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Having the perfect pair of sunnies is all the rage these days, and ranks right up there in importance with a handbag, for many people. However, is your penchant for wearing fab sunglasses damaging your eyes, unknowingly? Read on to learn how to be both stylish and practical in your sunglasses decisions.

Why choose polarized lenses?

Regular sunglass lenses (even brand name) are just colored glass or plastic, and do nothing to block out glare. The tint reduces the amount of light seen normally but does nothing to block light coming from different directions.

Polarized sunglasses are held to the same quality level as prescription sunglasses. The lens acts as a filter, and only allows pertinent light to reach your eye, because it blocks out the glare coming from all the different directions. Colors appear more natural, and scenery (especially water) appears crisp and unscathed in polarized lenses.

Having unlimited amounts of light hitting your retinas is not healthy, and you should strive to find styles that are appealing, while also providing maximum UV protection. Don’t throw in the beach towel on style though; the below list will open your eyes to a bunch of styles that are available with polarized lenses.

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Cat-eye Style:

We love the retro-inspired cat eye style, and how flattering of a shape it is on most faces. Check out this polarized brand from Ralph Lauren priced at $85.

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Aviator Style:

Do you think you have what it takes to pull off a chic pair of aviator glasses? We love how they give a fun attitude to even the most casual outfit, and these polarized aviators from Body Glove can be purchased for $25.75!

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Oval Style:

Are you of the mindset that “bigger is better” when it comes to sunglasses? If so, you will adore these polarized sunglasses from Kate Spade. They can be purchased for $97.

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Classic 80’s Style:

In case you haven’t seen the neon colors trending this season, the looks of the 80’s are being reborn! Channel your inner material girl with this radical pair of polarized sunglasses from Style Vault. You can stock up, because they are only $7!

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Sporty Style:

Are you the sporty, outdoors type, looking for a perfect pair of sunglasses to keep up with your active lifestyle? Consider this wrap-around type, as it has tons of UV protection built in simply from the design alone. We are loving this polarized sporty look from Suncloud, and they can be purchased for $35-$45.

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Take your new pair of polarized sunglasses to the beach, or local outdoor pool this summer, and notice what a huge difference they make! We promise you’ll never look through regular sunglasses the same.

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