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Your child has learned to love their Elf on a Shelf friend over the past month or so. It has almost become a part of the family, so instead of leaving your children with a sense of doom as the Elf “reports” back to Santa if they’ve been naughty or nice, choose to start a new fun tradition every Christmas Eve – the elf gift.

The family “Scout Elf” has scurried back to the North Pole the morning of Christmas Eve to tell Santa all about the behavior that has occurred under its adorable watchful eyes over the past month. To some children, having this elf gone may be a relief. But to others, it seems as if part of the Christmas family may have just left. That’s why we love this fun Christmas Eve tradition of the Elf Gift for kids. It can be customizable with many different options to suit your family’s or children’s needs, but here are some of the classic staples to include in your elf’s present to your children:

  • Christmas Pajamas: What kid doesn’t love getting a new set of jammies, and what parent doesn’t adore seeing a kid dressed up in festive bedtime clothing. We love these PJ’s from Garnet Hill, because they are precious, and amazing high quality. They are eco-friendly Green Cotton, and they really kept kids’ comfort in mind when they designed certain key things like the no-itch label, and the comfortable two piece options for both boys and girls.

Wrap all your selected items up into a pretty package, and gift them to your children on Christmas Eve. Don’t forget to have a pajama fashion show, and photo shoot, to look back on for years to come! Not only is it a fun yearly tradition, but it’s a family activity in a box. Snuggle down in front of your fireplace and color some pages in a coloring book while sipping hot cocoa and watching a movie as a family. Isn’t that what Christmas is all about? Your “elf” is giving the gift of togetherness, and that’s a tradition that stands the test of time, and will turn into a holiday favorite by all, kids and adults.

Are you loving the pajamas and slippers featured in this post? Well, so do we! Garnet Hill has tons of different options of long john Christmas pajamas, as well as whimsical wool slippers that come in many different character options, from mermaids to cartoon monsters! Slippers are also available in a variety of sizes from baby to youth.

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