Cloth Diapering On A Budget


Cloth diapering is becoming more common these days, and there are tons of options for you and your little one’s bum on the market. However, many of the more popular pocket cloth diapers seem to pushing upwards in price of $20-$30 per diaper. For a family on a smaller budget, those more expensive options may not be feasible. Here are some cost effective ways that you can build up a great cloth diaper stash.

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Check sale websites:

  • Websites like zulily, MyHabit, and BabySteals, often have diapers that go on sale for quite a bit off of retail price.
  • Check out Etsy for some handmade treasures. Etsy is a great place to find custom diapers to match a specific outfit, as well.

Buy them gently pre-owned:

  • Many cloth diaper boutiques are popping up around the country. Often times, these stores will have a great pre-owned section where you can some diaper treasures in awesome condition. (Boutique managers inspect the pre-owned section, and will not buy them from people typically, if they are badly stained.)
  • Contact your local diaper delivery service and check if they have any diapers and/or pre-folds available to purchase. Sometimes, they do not meet the quality standards of their company (it may have mild stains, etc) and they are selling them to people for a fraction of the price.
  • You also may be able to find great deals on websites like Ebay, and Craigslist, from people who either stopped cloth diapering, or their child outgrew them.
  • Facebook groups have recently been popping up that offer many different benefits. Some of them will do bulk orders of cloth diapers, and will co-op them out, giving you the ability to buy them at a discounted price. Also, individuals will sometimes post that they are selling some of their stash as well. You have the chance to get really lucky with some of the gems you can find in a Facebook cloth diaper co-op.
  • Check out Individuals can post what they have available for sale, and you can buy them.

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Look into less expensive brands:

  • Using a pocket cloth diaper on a budget is completely feasible now due to brands like SunBaby, AlvaBaby, and Kawaii diapers. All three of those brands feature pocket diapers for less than $10 per diaper.
  • Pre-folds may be the way that you end up going. Most people tend to use pre-folds with a diaper cover of their choice. There are many affordable diaper covers on the market, which range in price from $4 and up. Pre-fold diapers are very economical; typically they cost between $1-$3 a piece. (Another added bonus is that once you are done with your pre-fold diapers, they can be used around the house as cleaning rags, silver polisher, etc.)

Remember, there is value in re-sale. 

  • It may seem like you are investing a decent amount of money in cloth diapering at the beginning. It’s important to remember though, as long as you take great care of your cloth diapers by using the correct laundry detergent, air drying your covers, and using the sun to get rid of nasty stains instead of bleach, you have the opportunity to sell them when you’re done! When was the last time you ever heard of someone selling used disposable diapers?






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