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Is Family Game Night getting stale at your house? Maybe you don’t even have family game night. We have some refreshing ideas to save your family from getting bored with your board games. So grab your kids and open the game closet, it’s time to give family game night a makeover!

Take the fun to your backyard

Make a pitcher of flavored lemonade, grab a bag of snacks and head to the back yard for a fun game of Twister.

Check out Summer Sippers for some yummy flavored lemonade recipes.

Plan a theme

Just like those parties you went to in college, everything is better with a fun theme. Plan a disco game night. Have fun finding the biggest bell-bottoms and best afro-style wig in the dress up bin. Disco not your style? What about a pirate theme, or choose a theme based on your kids favorite book or cartoon. It would be fun to take it a step further and add some small themed decorations and party snacks. Can you think of anything more fun than watching your kids play Yahtzee dressed up like pirates and puppy dogs?

Mix up the rules a bit

Playing by the rules gets boring sometimes. Allow your children to make up new rules to games like Connect 4 Launchers. It will be fun to see what they come up with.

Take the show on the road

Play a fun game of Clue Jr at your local bakery. Donuts go good with everything, especially family fun and board games. Just be sure to save the noisy games for home! You’re sure to get sideways glances from other patrons if you bring in your Operation game.

Invite friends

Round up some neighborhood pals to have an even bigger game night than usual. Make up some fun awards to give to your winners and set up areas with fun games like Jenga.

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