12 Must Haves When It Comes To The Best Pet Gear For Your Furry Friends This Summer

New pet gear lets you spoil your canine friend. Your pup gives you unconditional love at all times of the day no matter what. New pet gear and specialty treats are an excellent way to show your favorite fur ball how much you love him. Updating your pet gear makes life with pets easier. And, of course, your pup will love to try delicious new treats.

Nearly 70 percent of American households have a pet ranging from dogs, cats, and hamsters to snakes and fish. According to the American Pet Products Association’s survey among the 70 percent of households that own a pet, 69 million own a dog, and 45.3 million own a cat. Dogs win! Let’s make life beautiful with these excellent pet gear options and delicious treats!

City Loo

For those who live in the city, in a condo, or in an apartment, the best pet gear is the City Loo. That’s right an indoor pet potty for your canine friend. Sometimes nighttime walks, and convenient grassy pit stops might not be an option. The stylish City Loo lets your dog (or cat) do his business right inside your home. No need to keep unsightly doggie pee pads laying out for your pup to piddle here and there. The City Loo provides an upscale place for your dog to answer nature’s call any time of day or night.

The City Loo Starter Set Chic Dog Potty Set comes in black or white so it blends into your home decor. Your pet’s needs can be taken care of hassle-free. Your pet’s potty area can be discreet, sanitary, and safe for you and your pet. The City Loo, designed for pets 20 pounds or less, is made of medium-density fiberboard, clear acrylic walls, and stainless steel hinges for the clear acrylic lid.

You can leave either end of the City Loo open, whichever makes a more convenient doggie door for your home decor. The City Loo door is 10 by 14 by 16 inches. The City Loo itself is 21 by 29.25 by 21.25 inches. The acrylic top opens so you can remove the “doo” from the City Loo Artificial Grass Pads that rest on the Custom-Kit Odor Absorbing Tray. The City Loo also comes with 50 Potty Pads, which can be placed under the Artificial Grass for extra absorption.

The City Loo is the modern way for your pet to potty. Your pet will love that he has his own personal spot to do his business when he needs some alone time. It’s the pet gear you did not know you needed! You can even place the City Loo outside on a covered balcony or take it on a boat. The posh pet potty will be ready where ever your posh pet needs to go. Although it was designed for dogs, a litter box can be placed inside for cats. Your cat will feel regal using the City Loo, too!

City Loo Starter Kit – Chic Dog Potty Set
City Loo | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest

Natural Farm

The 12-Inch Bully Sticks will be your furry friend’s new favorite healthy dog chew treat. Bully Sticks are made of 100-percent Brazilian Beef Pizzle. They are preservative-free, chemical-free, hormone-free, and grain free. The long-lasting, delicious chew sticks support dental health and provide amino acids for a shiny coat, strong body, and sharp mind.

Not only do the 12-inch, Bully Coated Gourmet Collagen Sticks taste delicious, but they also provide numerous health benefits for your canine friend. The Gourmet Collagen Sticks, made of 95 percent collagen and premium quality beef, are dipped in an all-natural stew of beef and water giving the long-lasting chewing experience even more flavor. In addition, they provide amino acids for brain health, bone density, a healthy coat, and joint support.

Looking for a unique, nutritious treat for your pups? Try Natural Farm’s Pig Ears or Chicken Feet. The Pig Ear Treats for Dogs give your pups a long-lasting crunchy treat. The tasty treat is a source of protein without additives or hormones. Natural Farms dog treats are made with ethically raised proteins in their own human-grade facility. Even the package the dog treats come in is certified Green Packaging made with 51 percent recyclable sugar cane.

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Nail-free Chicken Feet for Dogs is a one-of-a-kind treat for your pups. The all-natural chicken feet are a great source of glucosamine and chondroitin, which is good for healthy gums, teeth, and joints. The crunchy treat works away plaque on your canine’s teeth. Natural Farms cares not only about you, your dogs, and your family, but the world, by planting a tree with every purchase in addition to using all-natural ingredients and recyclable packaging.

Bully Sticks – 12 Inch | Bully Coated Gourmet Collagen Sticks – 12 Inch | Pig Ear Treats for Dogs | Chicken Feet for Dogs
Natural Farm | Facebook | Instagram | Youtube |

Lord Jameson

Treat your furry friend with Lord Jameson dog treats made with holistic, organic, human-grade ingredients. The Super Food Bites for Big Dogs Collection includes Blue Bliss Large Breed Organic Dog Treats, Celebration Bash Large Breed Organic Dog Treats, and Savory Sweet Large Breed Organic Dog Treats. Reward your canine friend when hiking, running, swimming, or training with everyday gluten-free, healthy treats.

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The Blue Bliss Dog Treats are made with naturally grown wild organic blueberries, coconut, organic gluten-free oats, and peanut butter. The chewy treats give your canine friend a “reason to smile” as he enjoys Celebration Bash Treats, which are perfect for pre-and post-workout. They are made with coconut, organic oats, turmeric, beets, peanut butter, and dates. But perhaps, your pup’s favorite is sweet potatoes. If so, give him the Savory Sweet treats, made from sweet potatoes, carrots, and cinnamon.

Lord Jameson’s Coconut Kisses are the perfect way to show your canine friend some love. The coconut and peanut butter treats, made in Colorado, will have your dog wagging his tail for more. Lord Jameson’s Coconut Kisses are a perfect gift for the dog lover’s bestie in your life.

The Everyday Calm organic dog treats promote dog wellness. The delicious doggie snacks are made with oats, peanut butter, honey, and chamomile. Just like you enjoy a cup of chamomile tea after a long day, your pup will enjoy the Everyday Calm organic dog treats.

Large Breed Collection | Coconut Kisses | Everyday Calm Organic Dog Treats
Lord Jameson | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest

Fetch the Sun

Beach-loving, dog lovers can wear the cutest matching T-shirts this spring with their dog! The uber-soft, “No Ruff Waves Women’s Surf Tee in Charcoal” is perfect for a walk on the beach. Of course, you cannot pass up the opportunity to dress like your canine best friend. Can you?

The “No Ruff Waves Dog Shirt in Charcoal” is the perfect pet gear designed just for your pup. The snaps along the sides make it easy to slip dog paws right inside. Or, the Dog Shirt can slip on over your pup’s head like a regular shirt, too. The preshrunk, tag-less, crew neck Fetch the Sun T-shirts are made of 90 percent organic cotton and 10 percent recycled polyester. Fetch the Sun donates to animal shelters with every shirt purchased. (Fetch the Sun offers T-shirts for men to match their canine friends, too.)

No Ruff Waves Women’s Surf Tee in Charcoal | No Ruff Waves Dog Shirt in Charcoal
Fetch the Sun | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube |

Neater Pets

12 Must Haves When It Comes To The Best Pet Gear For Your Furry Friends This Summer

Having the right pet gear will keep your home – and furry friends – a little cleaner with this unique feeder! This product has special walls that act as splash guards. With a sloped design and filtration system, food will get less soggy and floors will get less wet. There will be less mess and less waste. Plus, as an elevated feeder, your pet will also have better digestion and less joint pain. With a variety of colors and height adjustments, this product will fit any home and any pet! Both bowls are dishwasher-safe.

DELUXE Neater Feeder for Dogs
Neater Pets | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest | Youtube

West & Willow

12 Must Haves When It Comes To The Best Pet Gear For Your Furry Friends This Summer

Sometimes the pet gear you need and want is simply for you to celebrate your pets. The Pet Portrait Greeting Cards from West & Willow let you make unique, custom greeting cards for birthdays, thank you notes, holidays, or “just because.” When you upload your pet photo to West & Willow, talented digital artists create a stylized, one-of-a-kind piece of artwork just for you using a manual and technical design process.

The result is a stunning piece of artwork (worthy of framing) but designed to give to friends and loved ones in a greeting card! You can upload a photo of one pet or multiple pets. Your West & Willow personal pet artwork can be printed on mugs, blankets, canvas, phone cases, and more.

Pet Portrait Greeting Cards
West & Willow | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest

Bark Brite

Bark Brite All-Season Neoprene Dog Booties protect your canine friend’s tender paws in cold weather and in hot climates. The lightweight, neoprene paw protector booties fit the natural paw shape. They do not inhibit natural dog movements. Bark Brite Booties are dog-tested and dog-approved. They let owners take their canine friends on adventures like hiking, hunting, and swimming. The Bark Brite booties give pups traction assistance. It’s important to have the right outdoor gear for you when hiking, hunting, and swimming, and it’s important to have the right pet gear for your dog, too.

The booties are water-resistant and puncture resistant, too. The booties secure easily with two elastic reflective straps for 360-degree visibility. The booties come in five sizes, so all dogs can enjoy the comfortable, paw protection from Bark Brite. In addition, the stylish booties do look adorable in turquoise, black, and multicolor so your dogs can wear Bark Brite boots that fit their personalities.

All-Season Neoprene Dog Boots
Bark Brite | Facebook | Instagram


Take your family and furry best friend on a summer road trip, and remember to pick up some new pet gear from Rubyloo. Dog owners started this U.S.-based business to provide pet owners with a variety of gear, such as doggy bags, leashes, collars, and pet first aid kits. This company also helps rescues find their forever homes. A portion of the profits goes to provide the rescue partners with the financial help and product donations they need most.

The Original Doggy Bag™ has a removable divider and multiple pockets to organize your dog’s essentials for your next beach, camping, hiking, or overnight road trip, making it a must-have for every dog owner! This portable bag has high-quality zippers, water-resistant fabric, two large travel dog bowls with carabiners, and two insulated dog food travel containers with leak-proof lining.  One of the best features is the poop bag dispenser, so you don’t have to deal with messy situations again!

If you are not planning to drive across the country, this awesome doggy bag is airline-approved and features a handy suitcase sleeve. The premium padded straps and generous storage make it easy to take anywhere, whether traveling by car or plane. Thanks to the compact Original Doggy Bag, take your best friend with you on the road without worrying about leaving anything behind.

Rubyloo Dog Travel Bag
Rubyloo| Facebook | Instagram | TikTok | Youtube

Paw Power

Your furry friend will love the all-natural Dawg Butter and Lick Mat Bundle. The Original Dawg Butter is made with roasted, non-GMO unsalted peanuts and all-natural honey. That’s it, just simple, healthy, safe ingredients for your pup.

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Many human peanut butter brands include sugar, hydrogenated oils, salt, and more. Dawg Butter is xylitol-free and gluten-free. You can be certain Dawg Butter is safe for your best friend. It makes a great treat right from the spoon, or to give medicine. And, dogs love the challenge of licking Dawg Butter from a toy or a Lick Mat.

12 Must Haves When It Comes To The Best Pet Gear For Your Furry Friends This Summer

Paw Power also makes Dawg Butter for Hips and Joints. The Dawg Butter for Hips and Joints is made with roasted, non-GMO unsalted peanuts and all-natural honey, as well as glucosamine, chondroitin, turmeric, and MSM to help strengthen your pet’s hip and joints. It comes in cranberry and blueberry. A portion of every Dawg Butter purchase is donated to help rescue dogs.

The Dawg Butter + Lick Mat Bundle | Dawg Butter Berry Flexible for Hips & Joints
Paw Power Nutrition | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest


Are you looking to keep your furry best friend comfortable and hydrated during your daily walks? The best way to keep your dog hydrated is the award-winning attachment Spleash®! This innoative pet gear attaches to any leash and transforms into a water reservoir and bowl that quenches your dog’s thirst wherever you go. Spleash holds up to 12 oz of fresh drinking water, so you can quickly refresh your pet with just a finger squeeze without carrying anything else.

Another great feature of the Spleash is its 14-foot spray distance which provides a great defense against off-leash animals that might be threatening. Whenever you take your dog on long walks or hikes, make sure you always have a Spleash® attached to the leash!

Spleash® | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | TikTok


If you’re thinking about getting a new puppy, make sure you’re prepared with the right pet gear. Puppies are often trained using expensive disposable pee pads, which can leak and leave a funky smell. With Pupiboo’s reusable and washable dog pads, you won’t have to worry about leaks or odors. This non-slip mat has thick washable layers that will hold plenty of liquid to prevent spills and are coated in a waterproof TPU coating that makes it durable.

In addition, the non-toxic pads can go in the dryer or air dry and are available in several designs to match your decor. You can train your sweet puppy quickly and easily with these pads. Using Pupiboo, you can provide your puppy with a safe, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly pet care solution that’s gentle on them and safe for the planet.

Washable Pee Pads


Increase your pet gear with new durable toys for your canine friend. Share your love for donuts with your pup at playtime with the Doughboy Donut. Like all P.L.A.Y toys, the durable, squeak toy boasts hand-made craftsmanship. It features a double-layer exterior and reinforced stitching so you can play tug and fetch. The filling is made of eco-friendly PlanetFill® – 100 percent post-consumer certified safe recycled plastic bottles. The Doughboy Donut is part of P.L.A.Y.’s Pup Cup Café Plush Toy Collection, which includes a variety of adorable coffee-themed toys.

The Love Bug Toy Collection lets you send your canine friend or the dog lover in your life a “love letter.” The set includes an adorable “I Ruv You” letter with a supersized squeaker inside. The rectangle letter that tucks into the envelope is a unique toy shape for your pup. The collection also includes a Heart and Key toy that crinkles and squeaks, as well as giant lips that are perfect for playing catch inside the house!

Pup Cup Cafe Collection | Love Bug Collection
P.L.A.Y | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest

Pet Gear from the chic City Loo to new toys makes life easier and more fun with your canine family member. Treating your dog to gourmet, organic treats is a great way to show her some love. New dog owners and long-time dog owners agree, there is just nothing like that unconditional love from your tail-wagging best friend. Splurging on new pet gear for you and your pup simply makes life more fun.

Sources: American Pet Products Association.

Photo Credits: Pexels.

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12 Must Haves When It Comes To The Best Pet Gear For Your Furry Friends This Summer



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