Going Back to School: 16 Meal Prep & Home Organization Items to Get Families Out the Door

Going back to school is such an exciting time for everyone in the family, but it also means there is a lot more work to do! For parents, it can become a little overwhelming to keep everyone in the house fed, the house organized, and still have time for themselves at the end of the day. How do you stay organized, fed, and inspired every day?

We’ve put together a full list of everything you need for staying inspired when going back to school. Whether you’re meal prepping for the week or trying to stay on top of the laundry, these items are essential when going back to school.


Going Back To School: 16 Meal Prep & Home Organization Items To Get Families Out The Door

Maintaining a level of hydration and keeping up with a regular water consumption routine can sometimes be a chore when going back to school. Vitapod is a revolutionary in-home drink system that transforms ordinary tap water into a delicious, nutrient-filled beverage.

The science behind this advanced device is that through the multi-pass filtration system, the water is expertly blended at the optimal temperature using a continuous cycle to leave the mixture free of impurities. Select the pod flavor of your choice to produce a perfectly proportioned beverage that uses the ideal amount of water and prevents powder clumps every time.

The Vitapod Machine Starter Kit features a high-performance drink machine along with a variety pack of pods. This set also includes a filter and an 18.5 oz. stainless steel bottle that is magnetic to the drink base. The Vitapod Machine not only allows you to select the size of beverage you want to dispense but also at the temperature you wish to drink it at. This makes mornings easy when going back to school, no more waiting for your coffee to cool while you’re rushing to get the kids ready.

There are numerous Pods to choose from, each with its own unique properties and benefits. Each pack of pods includes 30 capsules and provides health and wellness support such as immunity, energy, and hydration. Every pod is full of electrolytes, essential vitamins and minerals, and powerful plant-based antioxidants as well as free from sugar, making it safe to drink for the whole family and children over 4.

Vitapod Machine Starter Kit | Pods
Vitapod | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest

Revolution Cooking

Going Back To School: 16 Meal Prep & Home Organization Items To Get Families Out The Door

Going back to school means rushing to get your children ready. Burnt toast, waffles, bagels, and more are a thing of the past thanks to Revolution InstaGLO Toaster. Perfectly toasted in one try, you’ll wonder why you’ve suffered eating/scraping burnt toast for all these years! The Revolution InstaGlo Toaster has 63 precise settings to properly sear the bread without drying it out. Toast your bread the perfect way, crunchy on the outside, yet soft and deliciously moist on the inside. 

The screen interface is touchable, easy to navigate, and perfect for your young ones to use. Once you start using your new Revolution InstaGLO Toaster, listen for the chime of a perfectly toasted piece of bread telling you it’s time to enjoy!

Not only is this beautiful toaster a master at its craft, but it also has a sleek, stainless steel body and large full-color display, complete with a crumb tray. In just three easy steps, you can begin toasting to your desired crunchiness. From your morning bagel with your latte to your pop-tartin-loving child, there’s a perfectly toasted program for everyone!

Revolution Cooking is all about revolutionizing the way you prepare your meals, quick and easy, and with less stress when going back to school this year. Here’s to perfect toast and easy-going mornings!

 Revolution InstaGLO Toaster
Revolution Cooking | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest

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Going Back To School: 16 Meal Prep & Home Organization Items To Get Families Out The Door

Going back to school means you’re going to be cleaning and cooking more than ever. Time to get everything organized, from your laundry to dinner! Do you find yourself constantly sorting clothes before you throw them in the washer? Us too, which is why the Brabantia Bo Laundry Hamper is the perfect back-to-school addition to your home.

The Brabantia Bo Laundry Hamper has a very modern look and is space-efficient, making it perfect for any room, including the bathroom with its corrosion-resistant design. This hamper has a laundry bag that is easy to remove and has two sides, making sorting before you run a load easy! The best part of the Brabantia Bo Laundry Hamper is the ventilation holes that allow your laundry to breathe as it sits there. So if you have a smelly teenager, this laundry hamper is a must for their room.

Now that you’ve got your laundry smelling fresh and clean, it’s time to think about keeping your meals fresh as well. For the families who love to start the morning with a fresh loaf of bread or a blueberry muffin, then the Brabantia Roll Top Bread Box is perfect for you. This bread box will ensure that your food is kept crisp, moist, and lasting all week long!

The Brabantia Roll Top Bread Box comes in several colors and is made of a unique steel and aluminum design that fits any kitchen decor. Don’t let going back to school this year get the best of you. Making these simple switches in your laundry and cooking routine can save time, money, and sanity.

Brabantia Bo Laundry Hamper | Brabantia Roll Top Bread Box
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Going Back To School: 16 Meal Prep & Home Organization Items To Get Families Out The Door

Aren’t those first few days of school fun? You probably prepare thoughtfully planned, balanced breakfasts, Instagram-worthy and nutritious lunches, and also have a week’s worth of back-to-school dinners prepped on Sundays, right? But let’s face it, that all of takes time and is a lot of work that no one has time for when going back to school. What you need is Silpat to make meal prep even easier, for those back to school first weeks and beyond!

To simplify breakfast time, pick up a Silpat Perfect Mini Loaf Mold and Silpat Perfect Muffin Mold. Place the mold on a baking sheet, whip up a quick batch of lemon loaves or chocolate muffins, and pour into these babies. Thanks to the non-stick silicone, not only will you no longer need butter or oil to make sure baked goods don’t stick, but clean-up is also a breeze. Your baked goodies will pop right out!

When the kids need a brain break from all of that studying (or the PTA comes calling for bake sale items!), you need the Silpat Macaron Baking Mat. Use the handy sizing guides to make uniform and consistent macarons each and every time. But it doesn’t stop there – this mat can be used for any cookie of your choice. Heat is evenly distributed, which means no ugly browned bottoms either. Just perfectly cooked goodies and memories being made in the kitchen.

Need a place to flatten out a flatbread, or whip up a favorite pie for the holidays? The Silpat Perfect Pastry Full Size Mat is here to help. The stamped measurements and rulers will come in handy for sizing. It’s great for keeping the counter clear of messy pastry shell prep and for rolling out the dough for cutter cookies. (We find ours being used at the kitchen table for non-food things like modeling clay and slime creations as well!) When you’re shopping for meal prep items for going back to school, turn to Silpat for all of your non-stick baking needs.

Silpat Perfect Mini Loaf Mold | Silpat Perfect Muffin Mold | Silpat Macaron Baking Mat | Silpat Perfect Pastry Full Size Mat
Silpat | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest

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Hamilton Beach

Going Back To School: 16 Meal Prep & Home Organization Items To Get Families Out The Door

Headed back to the office? Or maybe you need a little extra boost when getting the gets motivated for going back to school this year? If your household is a coffee-drinking home, then setting yourself up for success may include an upgrade to your in-house coffee maker. Head out the door with a strong and smooth espresso, or maybe your favorite latte or cappuccino with Hamilton Beach.

Going Back To School: 16 Meal Prep & Home Organization Items To Get Families Out The Door

The Espresso & Cappuccino Maker is a must-have tool for every coffee lover’s home. Whether you enjoy using pods or ground espresso, you can have it your way with this machine. With its 15-bar extraction, each cup of espresso is expertly brewed and ensures the smooth crema will be present at the top of each cup, which is exactly what you want to see.

Drink your espresso as-is, or get creative by steaming and frothing your own milk with the swivel steamer featured on the side of this Espresso & Cappuccino Maker. The swivel head makes it easy to use but also easy to clean, so enjoying the perfect cup of coffee won’t feel like a chore. The warmer on top of this machine will keep your espresso warm, so even if your hands are full at the moment, your cup will still be sip-ready by the time you are. Going back to school and going back to work will be a lot easier with a cup of coffee ready to drink at any time.

Enhance your experience by grinding your own coffee and espresso beans with the Fresh Grind™ Coffee Grinder. This grinder has a family-friendly price point and an even friendlier sound level. Grinding beans (or spices) can be quite a loud endeavor, but the stainless steel blades in this grinder help it to be one of the quietest coffee grinders Hamilton Beach has to offer. With cord storage included, this small coffee grinder can be stored and stowed away until your next latte comes calling. Hamilton Beach will make going back to school easier by keeping you caffeinated all day long.

Espresso & Cappuccino Maker | Fresh Grind™ Coffee Grinder
Hamilton Beach | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest


Going Back To School: 16 Meal Prep & Home Organization Items To Get Families Out The Door

Going back to school means more time spent in the kitchen. Most of the time, we moms fill up an endless amount of lunch bags and throwing plastic bottles in our kid’s backpacks as they run out the door. Instead of wasting time and money on plastic, Ukonserve makes it easy and affordable to ditch all of the disposables!

Going Back To School: 16 Meal Prep & Home Organization Items To Get Families Out The Door

Every piece of plastic that has ever existed still exists. Cutting down on plastic, especially disposable bags, can make a huge impact. The Recycled Insulated Lunch Tote is made of recycled plastic bottles, that surprisingly will still keep your lunch either hot or cold for hours on end! This sturdy lunch tote is deep enough to hold your entire lunch, zips tightly closed, and even has an inside pocket for separation. It can even hold the Insulated Food Jar!

This food jar is stainless steel and leak-proof, so no matter what you pack for lunch it’ll keep it nice and safe. You can pack soups, chilis, or even smoothies on the go and the Insulated Food Jar will keep it hot for up to 5 hours and cold for at least 8 hours! No more cold soup for lunch when going back to school this year.

Going Back To School: 16 Meal Prep & Home Organization Items To Get Families Out The Door

But what about the pesky plastic water bottles? Whether you’re packing the kids a drink when going back to school or heading to a picnic with some friends, you’re going to want a durable reusable bottle. The Boulder TriMax Insulated Water Bottle with Strainer is hands down the most versatile reusable bottle you’ll ever own. Not only does it have a unique design, but it’s made to hold a number of different drinks. With its vacuum insulated design, it’ll keep your drinks hot or cold all day long.

The Boulder TriMax Insulated Water Bottle with Strainer even has a strainer attachment in the lid that you can use for brewing tea, fruit, or even ice cubes. What other reusable bottle do you know that does all of that? None!

Going Back To School: 16 Meal Prep & Home Organization Items To Get Families Out The Door

Going on a weekend hike with the kids or a mom’s day-out picnic? Then The Aspen – Insulated Stainless Steel Water & Wine Bottle is something you’ll want to bring along. This bottle is triple insulated and can keep your drinks cold for up to 100 hours and hot drinks for up to 20 hours.

The insulated lid ensures that your drinks never touch plastic, making it the perfect reusable bottle to hold cocktails and more. Ditching the plastic in the kitchen when going back to school this year has never been easier.

Recycled Insulated Lunch Tote | Insulated Food Jar | The Boulder TriMax Insulated Water Bottle with Strainer | The Aspen – Insulated Stainless Steel Water & Wine Bottle
Ukonserve | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest

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Going Back To School: 16 Meal Prep & Home Organization Items To Get Families Out The Door

Electric kettles make busy and hectic mornings more relaxed by creating a warm beverage at your ideal temperature when you want it. The iKettle is a smart kettle that allows you to remote boil water for your coffee or tea from anywhere at any time through the use of the Smarter app. This stainless steel hot water kettle has a 1.8 liter capacity with a non-spill spout. In addition to this kettle being the ideal kitchen accessory for your warm beverages, it can also be used for making the perfect temperature baby bottles to assist with your child’s feeding routine.

The simple, one-touch lid not only allows you to dispense water easily but also makes for handy refills. The iKettle can even be configured with your smart home devices such as Amazon Alexa and Google Nest for voice-activated control. Color options for this kettle include white, light grey, and dark grey.

Smarter | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Black + Decker

Going Back To School: 16 Meal Prep & Home Organization Items To Get Families Out The Door

Going back to school means perfecting a routine. Getting back to the morning and evening school and work routines can be hectic when trying to plan and prepare meals for the whole family. Although pop-tarts and cereal are quick and easy for morning breakfast, this air fryer toaster oven lets you replace those items with more substantial meals that are just as easy to fix. The Extra Wide Crisp ‘N Bake Air Fry Toaster Oven by Black + Decker is an amazing kitchen device to have for making healthy and delicious food. This small appliance has an extra-large capacity, allowing you to cook meals enough for the entire family.

With 5 cooking options, the meal possibilities are endless. Whether you want to bake, broil, toast, warm, or air fry you can do so without ever having to utilize your regular oven. From cooking pizzas and casseroles to baking brownies and cookies, you can both cook fast and remain energy efficient.

The air fry option uses high-intensity hot air to crisp fried foods without using oil. The Extra Wide Crisp ‘N Bake Air Fry Toaster Oven includes an air fry basket, a bake and broil pan and rack, and an external crumb tray for easy cleaning. Meal prepping for going back to school has never been easier!

Extra Wide Crisp ‘N Bake Air Fry Toaster Oven
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Going Back To School: 16 Meal Prep & Home Organization Items To Get Families Out The Door

Don’t forget to stay hydrated this year when heading back to school! We all know that drinking water throughout the day is important but let’s be real, the taste of water can become boring. Cirkul is going to completely change the way you and your family drink water. By inserting a Cirkul flavor cartridge into their special state-of-the-art water bottle your regular water is transformed into delicious flavored water. The comfort grip lid provides a leak-proof barrier and allows you to adjust the intensity of your flavor taste or even stop the taste completely if you just want regular water.

With over 40 flavors to choose from, these formulas feature zero-calorie, all-natural flavoring, and no added colors. The variety of flavors can also enhance your water by providing electrolytes, caffeine, and vitamins. Caffeine to pump you up about going back to school and electrolytes to revitalize you at the end of each day. In addition to delicious fruit flavors, there are also tea and coffee options as well. There are several bottles to choose from including the Metal Bottle which is an insulated, stainless steel bottle that keeps your drink cold for hours and the Mini Plastic Bottle are smaller versions that are perfect for the kids.

Metal Bottle | Mini Plastic Bottle
Cirkul | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Instant Pot®

Going Back To School: 16 Meal Prep & Home Organization Items To Get Families Out The Door

Many of us are putting away our lockdown loungewear and digging out our snazzy outfits as people prepare for going back to school. What about cooking dinner? You need a kitchen appliance that’s easy to use, so you can whip up a quick meal for your family. Instant Pot® Duo™ Nova is the perfect kitchen gadget that is seven appliances in 1! This compact multicooker is a pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, steamer, sauté pan, food warmer, and yogurt maker all in one.

The updated Duo Nova lid automatically seals, locking in all the flavors, nutrients, and aromas in your meal. To release the steam faster, just push the quick-release button to let the pressure out. It also has a new progress indicator on its bright blue display, so you always know what’s happening inside, and 11 Smart Programs help you start cooking in a flash! Meal prepping for going back to school has never been easier, faster, and more affordable.

Going Back To School: 16 Meal Prep & Home Organization Items To Get Families Out The Door

Whether you’re stuck in traffic or putting in extra hours at work, you can always rely on Instant Pot® to deliver fresh, hot, healthy meals.

Instant Pot® Duo™ Nova
Instant Pot®| Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest

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George Foreman Cooking

Going Back To School: 16 Meal Prep & Home Organization Items To Get Families Out The Door

This school year make dinner simple with the George Foreman Contact Smokeless Ready Grill. Perfect for easily grilling up everything from burger patties to steaks, chicken breasts, and more, this electric grill sits just about anywhere and cooks quickly for fast weeknight dinners. As parents we know how the daily grind can get to us, especially when you pick up hangry children who immediately start asking the age old question “what’s for dinner?“. With the George Foreman countertop grill, dinner can literally be ready in minutes, hassle-free.

Best of all after dinner cleanup is a breeze. Removable, dishwasher safe non-stick griddles and the accompanying drip pan are easily removed for quick and easy cleanup. This year simplify your life with The George Foreman electric countertop grill and make weeknight dinner simple, healthy, and stress-free.

George Foreman Contact Smokeless Ready Grill
George Foreman Cooking | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest

Kuhn Rikon

Going Back To School: 16 Meal Prep & Home Organization Items To Get Families Out The Door

Many people are going back to work full time, and kids are going back to school instead of remote learning from home. This makes it essential to ensure you have all nutritious meals for lunches. Kuhn Rikon is a Swiss brand of cookware and cooks’ tools designed to make healthy cooking faster, easier, and more enjoyable. The Essential Pizza Cutter is the perfect kitchen tool to slice your favorite pizza quickly and effortlessly. The versatile pizza cutter is great to cut up freshly rolled pasta, quesadillas, sandwiches, or divide up quiches and baked goods.

It features a sharp blade, and the large and sturdy pastry wheel provides the necessary stability. The built-in safety guard protects fingers from the wheel, and the blade protector ensures safe storage.

The kids might want pizza for lunch every day, but maybe Mom wants a salad for her lunch or dinner. Then the Salad Maker is the perfect lunch solution! This all-in-one salad maker can be used to prep, chop, toss and enjoy a salad—and even store the leftovers. The basket can serve to wash veggies, the lid acts as a cutting board, and then the basket does double duty as a chopper for the perfect salad. Finally, the bowl can serve and store the finished salad. Kuhn Rikon makes getting meals ready for going back to school easier and more efficient than ever before!

Salad Maker| Essential Pizza Cutter
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Going Back To School: 16 Meal Prep & Home Organization Items To Get Families Out The Door

Looking to spice up your meal prep when going back to school this year? Then the Battery Operated Spice Grinder is the kitchen tool for you! We all love freshly ground spices and herbs, but who has the time (and space) in their kitchen to constantly grab and store different grinders? The Battery Operated Spice Grinder has interchangeable pods that you can change with one hand!

Instead of cranking your hand each time you need a little more salt, simply press the button on the top and this grinder does all the work for you! This spice grinder will not only save you time and space in your kitchen (which you’ll need when going back to school), but it’ll look incredible on the dinner table when you have guests over.

Battery Operated Spice Grinder
FinaMill | Facebook | Twitter


Going Back To School: 16 Meal Prep & Home Organization Items To Get Families Out The Door

Getting ready for work and the kids ready for school isn’t always quick and easy. Most of the time, taking hours to prepare breakfast is a luxury that you can’t afford. But, no matter what your morning throws at you, you definitely can count on the exquisite dinnerware from Stone+Lain to take care of all your family needs.

More than just dishware, they craft experiences out of porcelain, china, and stone. Their plates and bowls come in various colors, designs, and sizes as they are all about offering high-quality tableware that’s also highly affordable.

The beautiful Stoneware Dinner Plate Set is the perfect setting for families who appreciate high-quality dishware that is modern yet functional. The colorful set includes four large round 10” dinner plates, which are expertly crafted and artfully designed, getting you excited about meals when going back to school. The Stone+Lain dish sets are 100% dishwasher and microwave safe for easy cleaning and durability. These pieces go great in a kitchen, dining, or outdoor setting. So, whether you are preparing breakfast or dinner, serving food on Stone+Lain will make every meal unforgettable!

Stone Lain Stoneware Dinner Plate Set, Red and Black
Stone+Lain | Facebook | Instagram


Going Back To School: 16 Meal Prep & Home Organization Items To Get Families Out The Door

Whether you’re out for a jog or a stroll with your family, everyone wants a delicious drink of filtered water to quench their thirst. There’s nothing better than a fresh glass of water! Hydros provides everyone with the highest quality hydration products that ensure easy access to genuinely purified drinking water. They offer various products, including a Water Filter Pitcher, Carafe, and Water Filter Bottles.

The 64oz. Water Filter Pitcher filters water 5x faster without sacrificing quality. The filters are made from 100% coconut shell carbon in a BPA-free casing – which means it’s safe for you and the environment. The lightweight pitcher is designed to fit the height of most refrigerator shelves and is decorated with a colorful rubber base and handle. Quench your thirst with this portable Water Filter Pitcher that will filter the impurities so you can have a fresh and healthy glass of water each time!

Water Filter Pitcher
Hydros | Facebook | Instagram

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Scizza by Dreamfarm

Going Back To School: 16 Meal Prep & Home Organization Items To Get Families Out The Door

Make those back-to-school lunches or weeknight dinners a little easier this year by being able to cut and serve pizza with the same tool. The Scizza by Dreamfarm has a clever spatula base that slides under your pizza so the blades don’t scratch your pans or dull on pizza stones. Scizza’s slicing action means your toppings stay in place! The Scizza is an incredible kitchen tool to cut your kids’ food up into smaller bites without using a fork and knife. When you’re done with your Scizza, simply lock the handle for compact storage.

Dreamfarm | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Instagram | YouTube

Meal prepping and organizing the house when going back to school doesn’t have to be a pain. With these essential items, you’ll find yourself inspired each and every day to get the kids fed, out the door, and ready for a day of learning. Whether you’re baking a fresh loaf of bread for the week or trying to keep everyone hydrated and caffeinated, going back to school this year will be a breeze!


The school year (and shopping list) may look a little different when your kid has diabetes. Make sure you are 100% prepared and check out Child Diabetes: 6 Important Things to Prepare Your Kid For School!

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Going Back To School: 16 Meal Prep & Home Organization Items To Get Families Out The Door



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