12 Mother’s Day Gifts For Moms That Don’t Want Anything

We hear it all the time when asking “What do you want for Mother’s Day?” “Oh, nothing…” Well, we have compiled a list of gifts for moms that don’t want anything because we know some of you won’t accept no for an answer. We want the mothers in our life to feel special and know their worth. Mothers are naturally selfless and that is why they often insist on not receiving a gift for holidays like birthdays, Christmas, and Mother’s Day. Yet, whether you are a child or a spouse, we know you do want to give them something that shows you are thinking of them so check out these awesome ideas for gifts for moms that don’t want anything.

Gifts For Moms That Don’t Want Anything


12 Mother’S Day Gifts For Moms That Don’T Want Anything

This Mother’s Day, gift a luxury briefcase/laptop tote piece from Fabrik918 for the posh mom in your life. Sophistication and elegance go hand-in-hand for Mom to carry her must-haves with zero compromises in the fashion department. Fabrik918 crafts modern functionality into timeless designs that will have Mom swooning with adoration! The highlights of The 10L are simple accesses and flexible uses of the space in this 100% European Genuine Leather tote.

Your mom deserves nothing but the best of the finest leather and long-lasting hardware that will last her a lifetime. Since the style is chic and modern, it’ll never go out of style; it’s a genuine gift for a lifelong companionship for her traveling needs. The 16″ padded laptop compartment is reinforced on all five sides that comfortably suits a Mac Book Pro 16″. The convenient, quick access pocket holds Mom’s tablets, notepads, magazines of interest, and an adjoining slip pocket for her phone or passport.

12 Mother’S Day Gifts For Moms That Don’T Want Anything

The variable styles of wear can be over the shoulder, in hand, or securely worn across the body. The custom dust bag that comes with each The 10L, matches the interior of her bag, so it’s protected while traveling and fashionably correct. Now, don’t leave Mom hanging without a matching wallet for her minimalistic needs while on the go.

A sleek and modern wallet, The 002 ml makes the perfect accessory to house all of Mom’s essentials in one convenient place. The 002 ml fits up to 6 cards and, over time, will mold to Mom’s needs, making it one of her favorite go-to accessories that are molded to fit her needs just right. For the mom who loves the simple, minimalist life, this is the accessory for her when she doesn’t need her 10L.

Shopping for Mom this Mother’s Day with Fabrik918 gives your mother high-quality, hand craftsmanship straight from Turkey. Every material gifted to Mom from Fabrik918 is expertly hand-selected to complement each other so you know that you are giving your mom nothing but the best of the best. Posh mom or not, she deserves some elegance to complement her feminine style.

The 10L | The 002 ml
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12 Mother’S Day Gifts For Moms That Don’T Want Anything

This Mother’s Day, give mom entertainment that will fit in the palm of her hand with Cinemood TV. Cinemood believes in using technology to bring families together by providing memorable fun and magic to their entertainment needs. Cinemood is so confident in their product that they offer a 30-day no-questions-asked return policy and offer a 1-year warranty. A gift of Cinemood TV for Mom this Mother’s Day will surely make her the most popular parent in the house. Even though we already know she is the favorite!

12 Mother’S Day Gifts For Moms That Don’T Want Anything

The Cinemood TV has a 4-hour rechargeable battery, offers 40 GB of storage, comes preloaded with content, and can stream Netflix, Prime Video, Youtube, and Disney. This device offers Mom and the whole family digital books, movies, and games they can enjoy individually or together. With family-friendly options like digital books, short cartoons, or Youtube 360, the family will have endless fun at home or on the go. Family movie night just got much cooler. Get the snacks ready and celebrate with Mom this Mother’s Day.

12 Mother’S Day Gifts For Moms That Don’T Want Anything

Although Cinemood TV is smaller than 4 inches and fits in your hand, it is able to display a screen as large as 8 feet. Project on the wall, ceiling, side of the house, or in an awesome fort because Cinemood TV can literally go anywhere. Cinemood has delivered a projector that is perfect for home, vacation, camping, sleepovers, or any other way Mom sees fit. Letting Cinemood TV tag along on your family adventures will make you the hip tech family on the go.

Cinemood TV may be small but it packs a huge punch. Cinemood continues to evolve its products to maximize functionality and entertainment capabilities. Moms know how precious time can be and Cinemood TV has become 5X faster, meaning movies start in seconds. Audio quality has also been improved by becoming 3X louder. Sound like this gives the viewer a better overall theater-like experience. The Cinemood TV is a total game-changer in the fact that the projection is now 5X brighter which lets daytime viewing run seamlessly and smoothly.

12 Mother’S Day Gifts For Moms That Don’T Want Anything

Also, with Cinemood TV you can use the app for remote control purposes. The Cinemood TV is also compatible with mobile device screen mirroring. Cinemood is a global brand so moms all over the world can enjoy Cinemood TV. They offer free shipping to the United States and Canada and a 30-dollar flat fee worldwide. So, step up and spice up your family’s entertainment with gifts for moms that don’t want anything from Cinemood TV this Mother’s Day.

Cinemood TV
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12 Mother’S Day Gifts For Moms That Don’T Want Anything

This Mother’s Day every mom needs a high-quality, lightweight stroller, especially one as convenient and versatile as the Joolz Aer with bassinet. The Joolz Aer is the most compact travel stroller you will find. Weighing in at only 13.4 pounds, this stroller literally folds into a square-shaped carry case that can be comfortably worn as a backpack (and fits in overhead compartments or bins) when flying or traveling by train. Designed for infants through toddlers, this innovative, ultra-compact stroller will have that new mama in your life out and on the go with baby just as soon as she is ready!

Additionally, the all-new bassinet feature makes this stroller even better for adventuring out with your newest addition! Let baby lay comfortably and look at the world while you shop, stroll, and explore the world around you. Then when he or she drifts off to sleep, your little one can sleep soundly and comfortably, all while you continue on your way, no slouching, sliding, or head nodding to fear. Even with the attached bassinet you can easily use their one-handed folding feature and carry strap to fold down the stroll and store it in tight spaces. Further, with see through ventilation in the sun hood and an attachable rain cover and bumper bar, traveling with a baby has never been easier or less stressful than with the Joolz Aer. With smooth strolling wheels, this easy to maneuver stroller will fit through even the tightest spaces easily and one-handed; forget struggling with a big, bulky stroller this year and give mom and baby the gift of freedom to explore this Mother’s Day with Joolz.

Joolz Aer with Bassinet
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Rose Box

12 Mother’S Day Gifts For Moms That Don’T Want Anything

Mothers absolutely love receiving a beautiful bouquet of flowers on Mother’s Day and are great gifts for moms that don’t want anything. The only bad part is that they will eventually die and have to be thrown out. This year, not only give her a gift that she wants but lasts much longer. Rose Box are gorgeous arrangements of fresh-cut roses that last all year long. Delivered right to your door, these preserved roses are displayed in a variety of vases and boxes that make for eye-catching centerpieces or added decor to a bedroom.

The Wooden Mini Half Ball is a collection of about 26 to 29 extra-large roses from Ecuador. Showcased in a 6-inch x 6-inch wooden box, these light blue roses stay fresh and pristine while requiring no maintenance. Rose Box’s Mother’s Day Collection includes multiple options of natural rose arrangements in Mother’s Day themed boxes and as well as many Mommy-and-Me Bundles in every color imaginable.

12 Mother’S Day Gifts For Moms That Don’T Want Anything

Wooden Mini Half Ball
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12 Mother’S Day Gifts For Moms That Don’T Want Anything

As the world has changed over the course of the year, so have Mom’s tech needs. As moms do, we learn to adapt and crush it like the bad mamas we are! We have almost flawlessly balanced the technology needs of remote learning, work, and entertainment. Thanks to SideTrak and their Slide Portable Monitor, Mom’s tech game is going next level this Mother’s Day.

The SideTrak Slide Portable Monitor replaces the bulky monitor screens meant for desktop use. Besides, let’s face it. How often are we sitting at home behind our desks? Rarely, right?! The Slide Portable Monitor uses magnets to attach the portable monitor to the back of a laptop. Simply plug the cord into the laptop and to the SideTrack monitor, run through the prompts, and wait patiently for the systems to connect. In the blink of an eye, Mom will have two screens to accomplish all her vital daily tasks and the freedom to do so from anywhere.

12 Mother’S Day Gifts For Moms That Don’T Want Anything

This Mother’s Day, give Mom a SideTrak Slide Portable Monitor. Mom will be able to easily edit photos, search the internet, or attend meetings without endless toggling. The portable monitor safely goes with a laptop anywhere Mom needs to go. This is a 12.5-inch LCD Slide Portable Monitor with 1080p resolution, making this portable monitor top of the line. If Mom is traveling somewhere and space is at a premium, then the SideTrak Slide Portable Monitor can easily be removed and re-attached.  

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Another excellent feature is the ability to slide the monitor left or right and even 270 degrees so you can share your screen with someone sitting across from you. This additional workspace gives Mom an endless number of possibilities for its use. SideTrak Slide Portable Monitors are excellent gifts for moms that don’t want anything on Mother’s Day.

SideTrak Slide Portable Monitor 12.5″
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12 Mother’S Day Gifts For Moms That Don’T Want Anything

Looking for some innovative and practical gifts for moms that don’t want anything for Mother’s Day this year? Check out Boundery. This California-based team of inventors, innovators, storytellers & logistics wizards are bent on getting the very best products in your home at prices that will make you beam. And for Mother’s Day, they have a few products that are sure to peak Mom’s interest.

First and foremost, let’s talk about safety and savings. Hurricane season will be here before you know it, which often means power outages. However, with Emergency Power LED Light Bulbs, Mom never has to worry about being trapped in the dark. The world’s first self-charging, ultra-bright emergency LED light bulb instantly eliminates the danger of blackouts from your life forever. With a rechargeable built-in lithium-ion battery integrated into its base, the EBULB™ automatically activates in the event of a sudden power outage, lighting your way in the dark and keeping your family safe. It can also be used in place of traditional lightbulbs in areas of your home that don’t have an outlet.

12 Mother’S Day Gifts For Moms That Don’T Want Anything

Now for something a little more fun. Get Mom excited for summer with Bevpod, an ultra-slim, ice-less cooler that offers a compact and discreet way to carry and enjoy your favorite cold beverages all day long. When Mom already has to carry all the things, the last thing she wants to carry is a big, bulky cooler. Bevpod’s clever design will allow her to pack 10 (pre-chilled) standard beverage cans or 6 standard beverage bottles into a low-profile, insulated cooler which she can easily fit into a backpack or tote bag. Available in 3 different colors (pink, black and camo), each BevPod also comes with a single reusable Ice Sheet that keeps your beverages chilled without leaking.

Emergency Power LED Light Bulbs | Bevpod
Boundery | Facebook

Rosetta Stone

12 Mother’S Day Gifts For Moms That Don’T Want Anything

Has Mom ever wanted to learn a new language but never seemed to have the time or patience? Rosetta Stone makes learning a new language (about 26 of them) incredibly easy…and it only takes about 10 minutes a day! What better gift for the moms that love to learn new skills while also have a realistic time-block in order to accomplish their goals?! With the Rosetta Stone’s Lifetime Unlimited Subscription, it’s a one-time gift that keeps giving year after year. Learning a new language is a great idea when trying to think of gifts for moms that don’t want anything.

With Rosetta Stone, Mom will start fine-tuning her pronunciation from the very first lesson with their patented TruAccent speech-recognition engine. Mom will be sounding like a native speaker in no time! With the convenient app, Mom and the kids can learn together and continue to immerse themselves in a new language by only speaking the chosen language for that season! Soon, everyone in the home will be confident with a new language!

Rosetta Stone’s Lifetime Unlimited Subscription
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Heys America Ltd.

12 Mother’S Day Gifts For Moms That Don’T Want Anything

For the wanderlust mamas out there, the past year has been tough on a different level. However, now that the world is starting to open its eyes and venture out of its shell, a new travel gear set is a great idea for gifts for moms that don’t want anything. This gift is an excellent way to pique her interest in booking once again, and for travel gear, no one does it quite like Heys. Fashionable, functional, and strong, the luggage from Heys is the only gear she will want to travel with, especially their Heys Brown Leopard Fashion Spinner™ 21″ Carry-On.

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This carry-on fits most standard overhead bins and is so lightweight, it will not interfere with Mom’s comfort level while traveling. The 360 wheels help her navigate even the trickiest paths as they glide smoothly in every direction. Crafted with the same materials as bullet proof glass, this Heys Brown Leopard Fashion Spinner™ 21″ Carry-On suitcase is determined to keep Mom’s luggage clean and safe.

The light handles are comfortable to grip, even if she uses the expansion zipper which allows for 20% packing! Even if she decides not to use this stylish luggage as a carry-on, the baggage claim part of her day will be a breeze with the unique design encompassing the entire suitcase.

Help your jet-setting Mama start to travel once again in style with Heys America Ltd.

Heys Brown Leopard Fashion Spinner™ 21″ Carry-On
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Sporting Smiles

12 Mother’S Day Gifts For Moms That Don’T Want Anything

Give Mom a reason to smile this Mother’s Day with the gift of a custom mouthpiece from Sporting Smiles. Whether she wants to whiten her teeth or wants a nightguard to protect her teeth from night-time grinding without the hefty dentist bill, Sporting Smiles is your premier online dental manufacturer, helping over one million people smile. Since 2009, Sporting Smiles has sent their easy-to-use patented impression kit for customers to take their impressions and send them back to them.

With the impressions, Sporting Smiles crafts premium clear teeth retainers, teeth-grinding night guards, custom teeth-whitening trays, and athletic mouthguards that are perfectly fitted to your mouth. You’ll save hundreds of dollars without the expensive need for a dental visit. And, with free 3-Way shipping and a huge reorder discount for returning customers, Sporting Smiles is the industry leader in custom dental products that you can receive without leaving the comfort and safety of your home. When it comes to gifts for moms that don’t want anything, a fabulous smile takes the cake.

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Custom Night Guard
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12 Mother’S Day Gifts For Moms That Don’T Want Anything

HomeoLux‘s cause is to aid in the care of Alzheimer’s disease country-wide by providing light that stimulates and enhances brain function and health by mimicking healthy brain waves. Alzheimer’s disease is referred to as a family disease because of the toll it takes on surrounding family members as their loved one’s health declines throughout the course of their disease. This was the reasoning behind the invention of HomeoLux, as it aims to focus primarily on the needs of family members and caregivers.

Their first product, the BEACON40®, is a flickering light system that was designed specifically to aid in the stimulation and improvement of brain health in specific areas such as memory, acuity, and attention. Research from MIT neuroscientists searching for an Alzheimer’s cure discovered that flickering light can alter the brain’s gamma rhythm to function at a healthy speed. The Beacon40 is the first of its kind in the hopes to get one step closer to ending Alzheimer’s. HomeoLux is trusted country-wide by healthcare workers, therapists, and loved ones of those with Alzheimer’s or similar cognitive conditions.

Head over to Daily Mom and join the Giveaway to win your own BEACON40® here!

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Dome Beauty

Finally, an eyeshadow that cares and performs well simultaneously! Eye Jewel- 24 Hour Shadow is perfectly pigmented, with a mousse-like consistency to provide lightweight coverage and comfort on lids. Not only does this eyeshadow tick all the boxes for dry time, long-wear properties, and flawless crease application, this eyeshadow also features a light and airy formula that provides a luminescent finish while simultaneously moisturizing lids and allowing for a natural experience sure to last your whole day!

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Choose from 4 versatile shades, each curated specifically to compliment skin-tone, without compromising results throughout its wear.

The mascara of your dreams awaits. Volume, length, and curl are all of utmost importance in any worthy mascara, but Dome Beauty takes a gem of a find to a whole new level. Not your typical tube of mascara, this mascara is “the powerhouse mascara” and checks all the boxes. Dome Beauty is a Vegan makeup line, clean in every way! By being safe, sustainable, and eco-friendly, Dome hope to make everyone show up in the world as their most “clean beautiful you™”.

The Magic Repairing Mascara also features brush technology to grab each lash individually in order to grab and coat each lash for long-lasting pigment, free of clumping and flaking while repairing and conditioning. This mascara is perfect for a night out on the town or as your go-to daily mascara, it will leave you feeling at your most confident. Get prepared to ask where you got your lashes “done”!

Eye Jewel- 24 Hour Shadow | Black Magic Repairing Mascara
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12 Mother’S Day Gifts For Moms That Don’T Want Anything

Mother’s Day is the perfect time to do something nice and thoughtful to celebrate the mom in your life and all the love and support she has given over the years. Artemis-Home wallpaper makes it easy for you to transform mom’s space. The beautiful Pacifica Grasscloth offers a bold, peel and stick wallpaper solution that is easy to apply and immediately will brighten your mom’s space. 

Grasscloth is a traditional wall covering that has lasted the test of time and always looks stunning and classic. Artemis-Home has found a way to achieve the same look in four different textures: smooth matte, fabric, canvas, and linen. You can find the perfect option for any space you want to spruce up this Mother’s Day.  

This bold peel and stick application is easy to apply and remove, opposed to traditional paste wallpaper, the peel and stick option makes it a project the novice wallpaperer can easily complete. Any of the wallpapers from Artemis-Home would make the perfect gift and project to do together this Mother’s Day.

Pacificia Grasscloth Peel and Stick Wallpaper
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These gifts for moms that don’t want anything will be a huge surprise after not expecting a present on Mother’s Day. We all agree that moms need to feel special on this day and be showered with presents but it does make it a challenge when you are trying to find gifts for moms that don’t want anything. Whether she has everything or truly doesn’t “need” anything, there’s always something that she never thought she would actually want or use that you can give her to enjoy.


When it comes to gifts for moms that don’t want anything, nothing beats taking care of themselves. Check out this article on how It’s Okay To Feel Stressed Out (And To Aks For Help).

12 Mother’S Day Gifts For Moms That Don’T Want Anything



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