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Castleware pajamas are beautiful and simple pieces your child will enjoy for everyday use. More important than anything else, Castleware pajamas are made of 100% organic cotton. You will know your little one is safe from the toxic chemicals found in conventional pajamas, which are sprayed with flame retardants. Your baby will notice how comfortable they are when sleeping, or during a lazy day spent in pjs.

Contrasting Colors

The simple contrasting colors between the cuffs and body are enough design to be adorable, but not distracting. The natural color featured on all of the Castleware pajamas is dye free and will look beautiful against your little one’s skin. This also makes the long johns perfect for mixing and matching with other Castleware products or clothes from your baby’s wardrobe.

A Fit Made To Last

Organic pajamas usually run extremely small and tight because they are not flame retardant. This means you are getting less use out of these typically expensive items. Castleware has designed a fit that is perfect for the ever-growing child without being baggy.

Looking for more organic cotton pajama options? Take a look at Trendsetting Sleepwear by Skylar Luna.

The footie pajamas have elastic around the ankles and waist to keep the legs and feet in place so your child can safely explore. And, while your little one is exploring you want to ensure they won’t be slipping every couple of steps. This is where the non-slip leather footie bottoms are priceless. These leather bottoms will stand the test of your toddler and still hold strong when they are handed down to the next child. The quality construction and roomy footie give your child plenty of room for growth and comfort.

Another great feature of the footie pajamas is the zipper closing that opens from the bottom. This makes middle of the night diaper changes quick and easy without having to expose your baby’s entire torso. Also, this prevents the zipper from irritating baby’s chin in their sleep.


Castleware also offers an extensive line of accessories to make mixing and matching between these pieces even more fun. Choose from slippers, hats, bibs, blankets, and more. All of these products are made from the same 100% organic cotton.

Castleware also makes a great sleep sack for toddlers. This is a great product for babies who are not willing to give up the sleep sack they are outgrowing. This sack has two leg openings so your mover can continue to jump around freely.

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