12 Scrumptious Thanksgiving Desserts for Kids That Bring Delicious Joy to the Holiday

Thanksgiving desserts for kids can be enjoyed by the entire family, not just the little ones. There’s something special about miniature desserts and cute desserts that elevate the celebration of family and friends. Photo-worthy sweet treats add joy to the holidays. Tasty Thanksgiving desserts can be made in the shape of turkeys and Pilgrim hats. Cakes and pies can be baked into single-servings, which makes them perfect for Thanksgiving buffets, not just the kiddos.

Specialty Cupcakes and Pies Make Great Thanksgiving Desserts for Kids

12 Scrumptious Thanksgiving Desserts For Kids That Bring Delicious Joy To The Holiday

Ensure that the dessert table is filled with scrumptious Thanksgiving desserts for kids like Turkey Cupcakes, Mini Pumpkin Pies, Mini Pecan Pies, and Pumpkin Roll. For the kiddos, Thanksgiving dinner is not about turkey, mashed potatoes, yams, and green bean casserole. It’s about fun, sweet desserts.

Turkey Cupcakes

What better way to decorate the dessert table and make the kiddos happy than to have a flock of Turkey Cupcakes tucked between pumpkin pies, apple pies, and chocolate cream pies? The Little Sunny Kitchen gives you a homemade recipe for chocolate cupcakes with instructions on how to transform them into adorable, little gobblers. The Turkey Cupcakes take shape with candy corn tail feathers and mini Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups for the head.

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Frugal Mom Eh! gives you an alternative method to Thanksgiving Turkey Cupcakes using premade cupcakes, Hershey Kisses for the turkey head, and Reese’s Pieces for the tail feathers. Decorating the Turkey Cupcakes is a fun family activity for your kids, as well as your nieces and nephews.

Mini Pies

Thanksgiving just isn’t Thanksgiving without pumpkin pie. Right? Right. But, children sometimes do not care for traditional pumpkin pie, but they are sure to love the creamy Effortless Mini-Pumpkin Pies made with yogurt by Artsy Momma. Mix the simple ingredients and drop the sweet, creamy filling into a Keebler Mini Graham Cracker Crust.

Mini Pecan Pies can be made ahead of time, which makes them ideal Thanksgiving desserts for kids, and busy moms! The sweet recipe can be doubled so you can make plenty of Mini Pecan Pies for a large family Thanksgiving. The recipe by Danielle at Live Well Bake Often will make you a dessert chef this Thanksgiving.

Pumpkin Roll

12 Scrumptious Thanksgiving Desserts For Kids That Bring Delicious Joy To The Holiday
Libby’s® Pumpkin Roll

If you have never made a Pumpkin Roll, this is the year to do so. Pumpkin Rolls are a great Thanksgiving dessert for kids that are sure to impress. And, it really is easier than you think. Libby’s® Pumpkin Roll is a tried and true recipe. You make a soft pumpkin cake with a homemade cream cheese filling rolled up into the middle. Simply put – Yummy!

12 Scrumptious Thanksgiving Desserts For Kids That Bring Delicious Joy To The Holiday
Ahead of Thyme

Pumpkin Bundt Cake by Ahead of Thyme with cream cheese frosting and nuts is another delicious option for Thanksgiving desserts for kids. The fun bundt cake encourages those who have never tried pumpkin cake to give it a whirl. The sweet cream cheese frosting compliments the soft cake perfectly.

Cookies Make The Perfect Thanksgiving Desserts for Kids

Everyone loves cookies. And, on Thanksgiving Day, cookies are perfect before dinner snacks to steal from the dessert table for children of all ages. It’s not like cutting into a pie that will surely be noticed. Just be sure that the cookie pile is nice and big!

Turkey Cookies

Children in preschool and/or kindergarten make hand-print turkey decorations. Have you made Turkey Hand-Print Cookies? Stephanie from Somewhat Simple walks you through tracing your children’s hands-on card stock and then onto sugar cookie dough. The result is simply delicious artwork that can be used as cute Thanksgiving desserts for kids or as place cards for everyone.

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Easy Turkey Sugar Cookies make delightful Thanksgiving desserts for kids. The homemade sugar cookie recipe by Melissa at Fireflies and Mudpies makes a mouthwatering base for the friendly little turkey cookies. Candy eyes provide the crunch and candy corns create the dancing turkey tail feathers.

Cookie Pizza

12 Scrumptious Thanksgiving Desserts For Kids That Bring Delicious Joy To The Holiday
Savvy Saving Couple

Thanksgiving desserts for kids should be delicious and fun. The Savvy Saving Couple offers up an amazing Chocolate Chip Cookie Pizza Recipe. Instead of cheese, pepperoni, and mushrooms, this dessert pizza is topped with chocolate chips, peanuts, malt balls, and crumbled candy bars. Candy-topped Chocolate Chip Cookie Pizza will be the life of your Thanksgiving dessert table.

No-Bake Thanksgiving Desserts for Kids are the Best

Perhaps, you had to work right up until the day before Thanksgiving. No need to worry. There are plenty of easy dessert recipes for kids that do not even have to be baked. That way you can use the oven for the turkey and the sweet potatoes.

Cornucopia Thanksgiving Cookies take no time at all but will dazzle kids of all ages when it comes time for dessert. The Cornucopia Thanksgiving Cookies by Chelsea’s Messy Apron are made by connecting Golden Oreos, Bugles, and miniature M&M’s. The adorable Cornucopia Cookies are made as simple as that.

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The adorable Pilgrim Hats Cookies are so easy to make. The inexpensive, fun recipe can be found at Desserts on a Dime. They are made from an upside-down fudge-striped cookie and a miniature peanut butter cup. Your guests, young and old will love the themed Thanksgiving no-bake treat.

12 Scrumptious Thanksgiving Desserts For Kids That Bring Delicious Joy To The Holiday

If you are looking for non-chocolate desserts or fun healthy Thanksgiving desserts for kids, you might want to make a Fruit Turkey. You can make fruit kabobs and arrange them around half of a pear. Tami from Nutmeg Notebook gives you tips for the cute face and feet, as well as what fruit to use for this bright and delicious healthy dessert.

Thanksgiving desserts for kids add smiles to the celebration. Sweet treats shared with family and friends make the day brighter as you share laughs and gratitude.

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Photo Credits: Pexels, Unsplash, and Pixabay.

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12 Scrumptious Thanksgiving Desserts For Kids That Bring Delicious Joy To The Holiday



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