreciated! Mothers whose love language is Words of Affirmation, well, those special moments you take time to recognize their effort, truly makes them feel loved more than any sentimental mother’s day gifts ever could year-round.  

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Acts Of Service

Sentimental Mother’S Day Gifts For Each Love Language

Being a mom is a never-ending job with a to-do that just keeps on giving! Moms with a love language of Acts of Service like hearing the phrase, “I’ll help you” or better yet, seeing things that need to get done, actually get done without asking. Mother’s day is a great opportunity to help show your mom you care by taking those time-consuming tasks off her to-do list.

Sentimental mother’s day gifts for Acts of Service can be done together or you can send your mom away with a spa day while you provide the labor for Acts of Service. 

  • If you want to do something together, yard work is a great option. No, pulling weeds is never fun, but it is more manageable when you have company. Once the flower beds are ready, head to your local nursery and give her a few new plants to brighten her yard. 
  • Other Acts of Service could include basic household chores such as laundry, deep cleaning the garage area, or vacuuming and mopping the floors. 
  • If you’re unable to provide the labor for the acts of service think about gift certificates that would still provide a service. Maybe having her car detailed would be something she would never splurge on or have the time to tackle herself. A subscription box for a few meals to be delivered to her door to take away the meal planning and shopping for a week might be a great option also. 

No matter what Acts of Service you plan on giving your mom, know she will appreciate the time spent together tackling the list of chores or now having more free time to do something she loves. Sometimes, the best sentimental mother’s day gifts don’t have to come in a neatly wrapped box.  

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Quality Time Sentimental Mother’s Day Gifts

Sentimental Mother’S Day Gifts For Each Love Language

Many times, the daily ins and outs of motherhood can make spending quality time together, a challenge. Yet for some mothers, nothing does their heart good like some much-needed, undistracted quality time with those she loves. Mother’s day can provide a great opportunity to create the perfect makings for quality time through sentimental mother’s day gifts. 

  • Why not plan a day being a tourist in your own town! Together you can explore different shops, walk through an art gallery, and finish the day at your favorite restaurant. Remember, your mom just wants the opportunity to be with you with no distractions allowed!
  • You can take a class together! This could be anything from a weekly wine tasting class to a pottery class that you get to bring home a special keepsake when you’re done. Again, the important thing is to find something you both can enjoy doing together.
  • You know your mom best so think back to moments that seem to make her the happiest! Why not host a mother’s day brunch for her to visit with all those she loves without the stress of planning or cleaning up. You can also invite her over for a special lunch for just the two of you.
  • When thinking about sentimental mother’s day gifts, plan a family activity that you can all do together. Some options could be a family hike, a game of mini-golf, or simply playing your favorite board games together. Whatever you decide, remember to reduce the chances of distractions so fun quality time can be had by all.  
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Physical Touch  

Sentimental Mother’S Day Gifts For Each Love Language

Does your mom love nothing more than a good hug? There’s a good chance then, Physical Touch is her love language. For this mom, hugs, holding hands, or time cuddling make her feel loved. But what kind of sentimental mother’s day gifts can bring this same happiness?

  • Think about giving the gift of a cozy sweatshirt or sweater she can wrap in to think of you. It’s a hug in shirt form! 
  • A day at the spa including a massage or pedicure might be just the thing for her to feel pampered. This is something you can do together or just send her on her way. 
  • If you plan the ultimate movie night in, make sure to include a fuzzy blanket to create the perfect cuddling environment. A walk around the neighbor should include holding hands and throughout the day, be sure to give an extra hug.   

Giving Sentimental Mother’s Day Gifts When Mom Loves Gifts

Sentimental Mother’S Day Gifts For Each Love Language

When it comes to giving and receiving gifts, it’s not the price but the thoughtfulness that matters for a mom whose love language is Receiving Gifts. When it comes to picking out the best sentimental mother’s day gifts, it’s the personal touch that will make it memorable. 

  • A mom that loves receiving gifts, appreciates the thoughtfulness behind the gift. So if you go with a new piece of jewelry, try to find a charm to show you know her favorite flower or thing to do. This sentimental Mother’s Day gift will bring a smile to her heart each time she wears this special piece of jewelry. 
  • Flowers! Flowers can come in the form of a gorgeous bouquet to fill her vase and room with love. You can also give the gift of a flowering bush such as a Hydrangea bush so she can enjoy fresh flowers all season long. Some moms love roses so why not create the tradition of a new rose bush each year to create her own rose garden. 
  • Show your mom you know all her favorites! Create a basket filled with all the things she loves. You can include her favorite snacks, drinks, magazines, fuzzy socks, and even a new pair of earrings. 
  • Homemade gifts may take extra time but the thoughtfulness and love that goes into them will make your gift extra special. Depending on your creativity level, you can make a homemade card or take a class to make a welcome sign for your mom’s front door. You could create a mini photo book filled with pictures and short writing about your favorite memories. The options are endless when you use your favorite memories to make sentimental mother’s day gifts for your mom.

Now that you are aware of your mom’s love language, deciding on which gift will be a problem of the past. Whatever sentimental mother’s day gifts you choose to give your mom this mother’s day, take the time to let her know she is loved and appreciated not just one day a year but every day.  


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Sentimental Mother’S Day Gifts For Each Love Language

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