Tis’ the Season to Stay Healthy with Supplements and Self Care

Stay healthy this holiday season by taking care of yourself, your family, and your friends. Gifts do not have to be flashy to be loved, a gift can be quite special when it is something someone needs to take care of themselves or their families like a first aid kit or a proper pillow. The best ways to stay healthy include eating right and exercising. Gifts like personal massagers, weighted blankets, and supplements are often gifts that encourage healthy behaviors and are used every day. Think outside the box when giving gifts to loved ones. What can you give to help them stay healthy in the new year?

Plant People

Self-care doesn’t only revolve around prepping your skin – but giving yourself internal peace. That’s the best gift you can give to yourself. So, spoil yourself and stay healthy this holiday season by giving your restless mind a treat with Plant People’s extraordinary products or share it with a loved one you think deserves it.

Let’s start with SunsUp Mushroom Coffee Mix, which is perfect to begin your day, welcoming the cold weather on its way. Except, this dark sunshine has the opposite effect of what coffee does to you. Rich in nerve-soothing herbs, important minerals, and stress-releasing adaptogenic mushrooms –  this coffee will boost your productivity level to the sky. This sugar-free mushroom coffee mix not only gives you a rush of energy but also makes you feel light with focusing power without the crash.

No amount of herbal coffee can make you feel healthy and energized until your immune system is strong enough to combat weakness and fight diseases. Advanced Immune Power is the attention-worthy solution to this problem. It contains different mushrooms, each with distinct health benefits that have a positive impact on your health, mood, and energy level.

We have an alternative for you if you find taking pills difficult and exhausting – Wonder Day Mushroom Gummies. These mushroom gummies come in a functional glass jar and have a rich raspberry flavor. These delicious gummies contribute to improved gut health and act as catalysts in aiding smooth digestion. Altogether, Wonder Day Mushroom Gummies have it all – tasty, healthy, energizing, and stress-releasing. How could one say no to that, right?

If you have a minimal attention span and get distracted very easily, Advanced Clear Focus is made just for you. We are overstimulated all the time because we spend a ridiculous amount of time on our phones, which clouds our brains and makes it difficult to focus, especially with the dings and pings of various notifications.

One pack of Advanced Clear Focus includes 40 capsules, with a clinically-efficient formula to help you unlock your maximum focus level, one ping at a time. So, whether you’re studying, working, or reading a novel, focus and clarity will be your best friends. Oh, and it also lifts your mood – bonus!

Do you want to make a sweet gesture for your family this Christmas for peaceful nights? Get Plant People’s Be Calm and Nightlight Mushroom Cacao Mix, and make sure someone dear to you gets the peaceful sleep at night they deserve.

When your mind is well, you sleep well. That’s what the Nightlight Mushroom Cacao Mix does for you. It works like a brain detox; it calms all the agitated nerves, relaxes you, and gradually lulls you into a restful sleep. All your worries melt away, and a restful mental state is achieved, which helps you wake up feeling refreshed.

Be Calm capsules also act as a destressing agent. With all the negative energy that may be invading your headspace, it may be your source of lethargy and possible lack of motivation to do things. Be Calm, in CBD capsules with calming herbs and adaptogens, can be your source of encouragement and spirit-lifting go-to this holiday and beyond.

SunsUp Mushroom Coffee Mix | Wonder Day Mushroom Gummies | Advanced Clear Focus | Nightlight Mushroom Cacao Mix | Be Calm
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The Transformation Factory

The expression “scoop full of flavors, minerals, and health benefits” sums up the King’s & Queen’s Bundle sea moss bundle perfectly. Stay healthy by adding one scoop daily to your routine, which improves your immunity, gut health, and hormonal balance and strengthens your bones. Given that it is fully vegan and organic, it is appropriate for all age groups, including children.

Don’t mistake this sea moss gel bundle for some bland-tasting medicine; each of the 8 flavors in this bundle has a super delectable taste. You can consume it in several ways, for instance, you can add it to your smoothie, or ice cream and even use it as a face mask.

The benefits of consuming 92 out of 102 minerals your body needs on a daily basis with only 2 delicious tablespoon servings are just too easy! The transformation factory ensures that you get the freshest and premium quality sea moss – so you might have to muster little patience for receiving it. So, enjoy it with your whole family or gift it to someone you care about with the core of your heart.

The King’s & Queen’s Bundle
The Transformation Factory | Facebook | Instagram

Naturally London

Looking for a mani-pedi home spa to serve up a loved one this Christmas season? What if we told you that you could give a luxurious manicure and pedicure treatment from the comfort of your home with Naturally London’s fabulous product line? Start your routine with Natural London’s Foot Soaks, like Tranquility, after a long, exhausting day. All the stiffness and sourness will disappear as you soak your feet in the calming mixtures of this foot soak. Your feet will become milky soft and silky smooth in addition to being soothed.

Eradicate all the dead skin cells, dirt, and pollutants with Natural London’s Cleansing Enzyme Scrub. Gently exfoliate and thoroughly clean your hands and feet with this scrub to leave them feeling clean, soft, and shiny. Have you got brittle, dry nails? Hydrating Cuticle Oil will prove to be your best companion this fall. It gives you a spa pedicure experience by hydrating, cleaning, moisturizing, and giving you healthy nails. Feel confident and rock your own nails with this oil.

Soothing Foot Balm and Moisturizing Polish work effectively to heal your overly dry and wrinkly skin. Say goodbye to the itchy, irritable feeling that becomes more prevalent during the winter by incorporating these two skin-loving gems into your life. Be sure to indulge and end your self care routine with this Moisturizing Treatment candle. The Intense Moisturizing Treatment candle produces a nourishing layer of oil for a relaxing ritual for your hands and feet after burning for 10 to 15 minutes. Moreover, the super-gorgeous Instagram-worthy candle body complements your minimalistic/ indie room decor perfectly.

Natural London’s Foot Soaks | Natural London’s Cleansing Enzyme Scrub | Hydrating Cuticle Oil | Soothing Foot Balm | Moisturizing Polish | Intense Moisturizing Treatment Candle
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Tis’ The Season To Stay Healthy With Supplements And Self Care

Did you know that the average woman will spend approximately 80 days or almost 3 months on her period every single year? New to the scene, female-founded, rhythm is all about elevated period care and finding the best products for you and your body every single month. If you have ever wanted to try a menstrual cup, now is the time with the Classic Menstrual Cup – Mixed Pack. Perfect for those with a varying flow or who just want to figure out which one feels the best. It is made from 100 percent medical-grade ultra-soft silicon and has no leaks here with the leak-prevention rim so you are covered!

Most women experience a variety of up and down emotions during their cycle, which although can be normal, you can make it better with Attitude Adjustment. A pure saffron extract that helps calm your period symptoms with this natural serotonin support, keeping your hormones in check. Pair with the Pee-ce Keeper, an all-natural D-Mannose, daily supplement that helps calm PMS symptoms, and supports sleep, immunity, hormones, and more. Made from organic herbs, fruits, and veggies that will keep your urinary tract happy and stay healthy by preventing some types of bacteria from sticking in the urinary tract.

Round out your rhythm period care with the Belly Bestie – Daily Probiotic, which will help keep your gut happy! The proprietary blend will also help boost mental and vaginal health (by balancing your Ph down there) as well. In addition to creating products for women to help keep your body balanced a holistic way, rhythm also donates $1 from each purchase to organizations supporting women’s causes, so you know your money is going even further.

Classic Menstrual Cup – Mixed Pack | Attitude Adjustment – Saffron Extract | Pee-ce Keeper Belly Bestie – Daily Probiotic
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Tis’ The Season To Stay Healthy With Supplements And Self Care

Whether you have a dedicated fitness routine or just need to relieve some tension in your body, a massage gun is a must-have device and also makes for a thoughtful Christmas gift. The iHome PowerGlide muscle gun massager is specially designed to easily target muscle stiffness and muscle soreness, all from the comfort of your home or gym!

The PowerGlide is cordless, portable, and has a built-in rechargeable battery that provides up to 6 hours of continuous power. Stay healthy by creating a personalized deep tissue massage experience with this high-quality electric massager by using any combination of the 5 adjustable speed levels and 4 removable attachment heads (Ball, U-shaped, Flat, and Pinpoint).

Tis’ The Season To Stay Healthy With Supplements And Self Care

Another fun product from iHome is the Playglow Mini (iBT800), a rechargeable, color-changing waterproof Bluetooth speaker with a mega battery. Take this speaker with you on your next adventure and enjoy up to 15 hours of audio to listen to your music all day. Featuring 360-degree color-changing and 5 color-changing modes the Playglow mini adds a lighting element to your listening experience. In addition to being waterproof, this speaker is also sand proof and floatable so it can be enjoyed in the pool or ocean too!

Powerglide Massage Gun | PlayGlow Mini Bluetooth Speaker
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Tis’ The Season To Stay Healthy With Supplements And Self Care

A weighted blanket is not only a thoughtful but useful gift for anyone on your list. The ARDO weighted blanket is a portable weighted blanket that provides ample weight minus bulkiness. At 12 lbs, the blanket is just heavy enough to apply an even, grounding pressure on your body yet breathable enough for year-round use. This blanket gives you a warm hug in Winter and a cool touch in Summer. Cool to the touch and highly breathable, this blanket helps to prevent night sweats and overheating while promoting a sense of relaxation and better sleep, which helps you stay healthy.

Made with super soft sustainable bamboo rayon, the ARDO Cooler Weighted Blanket utilizes a high density of glass beads to ensure stable weight distribution. The material is unforgettably smooth and glides on the body like silk. This blanket also has anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic properties, making this blanket not only good for your sleep routine but also good for your health.

Cooler Weighted Blanket
ARDO | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest


Tis’ The Season To Stay Healthy With Supplements And Self Care

Gift the gift of luxury this year with a new bath towel by Oura. The Alta Towel is the most technologically advanced towel you will ever use, made with 100 percent long-staple cotton sonically infused with copper that has been scientifically proven to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and help promote skin elasticity.

You probably recognize that bath towels are dirtier than you think. While you may think they stay clean since you’re just drying off a clean body, the musty smell that lingers after you’ve used it is actually bacteria and mold. The two love to grow on moist, damp fibers and can be easily seen under a microscope. That’s why Alta was engineered with unique technologies to kill microbes before they get a chance to grow — keeping you and your towel clean and fresh after every shower so you can stay healthy.

Tis’ The Season To Stay Healthy With Supplements And Self Care

The Alta towel is made of fibers that self-sterilize to kill 99 percent of bacteria and mold; creating a towel that is hypoallergenic, super absorbent, and ultra-plush for those with even the most sensitive skin. Put it all together and you have the ultimate drying experience!

Alta Towel
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Tis’ The Season To Stay Healthy With Supplements And Self Care

With the holidays just around the corner, everyone deserves wellness gifts that calm and relax you. The WTHN Acupressure Mat Set is the perfect gift that will alleviate chronic pain, headaches, body stiffness, pain, and tension, giving you a better night’s sleep and the best version of yourself. This luxurious mat uses traditional principles of acupressure to relieve stress. In addition, this acupressure mat and pillow feature gentle stimulators that enhance deep relaxation by activating points across the body.

The set includes:

  • Coconut Fiber and Linen Acupressure Mat   
  • Memory Foam and Linen Acupressure Pillow
  • On-the-go Linen Carrying Case 
  • Instructions 

The WTHN Acupressure Mat Set makes a wonderful Christmas gift and lets a loved one know you care about their well-being and want them to stay healthy throughout the year.

Tis’ The Season To Stay Healthy With Supplements And Self Care

Acupressure Mat Set
WTHN | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest

Balanced Body

With the holidays around the corner, it’s not always easy to get a peaceful night’s sleep. Having the proper support is an integral part of sleeping comfortably. A supportive and comfy pillow can get you to a state of tranquility. The SISSEL Classic Pillow available at Balanced Body is one of the best supportive orthopedic pillows on the market. 

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Constructed in Sweden and made of polyurethane foam, it provides firmer corrective positioning and cushioning, giving you a restful night’s sleep. In addition, the unique design provides support for your shoulders when you are lying down sideways. This helps to relieve any pressure on your spine and the spinal discs. Over time, you will notice a relief in tension in your neck and shoulders and also a reduction in headaches so you can stay healthy and feel good!

This pillow is perfect for side sleepers. It comes with a washable ecru velvet cover. So this festive season, don’t let the stress of the holidays interrupt your sleep. The SISSEL Classic pillow will give you the support you need to survive the holidays. This pillow is also the perfect present for the side sleepers on your gift list!

SISSEL Classic Pillow
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Tis’ The Season To Stay Healthy With Supplements And Self Care

Bring your workout indoors or out to enjoy the fresh crisp fall air with this Yoga Deck Complete Set. These hand-drawn illustrations and guides create the perfect opportunity for your to build your own yoga sequence without the struggle of thinking through your flow. The color-coded symbols even allow you to focus on specific sequences and benefits. With 160 total cards, the possibilities here are endless. You can be present in your practice. You can stay healthy.

Yoga Deck Complete Set
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Tis’ The Season To Stay Healthy With Supplements And Self Care

The Dalmation Gemstone Bracelet makes a terrific gift for yourself this holiday season. It is made with 6mm Dalmation Stone beads on a champagne-colored nylon thread. The Dalmatian Jasper stone brings a sense of joy and playfulness. Of course, it would be a wonderful holiday gift for your best friend or daughter, too.

The mindfulness bracelets are more than just beautiful black-and-white stones you choose a gold or silver plate with one of six engraved messages: Brave the Uncomfortable, Embrace Uncertainty, It’s OK to Feel How I Feel, I let go of what I can’t control, My thoughts are passing clouds, and I am separate from my mind. Whether you or a loved one has been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder or if you feel overwhelmed by the topsy-turvy world, words inspired by cognitive behavioral therapy remind you to return to the present moment. Presently was created by two sisters, Lindsay and Emily, who live with obsessive-compulsive disorder and anxiety.

Presently also offers simple words of encouragement for your bathroom mirrors. The simple white vinyl window clings help you focus on the present before starting the day. Messages include “embrace uncertainty,” “brave the uncomfortable,” “I let go of what I can’t control,” “my thoughts are passing clouds,” “it’s okay to feel how I feel,” and “I am separate from my mind.”

Dalmatian Gemstone Bracelet in Silver | Brave The Uncomfortable Mirror Cling | Embrace Uncertainty Mirror Cling
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Keep Going First Aid

Tis’ The Season To Stay Healthy With Supplements And Self Care

Bruises, burns, and everyday boo-boos happen. Parents have to be prepared for anything and everything, so give them a little help this holiday season by adding the Keep Going Go Kit Deluxe to their stockings. Whether they’re traveling or simply spending quality time together at home, there’s always a need for something to help.

With 130 pieces, this kit is prepared for everything so you don’t have to worry about it. From ticks and splinters to bee stings or fevers, you’ll never have to worry if you have what you need with this kit. As an added bonus, this zippered pouch is durable and beautiful, and you’ll love to have it in your car, your cabinet, or even in your purse. The holiday season is busy enough without having to worry about what’s in your first aid kit. Keep it simple and have everything you need when you need it with Keep Going First Aid. That way you can stay healthy and enjoy the holiday season.

Keep Going Go Kit Deluxe
Keep Going First Aid | Facebook | Instagram

The Farmers Finds

Tis’ The Season To Stay Healthy With Supplements And Self Care

If you need a gift for someone who just loves unique items from the farmer’s market, The Farmers Finds have the perfect gift for you. Women-owned and reasonably priced at $23, each Monthly Subscription Box comes shipped with 2-3 premium, small-batch products your recipient will be sure to enjoy. They’ll get items like delicious chili oil from Oregon, or pure lavender soap and syrups from Illinois. Check out The Farmers Finds today!

Monthly Subscription Box
The Farmers Finds | Facebook | Instagram


Tis’ The Season To Stay Healthy With Supplements And Self Care

Stay healthy, stay hydrated. For a simple but useful gift or stocking stuffer, give a new water bottle to your friends, kids, or co-workers. Staying hydrated is easy with these 85 percent wheat fiber, biodegradable water bottles. The Ecoware Water Bottles from O-Yaki are compact and easy to carry as well as leak-resistant. These bottles are available in 4 colors and can keep your beverage cold or warm for up to 2 hours

Ecoware Water Bottle
O-Yaki | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest

Village Rock Shop

Tis’ The Season To Stay Healthy With Supplements And Self Care

Give the gift of manifestation this holiday season and let your loved one tap into their creative power and bring forth their greatest desires. Whether you are looking to create more peace in your child’s school or simply add more peace in your life, this Manifest Kit has everything you need to set your intention moving into 2023 including, a mini white sage stick, a palo santo stick, Tibetan rope incense, a box of matches, crystal, two intention candles, and a mini chakra stone bottle.

You might also give a crystal ornament. Amethyst is known for its vibes that promote calmness, and anxiety relief. Hanging an Amethyst Ornament on your Christmas tree will fill the aura with gentle, relaxing energy and can make the holidays feel even more magic.

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Alternatively, if you wish to keep the negative energy away this holiday season and share joy and laughter with your dear ones, gift them a Citrine Crystal Christmas ornament. Citrine is a happy yellow stone that promotes a positive attitude, encourages generosity, and can balance emotions.

Manifest Kit | Amethyst Ornament | Citrine Christmas Ornament
Village Rock Shop | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube

Uncle Matt’s Organic

Stay healthy during this busy holiday travel season with Uncle Matt’s Organic Ultimate Immune Juice. The juice is a combination of orange juice and elderberry. The immunity powerhouse is packed with 300 percent of your RDA for Vitamin C, 50 percent for Vitamin D, and 25 percent for Zinc. This delicious juice earned the NEXTY award for Best New Organic Beverage.

Tis’ The Season To Stay Healthy With Supplements And Self Care

Your kiddos will enjoy Uncle Matt’s Organic No Sugar Added Juice Boxes at your holiday parties this year. There’s nothing like the sweet taste of Lemonade and Strawberry Lemonade to make you smile at any time of year. The all-natural organic juice boxes are sweetened with stevia. They are vegan, Kosher, and gluten-free. The delicious juice boxes boast vitamins C, D, and zinc.

Ultimate Immune Juice | Uncle Matt’s Organic No Sugar Added Juice Boxes
Uncle Matt’s Organic | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest

Soul Insole

With the holidays, aFOOT, don’t let tired, achy feet slow down your Christmas shopping and office parties. Instead, get ready to be comfortable with Shoe Bubble micro-size orthotics by Soul Insole. The soft memory gel adds alignment and arch support to reduce foot pain and other ailments, including Plantar Fasciitis, Morton’s Neuroma, Metatarsalgia, heel pain, over-pronation, and more. These award-winning washable and reusable gel pads are made of a nonporous medical-grade gel that will not cause odor.

In addition, the self-sticking insoles make for easy application and compatibility with all types of shoes, including dress shoes, heels, flats, flip-flops, and running shoes! With these insoles, there is no need to buy bigger shoes; they will fit into any shoe without cramping your feet. So get the relief you need during the holidays with these super comfortable memory gel orthotics from Soul Insole. The perfect gift for yourself or a friend who is always on the go. You can stay healthy from your head to your toes!

Shoe Bubble Original -micro size Orthotic
Soul Insole | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube


Tis’ The Season To Stay Healthy With Supplements And Self Care

Whether it be blisters from outdoor adventures or a sick day inside, MEDAGEL has a few stocking stuffers that will leave your family feeling their best so they can stay healthy.

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NEXGEL’s MEDAGEL ClearComfort Hydrogel Patch is great for running sneakers and high-end footwear alike. These patches prevent and treat foot blisters by insulating the skin from friction caused by rubbing and chafing in shoes. The dynamic ClearComfort Patches are available in a variety of shapes, including a customizable sheet
that can be cut to create a perfect fit for specific shoe needs.

NEXGEL’s MEDAGEL Migraine Relief Patch is designed to pull heat away from the body for instant cooling relief from painful migraines, hormonal headaches, and fevers; and it’s 90% water! Unlike your OTC cold compress or ice pack, there is no watery mess to clean, just a natural product used to ease the
discomfort. They are also drug-free, safe to use while taking medications and, since there is no menthol in the product, there is no strong odor or burning sensation to accompany symptoms.

Finally, NEXGEL’s MEDAGEL FeverCool Patches provide instant cooling relief against fever. These can be placed on the forehead, chest, back of the neck, or any hotspot on the body to help reduce the body’s temperature. Better yet, they won’t fall off if you move.

MEDAGEL ClearComfort Hydrogel Patch | MEDAGEL Migraine Relief Patch | MEDAGEL FeverCool Patch
Medagel | Facebook


Do you want to smell like a heavenly garden? Of course, you do! This soap bar is just the thing for you! It combines the emollient properties of evening primrose oil with the antioxidant qualities of raspberry leaf. Your skin will not only feel clean, but soft and hydrated, too! It’s light, lovely, and luxurious. Get one for you (and maybe a friend, too)!

Evening Primrose & Raspberry Soap Bar
VOLVERde | Facebook | Instagram


Tis’ The Season To Stay Healthy With Supplements And Self Care

With so many fragrances everywhere you turn, especially over the holidays, it’s nice to have a simple clean toner that you will feel instead of smell. This gentle toner improves skin quality leaving it purified, balanced, and fresh. Incredibly versatile, it can even be used in a wide range of other DIY skincare practices too!

Natural Remedies Witch Hazel
Thayers | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest

Stay healthy this holiday season with supplements and self-care. Give gifts to yourself, family, and friends that focus on health and well-being for the upcoming year. Show your loved ones they mean the world to you with gifts that help them stay healthy in the year to come.

Photo Credits: Pexels, Unsplash, and Pixabay.

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Tis’ The Season To Stay Healthy With Supplements And Self Care



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