16 Delightful Mother’s Day Gifts For Friends {2021}

Searching for gifts this Mother’s Day? Don’t forget the lovely ladies outside of your family unit! Finding delightful Mother’s Day gifts for friends is a thoughtful way to show them that the work they do daily does not go unnoticed while also giving them the boost they need when times get tough. The best gifts are the ones that come from the heart, and the fact that a friend has thought of you on Mother’s Day makes finding these Mother’s Day gifts for friends exponentially more special!

From sweet kitchen items to gift cards for adventure, Daily Mom has all the info you will need for perfectly delightful gifts for your friends this Mother’s Day.

Blazy Susan

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The world is an ever-changing place, and the stigma around using medicinal herbs to treat various ailments, or even to use recreationally, is starting to fade-quickly! For the mother in your life who would enjoy a different type of flower this Mother’s Day, check out Blazy Susan.

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For Mother’s Day, the Walnut Blazy Susan Spinning Rolling Tray is an absolute must-have. Crafted from gorgeous walnut, the organic look and feel of this tray will create a dreamy aesthetic in her home while keeping her materials neat, easy to access, and organized.

Daily Mom Parent Portal Mother's Day gifts for friends

Instead of piling her accessories in a box or leaving them cluttered on a shelf, Blazy Susan offers a gorgeous rotating rolling tray, featuring silicone dab slabs, a pipe cleaner, and even an ash tray to make her life that much easier. Each compartment can be customized to fit her specific desires and with a twist of the wrist, she can have everything she needs. The Blazy Susan is a game-changer in the life of mothers everywhere who enjoy being “green” while creating the aesthetic of her dreams.

Walnut Blazy Susan Spinning Rolling Tray
Blazy Susan | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest | YouTube

Ashley Black

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This Mother’s Day, your mom would absolutely love this new kit – a Face Lift Kit to be exact. Every “body” has fascia and if it’s healthy and smooth, the skin radiates a healthful and youthful appearance. Over time, pollution, stress, and aging can damage the fascia, especially in the face. You can literally gift the gift of turning back time by giving Mom the opportunity to regenerate her facial tissue giving her a new youthful appearance with new supple facial fibers underneath her skin.

Plain and simple, Ashley Black has made it possible for all Moms to enjoy the benefits of using the Face Lift Kit. Mom will receive:

  • MasterBlaster™
  • FaceBlaster™
  • Ashley Black’s™ Face Wrap KryoPack
  • Ashley Black’s™ Wrap KryoPack
  • Ashley Black’s™ Spot KryoPack
  • FaceCare Essentials Kit
  • 3.5oz AfterBlaster Cream™

With this set, by rubbing on the skin of her face, she’ll begin the chain reaction for tissue regeneration. She’ll smooth out the tangled, thickened, “glued-down” fascia that is making her look older than she feels. The complete Face Lift Kit has everything she needs for a spa-like facial, complete with cooling packs and spot packs for anywhere she wishes to reduce inflammation. In conjunction with all these amazing tools, Mom will look and feel her absolute best with Ashley Black’s life-changing products!

Face Lift Kit
Ashley Black | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest


daily mom parent portal gifts for moms that don't want anything

Moms are busy bees and even though they try to be as organized as possible, sometimes they need a little extra help. Planners make for great gifts for moms that don’t want anything because it is not only a useful gift but something they will end up relying on. Now, when choosing an organizer, take it to the next level with the luxe planners from Notiq. These agendas are not only functional but stylish. The Matrice Quilted Agenda Ring Cover/Planner is an elegant agenda that will help you plan your day, month, or even year with clarity, confidence, and distinction.

Notiq Daily Mom Parent Portal 3

The Matrice Quilted Agenda Ring Cover/Planner is a personal-sized, 6-ring organizer made from cruelty-free vegan leather with a pebbled design and matte finish. Notiq. has made these more than just planners. When you open up the button closure, you will also find 2 storage flaps, 1 secretarial flap, 6 card holders, a love pouch, and a pen loop. This planner is available in a variety of neutral and muted shaded but the mulberry is a gorgeous pop of color that shows off your style and boldness. The exclusive package includes an agenda cover, a dust bag, an executive pen, monthly, and weekly inserts.

Matrice Quilted Agenda Ring Cover/Planner
Notiq. | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest

Trombetta Family Wines

Daily Mom Parent Portal Mother's Day gifts for friends

Mother’s Day is a time for celebrating mom and downtime for that special lady in your life. What better way to celebrate her than with her favorite varietal of wine, from Trombetta Family Wines a vineyard that is owned and run by a mother and daughter team. Not only will you get to enjoy a delicious wine but while supporting other females. Enjoy the perfect glass of 2018 Petersen Chardonnay to be enjoyed outside while enjoying the sunshine or with the perfect summer meal of paella or pasta with a cream sauce.

If you prefer a lighter red varietal, the 2015 Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir is the perfect choice for you. Pair with your favorite fresh fish recipe or even enjoy with a chocolate soufflé for dessert, either way, this wine will be a hit with any food or enjoyed by itself.

For Mother’s Day gifts for friends who are more than homemaker, career mom or supermom, choose Trombetta Family Wines.

2018 Petersen Chardonnay | 2015 Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir
Trombetta Family Wines | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Martha Stewart Wine Co.

Daily Mom Parent Portal Mother's Day gifts for friends

For the mom who loves fresh summer wines, this Patio Sippers Half-case is perfect for her to sip and enjoy on those perfect summer days. These are the wines that Martha Stewart herself has served (and loved) to her friends and family, so you know they are only the best as Martha’s taste is a step above. The half-case contains 5 whites and 1 bottle of Rose, wines from Italy, Argentina, and the United States. Enjoy these crisp wines, served perfectly chilled alone or paired with a delicious meal.

Patio Sippers Half-case
Martha Stewart Wine Co. | Instagram | Pinterest

Ste. Michelle Wine Estates

Daily Mom Parent Portal Mother's Day gifts for friends

As you prepare to cook that gourmet meal for mom, don’t forget to pick up a couple of celebratory bottles of great wine! Ste. Michelle Wine Estates has been one of our favorites for years, so you can be sure that’s what we’ll be adding to our dinner table this year. Whether you choose Chateau Ste. Michelle, 14 Hands or H3, in chardonnay, rosé or cabernet sauvignon, she’s sure to be impressed.

If you’re seeking a rich, velvety white, pick up a bottle of Chateau Ste. Michelle Chardonnay. This full-bodied, dry chardonnay features notes of pear, apple, citrus, oak, and peach and pairs well with cheeses, salad, chicken, turkey, and pork. If the Chateau Ste. Michelle Chardonnay is already a family favorite and you’re looking to try something new, discover the Chateau Ste. Michelle Horse Heaven Mimi Chardonnay. This fruity and bright white is lightly oaked and pairs well with cheeses, fish, and shellfish, Either way, you can’t go wrong!

Maybe a rosé would be a better fit for your list of Mother’s Day gifts for friends. In that case, the Chateau Ste. Michelle Limited Release Le Rosé is a great place to start. This pretty in pink rosé is fresh and lively, and you’ll adore its strawberry and peach aroma. Enjoy ripe raspberry and apricot flavors with every sip. Another fantastic choice would be the 14 Hands 2018 Rosé.

It contains juicy strawberry and raspberry flavors as well, with added hints of watermelon, peach, and citrus. This delicate classic goes well with salty cheeses and light salads, and with more flavorful dishes like grilled tuna or paella.

If you’ll be searing some steaks to perfection or devouring a rich roast this Mother’s Day, then a robust red is definitely in order. Start with the 14 Hands Cabernet Sauvignon. You’ll savor the dark cherry, black currant, coffee, and subtle spice flavors. This refined cab will quickly become an everyday favorite. Grab an H3 Cabernet Sauvignon as well, to make sure there’s enough red to go around. This bold and earthy berry blend is great for sharing. (Although mom may not want to!) Enjoy it with strong cheeses, slow-roasted leg of lamb or beef pot roast, and rich pasta dishes.CWhether you’re looking for that perfect premium wine to serve with your Mother’s Day meal or a special bottle as Mother’s Day gifts for friends, turn to award-winning Washington wines from Ste Michelle Wine Estates.

Chateau Ste. Michelle Chardonnay | Chateau Ste. Michelle Horse Heaven Mimi Chardonnay | Chateau Ste. Michelle Limited Release Le Rosé | 14 Hands 2018 Rosé | 14 Hands Cabernet Sauvignon | H3 Cabernet Sauvignon
Ste. Michelle Wine Estates | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest

Wine Party Co.

Daily Mom Parent Portal Mother's Day gifts for friends

Moms love wine, but high-quality wine that’s easy to find and access for mom… easy! Get her a wine subscription that delivers organic, handpicked, and natural wines straight to her doorstep every month with the Wine Party Co. They handpick the best red and white wines from small local businesses and deliver them directly to your special mom’s door. No more driving around or hoping you’ve picked up a good wine this Mother’s Day. All you need to do is choose her wine style, whether it’s deep red wines, crisp white wines, or a choice combination of both; they’re all aimed to please and make an excellent addition to your list of Mother’s Day gifts for friends.

Mom will receive up to four bottles of wine per month from small businesses that craft their wonderful products with care. This Mother’s Day, get Mom all-natural, organic wines that are specially crafted for flavor and pure enjoyment – straight to her door. 

Wine Club
Wine Party Co. | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest

Sky Zone Trampoline Park

Daily Mom Parent Portal Mother's Day gifts for friends

What do moms really want for Mother’s Day besides a day off, their kids taken care of, and less work? Wear out the kids while mom can sit and relax watching the kiddos get out much-needed energy. Sky Zone Trampoline Park is not just for kids, moms can bounce and have fun too! Gift cards make excellent Mother’s Day gifts for friends and the whole family to literally bounce off the walls. Sky zone created a space to move, jump, do flips, and try out new things all while being padded in protection. Guaranteed to leave kids (and Mom) happier (and more worn out) than when they arrived.

Sky Zone Trampoline Park Gift Card
Sky Zone Trampoline Park | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube

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ROAM Homegrown

Daily Mom Parent Portal Mother's Day gifts for friends

What does mom deserve this Mother’s Day? It’s simple: a ROAM Homegrown gift box. ROAM was founded by a mom who was determined to provide clean living and nontoxic self-care gift box options. This is an American company based out of Austin, Texas, and is committed to providing the highest quality beauty and health products.

ROAM Homegrown makes shopping for Mother’s Day gifts for friends easy by offering the Mother’s Day Gift Box. Mom will enjoy pampering herself with the thoughtful goodies and luxurious beauty products offered in the Mother’s Day Gift Box. This wonderful gift box includes a soy blend candle, body oil, lip balm, bath salts, a French clay facial, decorative matchbox, Torie & Howard organic hard candies, a journal, and a personalized greeting card. A Mother’s Day Gift Box by ROAM Homegrown is sure to get mom relaxed and refreshed this year!

Mother’s Day Gift Box
ROAM Homegrown | Facebook | Instagram


Daily Mom Parent Portal Mother's Day gifts for friends

If you are looking to escape the never-ending battle of meal repetition because of work, practices, recitals, and playdates, then let curdbox whisk you off into an adult Utopian food paradise with their cheese plate-in-a-box. Order a curdbox subscription box for you and the hubby, or some girlfriends, for an evening of divine conversation and adventurous cheese pairings. This yummy box would make a lovely addition to a Mother’s Day brunch as well.

Curdbox is a subscription box that comes monthly and includes 3 artisan cheeses (approximately 0.75lbs), 3 specialty food pairings, a Spotify playlist, Curdcast podcast, and a pairing information card. Each Curdbox feeds 2 for dinner or 6-8 for nibbling. You will be pleasantly surprised each month with your curdbox’s theme and enjoy being exposed to unique global cheeses and pairings. The curdbox subscription box is the perfect Mother’s Day gifts for friends, or anyone, and it will remind her each month how much she truly is adored.

curdbox | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest

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Daily Mom Parent Portal Mother's Day gifts for friends

A little bubbly for the mom in your life will go a long way with this Chandon Brut, a crisp and refreshing brut. With hints of tart green apple, sweet pear, and citrus notes, this brut has a dry finish that can be enjoyed alone, paired with brunch or a pre-dinner cocktail. Whether a gift for yourself or Mother’s Day gifts for friends who you know will appreciate the perfect sparking wine to be enjoyed at any time during the day.

The Chandon Rosé is not only the perfect shade of pink it is also hailed as one of the winemakers favorite wines to make. With hints of fresh picked strawberries, watermelon and cherry, this aromatic yet dry sparkling rosé will be mom’s new favorite. Enjoy with your favorite brunch items or at the end of any day being a super mom.

Chandon Brut | Chandon Rosé
Chandon | Facebook | Instagram

Well Told


Make any occasion special with Mother’s Day gifts for friends to show them you really care! Whether you’re celebrating special occasions like anniversaries, birthdays, weddings, baby showers, graduations, or holidays, custom gifts are a fantastic way to let someone special know you’re thinking of them. Well Told is a company that features custom map drinkware such as Lake Map Mugs, Engraved Pocket Flask, Stainless Steel Straws, Anywhere Maps Bar Board, and much more.

The one-of-a-kind Anywhere Maps Bar Board is designed and made with pride in the USA. You can customize the maple bar boards with a beautifully engraved map of any location in the world! With the easy-to-use custom map design interface, you’ll enjoy designing your custom bar board almost as much as using it. To make a board, you start by choosing your favorite U.S. or international location. Then, move and zoom the map in or out to your liking. You can even add custom labels and even graphic icons to mark areas of special significance.

A personalized gift from Well Told shows that you went the extra mile. Their mission is crafting distinctive, well-made goods and gifts that tell your story and inspire you to live memorably.

Anywhere Maps Bar Board
Well Told | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Don’t Ask How

daily mom parent portal don't ask how mug

Inspirational and motivational gifts are designed to give someone you love a pick-me-up, spur them on when they need it, or simply remind them how wonderful they are.

Don’t Ask How is all about living empowered, and their products would be great for an empowered Mom! The Show Up Series mug, the Busy Being Brilliant tote, or the Small Steps journal all make great gifts. These are all gifts made with passion and will make your heart flutter out of your chest! 

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The motivational Nurture Mug reminds you not to forget about taking care of yourself. Grab the 15oz mug on the days when you need a reminder to take a little extra time out for self-care. The Power Moves Journal is an inspirational journal that helps you make plans, draw out your vision, and then check everything off one by one to achieve every goal you set for yourself.

Once in a while, we all need a little motivation to keep us going. If someone in your life needs a little pick me up, Don’t Ask How is a great choice when it comes to Mother’s Day gifts for friends!

Nurture Mug |Power Moves Journal
Don’t Ask How| Instagram

Dr. Calmer’s

Daily Mom Parent Portal Mother's Day gifts for friends

For the ultimate relaxation of hands and mind, grab a set of Dr. Calmer’s Relaxing Sand tins for Mother’s Day. Made with scent-free, never-drying ancient riverbed sand, Mom will love enjoying the spa-like Zen-sation at home with Dr. Calmer’s tactile and sensory sensation that provides stress relief as she stretches, kneads, and shapes the sand with her hands. Available with or without full-spectrum CBD, Dr. Calmer’s Relaxing Sand make wonderful Mother’s Day gifts for friends and family.

Dr. Calmer’s Relaxing Sand
Dr. Calmer’s


Daily Mom Parent Portal Mother's Day gifts for friends

We propose a toast to moms everywhere! Kick back and relax this year with your favorite frosty beverage and ORCA. The 12-ounce, high-gloss Vino 12oz cup goes perfectly with brunch by the pool. Heading to the beach, dock, or campsite with mom? Bring it along! These stainless steel cups are double-walled, vacuum-sealed, and ready to keep drinks cold for hours, and when considering Mother’s Day gifts for friends and family, we are certain that everyone needs their drinks to stay perfectly chilled for hours on end. They’re available in six great solid colors and loads of fun designs as well. Chill out with super-cool drinks this Mother’s Day in your beautiful new ORCA drinkware!

Vino 12oz
ORCA | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Cork Pops

Daily Mom Parent Portal Mother's Day gifts for friends

For the wine-loving moms out there, gift her a fun way to pour herself a glass faster with the Cork Pops Matte Black Legacy Wine Bottle Opener With 4-Blade Foil Cutter. This is the fastest and easiest way to open a bottle of wine. This opener uses a needle instead of a screw, and by inserting the needle into the cork, all that’s left is to press the button. The cork will come right out with a satisfying “pop”, no twisting or prying required! This opener comes with a replaceable cartridge and each cartridge can open up to 60 bottles of wine. Also, it’s available on Amazon, so if she’s a prime member, she won’t have a long wait between bottles. Cork Pops make excellent Mother’s Day gifts for friends who love to kick back with a glass of their favorite wine.

Cork Pops Matte Black Legacy Wine Bottle Opener With 4-Blade Foil Cutter
Cork Pops | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube | Pinterest

The moms in our lives deserve a little rest and relaxation, and if we’re all in this together, Mother’s Day gifts for friends are the perfect opportunity to make a small gesture showing how much you believe in your friends and their vocation of motherhood. The thoughtfulness that went into the gift is wonderful by itself, but the company of friendship makes it all the better.


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