10+ Best Teaching Supplies: Educational Games & Toys You Need

Teaching supplies are not just for teachers! Whether you are sending your kids back to a traditional classroom and preparing your afterschool playroom, or jumping into homeschooling again this year (kudos to you mama!), we have rounded up some of the best engaging and educational activities for your little learners. Learning doesn’t need to stop when you are at home or on the weekends. Kids need downtime, and the best downtime includes fun and educational play. We have rounded up the best teaching supplies for home or on the go that parents, teachers, and kids are sure to love this back-to-school season!


6 of the best teaching supplies: Educational Games & Toys You Need

Your little one is growing up fast and is experiencing the world and all it has to offer, sometimes a little too much. Capture your child’s mind with Lovevery’s Play Kits instead, the best of home teaching supplies. Every 3 months of your three-year-old’s young and crazy life, you can receive a Play Kit delivered straight to your door, ready for their next milestone of learning and exploring. The Observer Play Kit is for kids between the months of 37-39.

This kit will help encourage your child to seek independence and open-ended play. Your child can learn to take ownership of their routines and plan their day – giving you some reprieve while homeschooling or enjoying pre-preschool years.

Next up, in The Storyteller Play Kit, get ready to explore sounds and letters. For your little ones 40-42 months, this kit can help enhance your child’s math skills, problem-solving and imaginative play. Watch as your child builds engineering understanding and learns to build and contribute with a practical life tool. Encouraging your child in reading will not only enhance their understanding of the world but their ability to interact with those around them.

On the third set of three months, your child can explore The Problem Solver Play Kit. Continue to build on the skills your little one has been learning and watch them learn how to count, build mini board games and even measure everyday items. Before you know it, your toddler will be sharing so many stories that you will be ready for a break! But fret not, your child is learning just as fast as they are growing, as this subscription box makes for great teaching supplies.

In the final three months of their third year, your child will receive The Analyst Play Kit. Challenge your almost four-year-old to use precise fine motor skills, solve new sensory and STEM puzzles and even measure ingredients and fractions! Teaching your child has never been as easy or as fun as it is with Lovevery. Your child will learn how to describe what they are doing, crush puzzles as easily as they spill their drinks, and visualize parts of a whole.

In your child’s third year, they can learn to count, measure, match colors, build, help clean the house and have a better understanding of language. Get your beloved child on the right path in the most fun way possible this new school season!

The Observer Play Kit | The Storyteller Play Kit | The Problem Solver Play Kit | The Analyst Play Kit
Lovevery | Facebook | Instagram | TikTok | Youtube | Pinterest


daily mom parent portal Quarky Close Up Ai Vertical Robot With Expressions

Kids have an amazing advantage in today’s modern era. At the tips of their fingers, they have access, literally, to the world of knowledge. Nearly everything they want to learn is available. With so much “out there”, let’s have our kids narrow down their focus to “in here” – under the safety and supervision of your home. Meet, Quarky A.I. by STEMpedia, an innovative AI learning robotic and programming kit that teaches kids aged 7-14 how to design an at-home learning ecosystem in real-world applications.

Get ready to give your kids the power to not only play and create but to learn and understand how the industry-standard concepts are applied by developing their own bots and projects. Teaching supplies like the Quarky A.I. comes in 3 industry-approved, learning companion kits: Quarky Innovator Kit, Quarky Ultimate Kit, and the Mars Rover Addon Kit.

The Quarky Innovator Kit will invoke so many feelings of curiosity and discovery, that they’ll be eager to dive into the world of AI, robotics, and modern-world programming. They’ll learn about the underlying concepts of how things work with hands-on projects and activities. This is great for those kinesthetic learners in your family because with 30+ hands-on activities, they’ll be gloriously occupied creating, inventing, and bringing their ideas to life!

For teaching supplies for your kids who are older, say 12 years and above, get the Quarky Ultimate Kit to further enhance their understanding of the modern and emerging STEM fields with advanced AI and robotic activities. There are over 50 stimulating, interactive, and engaging STEM creations for your child to explore.

If there was an addon to include, the Quarky A.I. Mars Rover Addon Kit works beautifully with either the Innovator Kit or the Ultimate Kit. It’s a new level of creativity that is soon unleashed for your emerging tween. They can literally create their very own miniature version of the Perseverance rover sent by NAS which traveled to Mars. They’ll discover robot mechanisms, control, and, of course, AI-based applications. Here, you’ll have 10+ additional hands-on activities to complete your child’s STEM ventures.

There’s no complete STEM learning system without coding. When your child uses PictoBox, a high-tech, yet easy-to-use graphical programming application, they’ll have all the hardware interfaces and AI-learning in the palm of their hands. Quarky A.I. is the plug-and-play, modern STEM kit with infinite creative possibilities. If you are looking for teaching supplies in the STEM department, STEMpedia is definitely your go-to source!

Quarky A.I.
STEMpedia | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest

Delta Children

daily mom parent portal Deltachair12

As kids head back to school, they will need the right teaching supplies at home and school to set them up for success. The Cozee Chair Set by Delta Children, which includes a Bamboo Lap Desk, is the perfect chair that will help your child study in complete comfort. The lightweight chair is stuffed with shredded foam that contours your child’s body, delivering more comfort and support than traditional bean bag chairs. In addition, the chair has a machine-washable slipcover and can hold up to 100lbs. It’s perfect for reading, studying and lounging.

The sleek lap desk is crafted with sustainable bamboo wood. It has a spacious work surface, a slot to hold a tablet or phone, an easy-grab handle, and a cushioned base covered in super-soft fabric. The Cozee Chair Set is not only cozy for your child but also ergonomic. You can always count on Delta Children for the best and most affordable teaching supplies and gear.

Cozee Fluffy Chair and Bamboo Lap Desk Set
Delta Children | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest

Benji Bank

6 of the best teaching supplies: Educational Games & Toys You Need

What better way to teach financial literacy and the value of a dollar this year than to give your kids a Benji Bank, which is a great addition to your teaching supplies. This bank promotes responsible spending, thoughtful saving, and purposeful giving in kids of all ages, with three compartments to sort your child’s SPEND, SAVE and GIVE dollars and coins. Made from clear, durable acrylic, this bank features slotted tops with soft magnetic closures that allow children to quite literally watch their money multiply. We truly love that the Benji Bank provides an easy, organized, and interactive way for little hands to work with cash and coins.

Benji Bank
Benjamin Talks | Facebook | Instagram

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Early Learning Centre

6 of the best teaching supplies: Educational Games & Toys You Need

When you’re back to school shopping, oftentimes your youngest ones can get left behind. Their development and education are just as important as their older kids. If you have a toddler on your hands, the Wooden Activity Workbench is a great back-to-school learning toy for them and a great to have in your teaching supplies! This workbench has 22 fun activities attached to it. From tools to. chalkboard and even a clock with moveable hands!

Your little one will have a blast with their imaginative play while also learning how to walk! This is great for all toddler’s physical development and hand-eye coordination. Don’t let your toddlers be left behind this back-to-school season, and let them have fun while learning with the Wooden Activity Workbench!

Wooden Activity Workbench
Early Learning Centre | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube

Lemonade Pursuits

6 of the best teaching supplies: Educational Games & Toys You Need

Puzzles make for great teaching supplies that can assist with a multitude of educational development. Learning attention to detail, practicing fine motor skills, and increasing focus are just some of the traits that putting together a puzzle can provide. Lemonade Pursuits creates gorgeous puzzles with unique shapes that make completing the puzzle more fun and challenging than standard puzzles. Every piece is made with a high-quality soft-touch finish and is also anti-glare.

Spring Begins is a 1,000 piece puzzle that features a scenic floral vision captured from the South of France. Originally painted on canvas by artist Susan Nethercote, this piece was eventually transformed into a jigsaw puzzle. Botanical Song is a 500 piece puzzle with a structural bloom design commonly found in Australia. The included inserts that assist with putting each puzzle together can also be framed and doubled as artwork for your home, office, or classroom.

Spring Begins 1,000 Piece Puzzle | Botanical Song 500 Piece Puzzle
Lemonade Pursuits | Instagram

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Winning Moves Games

6 of the best teaching supplies: Educational Games & Toys You Need

A quick game of Pass the Pigs can be the perfect brain break for the family to connect after a long day at school. You will go “oinkers” for the two adorable pink pig-shaped dice. Earn and lose points when the pigs land in various poses ranging from Razorback, Double Leaning Jowler, Snouter, Pig Out, and more. For advanced gameplay and outrageous silliness, you can add in the Hog Calls by shouting “Sooee!” as you guess the pig positions.

Enjoying fresh air together after school, while playing Pass the Pigs: Big Pigs is another great way to share some laughs and discuss the day. Played just like the traditional Pass the Pigs game, but with 6-inch foam pig dice. The Big Pigs bounce in and out of the poses as you try to earn 100 points. You can really ham it up shouting, “Sooee,” at the top of your lungs as you guess your opponents’ pig pose before it lands.

If your kiddos prefer to each have their own set of pigs, The Pass the Pigs: Pig Party game comes with four sets of pig dice. Everyone rolls their adorable pigs at the same time trying to match the pig pose on the card. Whoever rolls the Razorback, Trotter or Double Leaning Jowler pictured on the card first earns the points. Here pig, pig, pig! Come and get it! This game is more than just a game, it is essential for your teaching supplies.

Pass the Pigs | Pass the Pigs: Big Pigs | The Pass the Pigs: Pig Party
Winning Moves Games | Facebook | Instagram

The Everything Kids

Back to school doesn’t just mean school takes over and you are off the hook at home, add this book to your at-home teaching supplies. The best retention of learning and practice comes at home and with The Everything Kids’ Math Puzzles for Kindergarten. This book will help your kids master challenging math concepts through 100 fun and interactive puzzles and activities. They will be able to learn while having fun and strengthening what is being taught in the classroom.

If your little one is not yet in school The Everything Kids’ Math Puzzles for Pre-K is perfect for ages 3-5 years old. Whether you are doing it alongside your child or they need extra lessons at home, this book is needed in your teaching supplies. This easy-to-use book about numbers, shapes, and patterns has over 100 fun puzzles that will challenge your child while teaching them as you go. Teach your child early on that they can have fun while learning, a must-have for your teaching supplies.

The Everything Kids’ Math Puzzles for Pre-K| The Everything Kids’ Math Puzzles for Kindergarten
The Everything Kids

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Doodle Hog

daily mom parent portal

As school starts up again crafting has never been more exciting. Doodle Hog’s DIY String Art with Lights is a creative way to style your child’s room and show off her art skills. Your child can choose from three different foam boards to design crazy and fun embroidery artwork. Teaching supplies do not have to just be limited to academic learning lessons.

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Twist in a string of led lights and let your child bring their craft to life. School can be tedious, but making beautiful crafts can highlight anyone’s day. Don’t worry parents, each kit comes with clear instructions with pictures to make it easy to understand!

DIY String Art with Lights
Doodle Hog | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest

Plus Plus Blocks

05065 Bokswindmill 4 1200x

A fan favorite of ours here at Daily Mom, Plus Plus Blocks are a simple and easy stem-based learning solution for kids. These lightweight plus-shaped blocks allow children to build for hours of engaging, educational fun without screens.

This school year we love the all-new stem activities from Plus Plus. From the windmill to the vehicle creation kit, these tiny blocks will engage your child while fine-tuning their hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, logical, rational, and spatial thinking, all while introducing them to the principles and concepts of stem-based learning. These kits include plenty of Plus Plus pieces along with a stable base to build from and instructional booklets for design tips. But don’t worry if your child is not one to follow directions, Plus Plus Blocks are perfect for free play as the sky is the limit and your child’s imagination can soar. Whether you are adding Plus Plus Blocks to your homeschool classroom or your afterschool activity bins, Plus Plus Blocks come in a wide variety of colors, sizes, and kits perfect for children of all ages.

BOKS Windmill | Travel Case
Plus Plus | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube


Imaginative play is always at the top of preschool parents’ minds and this year as they head back to school or you set up your playroom for the upcoming school year, Schleich provides lifelike, durable, versatile toys perfect for play. One of our favorites the school year is the Animal Rescue Helicopter, wildlife animals, and for those who love animal families, the mama and baby Alpacas. Whether your child uses their animals for matching lessons, setting up their very own zoo, or charging through the jungle, let them create, imagine, and grow with Schleich this school year.

Animal Rescue Helicopter | Alpaca Set
Schleich | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest


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Let your little ones learn and play this back-to-school season with the wide selection of educational toys and games from iPlayiLearn. The 3-in-1 Mega Robot transforms between one robot, multiple robots, and a truck. Practice large and fine motor skills, as well as STEM principles while working on their handyman skills and engineering concepts. Durable and non-toxic, this 65 piece set can convert into a robot, truck, and workbench for hours of engaging play. With all the tools and pieces included, this all-in-one educational toy will keep your child entertained and learning making it a perfect addition to your playroom, classroom, or even as a gift for the little learners in your life.

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Alternatively, for your youngest child check out iPlayiLearn’s Bouncy Pals for working on those gross motor skills, balance, leg and core strength, and imaginative play. Perfect for indoor or outdoor use, the Bouncy Pals, available in a wide variety of mystical creatures, brings your little ones’ imagination to life as they hop, jump, and bounce around the house during their day. Easy to inflate with a machine washable cover, these Bouncy Pals provide hours of exercise and screen-free fun for your preschool-aged kiddos this school year.

3-in-1 Mega Robot | Bouncy Pals
iPlayiLearn | Facebook | Instagram | Youtube


Img 4596 Addmoreramps 18082019 Edited Website 1500 1000x

Oribel’s VertiPlay STEM Marble Run brings the amazing concepts and fun and educational play of STEM home (or into the classroom) this back to school season. No longer are those awesome wall-sized marble runs that entertain kids for hours only available at the local children’s museum, rather bring one to your very own home for hours of engaging, entertaining, educati0onal play for children of all ages. The VertiPlay STEM Marble Run can be configured, reconfigured, expanded, and moved for hours of continuous play. Children will love exploring the multiple concepts of STEM as they race their marbles down this easy to assemble run. Little minds will work hard to maneuver the gears, levers, and pegs and more as they try to race their marble to the bottom. With no specific direction to play, this open-ended lesson allows children to expand their imagination while also developing local/spatial reasoning, fine motor skills, and more while teaching important lessons in gravity, speed, and rotation as they try and reach their personal goals. Build, design, and expand critical thinking skills all while at play with Oribel’s VertiPlay STEM Marble Run.

VertiPlay STEM Marble Run
Oribel | Facebook | Instagram | Youtube | Pinterest

Wicked Big Sports

962 Kickball Pkg 1 1920w

Head outside this school year with the giant kickball from Wicked Big Sports. Taking outdoor play to a whole new level this year with these giant versions of the playground games we all know and love. Over 3x the size of a traditional kickball, this game includes the ball, bases, pump, 3 plugs, and a plug remover. Perfect for pickup games after school, or even PE class in the field, the Wicked Big Kickball from Wicked Big Sports will give everyone a love of the game this school year!

Wicked Big Kickball
Wicked Big Sports | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube


Img 7932 1500x1000 1

Sensory toys are all the rage this season and perfect for a quiet time back to school activity is Go!Pop. These soft silicone fidget games are perfect for kids who just can’t sit still or need a quiet activity between subjects in school. Perfect for visual/spatial recognition, fine motor skills, and logical thinking, this simple solution to boredom can be played anytime, anywhere, in any way. Enjoy life in motion this school year with Go!Pop.

GO!PoP Roundo
Go!Pop | Facebook | Instagram | Youtube

Teaching supplies are not just for teachers, because you will always be your child’s first teacher. Having educational toys and games at home for your kiddos to be able to take out whenever they want will only further their education and strengthen what they learn outside of the home. We have rounded up the best teaching supplies that any household could use and your children will love. Don’t worry it will be our little secret these are actually teaching supplies!

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