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Have you ever wished that your coasters could bring you more than just a safe place to set your drink? Maybe you have not even realized that your coasters could be a piece of art!

Sure, maybe you have plain wooden coasters from your wedding registry, or perhaps your husband has been storing some of the cardboard coasters from his favorite bar on your coffee table. But do these really mean anything to you? They certainly don’t bring a smile to your face every time they are used. But is there any product that can make you think differently about coasters? We certainly think so!

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Coastermatic coasters are different because they are meaningful and they do bring a smile to your face! They give sentimental value to where you place your drink. Setting your coffee mug on that round stone will bring back priceless memories each and every morning. Why? Because they are printed with photos of your baby! Imagine that sweet smile or funny face your baby makes frozen in time on a coaster as a daily reminder of this time in their life.

Don’t have kids of your own? Borrow some! Well, not the kids themselves, but take photos of them with your iPhone or Android using Instagram and give their parents these coasters as a gift! I was able to get a few photos of my friends’ 3 precious little ones to put on these coasters and they are priceless! It is a special memento that can one day be an heirloom because of their lasting value.

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About Coastermatic

Coastermatic has this to say about their creators, Tom Harman and Tash Wong: “together they have a shared passion for storytelling, photography, and coasters. Coastermatic was born from this unlikely synergy.” How can you not love a company that was created by friends who wanted to make what used to be a boring necessity into a piece of art?

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The coasters are round, stone coasters imprinted with your best and funniest photos using inkjet printing onto the stone. The coasters have smooth edges to allay any fear of scratches to your dishware. And because of the foam backing, your coffee table and piano are also safe from the stone’s texture. They are washable using a wet cloth and mild soap to the top surface.

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Since they are made of stone they absorb moisture if your drink perspires and won’t warp like wooden coasters do. They are sturdy enough for even your heaviest mugs of hot cocoa or your most delicate champagne flutes.

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How to Make Your Own

When you choose to order your own beautiful set of custom coasters, you will log onto their website and enter your Instagram account information. On the next page you will see all of your fabulous Instagram shots of your darling baby made into circles to represent how they will look on your coasters.

You have the option of choosing four of your favorite pictures to use as your coaster set and they can be zoomed in so that no border is showing. You then simply input your shipping and payment information and you’re finished! The longest part of the process is choosing which photos you like best! It is so fun and easy to make personalized coasters that become a conversation starter and showcase your cute baby! Log onto the Coastermatic website to make your own and share a photo of them with us by tagging @dailymomtweets on Twitter!

Best of all? Coastermatic is participating in Daily Mom’s 50 Days of Giveaways! One lucky reader will win 2 sets of their own Coastermatic coasters!
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