The Ultimate Guide to Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Every Kind of Dad

Father’s Day gift ideas need to be as unique, varied, and original as the men in our lives. Whether you call him dad, daddy, papa, grandpa, or pops, the dads, granddads, stepdads, and father figures in our lives deserve credit for all they do. From working long hours to support the family to coaching sports on the weekends to the nightly wrestling matches that delay bedtime, the fathers out there who show us every day how much they love and care for us deserve only the best in Father’s Day gifts this year. If your dad is a fitness-loving father who spends the early am at the gym, a professional pops who preps for his daily day at the office, or a home improvement guru who spends his time sprucing up his family’s space, this gift guide has something for him.

Check out all of these awesome Father’s Day gift ideas we know he will love, appreciate, and (actually) use this year!

Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Every Dad


The Ultimate Guide To Father’S Day Gift Ideas For Every Kind Of Dad

For the dad that works hard all year long, puts his family first, and continues to be a rock for his family, surprise him with a big-ticket gift like an Echelon fitness bike that will have him feeling the love every time he uses it. A workout bike is so much more than just a piece of fitness equipment, it is the ultimate Father’s Day gift idea.

For many dads, their physical fitness is not a priority as they navigate through a busy work life and home life. Taking time to regularly hit the gym or do a home workout doesn’t happen as much as they would like, leaving their physical and mental health to suffer. This Father’s Day, bring the gym to him with one of the many options for at-home fitness designed by Echelon.

The Echelon EX-5s delivers an immersive, studio-quality fitness experience with an HD touchscreen display from the comfort of your home on your terms. Whether you want to get a ride in before work or wait until the kids go to bed to have some time on your bike, Echelon is always there! Compete on the Leaderboard and reach your fitness goals with 24/7 access to live and on-demand classes led by world-class instructors. Echelon has created a higher standard in connected fitness and this bike is a prime example of thoughtful design and innovation and dad will love this new mossy oak print!

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The premium features of the Echelon Connect Bike EX-5s include:

  • HD Touchscreen Display: Available in 22” Class and 10” Class
  • Elevated Bullhorn Handlebars with Elbow Rests
  • (2) Large Bottle Holders Below the Handlebars for Easy Access
  • Screen Flips 180° for Off-Equipment Cross-Training
  • Dual-Sided SPD Compatible Pedals with Toe Cages
  • Adjustable Seat and Handlebars: Height and Depth (Up/Down and Fore/Aft)
  • Vented Competition-Style Seat
  • Live + On-Demand Classes Available 24/7
  • Motivating Instructors
  • Sleek design, competition-style features + 22” HD rotating screen
  • Two power ports to charge your phone or tablet while working out.
  • Indexing resistance knob controlling 32 levels of silent magnetic resistance lets you vary your workout intensity
  • 6” lever makes it easy to adjust the seat position to fit any body
  • Fully adjustable toe cages on the pedals for a secure fit
  • Extra-large cushioned seat offers comfortable riding
  • Powder-coat, scratch-resistant frame
  • Slip-resistant padded handlebars

Although this may be a Father’s Day gift, moms will benefit from this in-home piece of workout equipment that will help her reach her fitness goals as well. The busy lives of parents should not mean their health should be sacrificed. Being able to hop on a bike and workout for even 15 minutes will help improve your overall well-being. If you are lucky enough to have a dedicated room for a home gym, this bike will be a great addition to your equipment. If a home gym is not an option, the Echelon bike’s slim design allows for flexibility in location and won’t take up too much space in a garage, spare room, or even an office.

Echelon Connect Bike EX-5s
Echelon | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube


The Ultimate Guide To Father’S Day Gift Ideas For Every Kind Of Dad

Storm season is just around the corner! Are you prepared? All it takes is one storm to knock the power out for days. Just imagine sitting in the dark, worried your food is going to spoil or worse! Having to endure a power outage without coffee! Fortunately, Generark has exactly what you need: the HomePower Solar Generator. And, it can be charged using either the SolarPower One solar panel or the AC unit in your car.

The Generark HomePower Solar Generator is the most versatile, portable home generator on the market! It has multiple outlets for a wide variety of devices including cell phones, kitchen appliances, and medical equipment. Generark provides a chart with estimates on how long the generator can power certain devices.

Family members requiring CPAP machines will sleep easy for up to a week thanks to the Generark HomePower Solar Generator. Power a refrigerator for anywhere from 5-14 hours. Power the coffee maker for up to four days. And the best part is the generator can be recharged using the provided solar panels.

The Ultimate Guide To Father’S Day Gift Ideas For Every Kind Of Dad

When it comes to Father’s Day gift ideas, don’t be left in the dark! Get the Generark HomePower Solar Generator today so you’ll be prepared tomorrow.

Generark’s HomePower Solar Generator
Generark | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | YouTube | TikTok


The Ultimate Guide To Father’S Day Gift Ideas For Every Kind Of Dad

This Father’s Day gift the father in your life a practical, time-saving device with Ecovacs. They have an innovative all-in-one cleaning device that vacuums and mops your home – no programming necessary. With summer here and the desire to be outside and in the pool, Dad doesn’t want to facilitate the cleaning chores, he wants to have fun in the sun with the kids!! That’s when the Ecovacs Deebot T10 Plus does the tedious housework for everyone so Dad can spend more time throwing a football with the kids making it one of the very best Father’s Day gift ideas.

This high-powered device is equipped with an object avoidance system that swiftly detects and avoids objects on the floor and carpet when mopping. The mopping is crafted to efficiently clean hard and uneven surfaces while the unit receives a boost of power when vacuuming the carpet. No dust, dirt, or fallen crumbs of food are safe from the efficiency of the Ecovacs Deebot T10 Plus! 

While it cleans, the Ecovacs Deebot T10 Plus has a built-in air freshener to leave your home looking and smelling cleaner whenever it gets to work. Get rid of pet, dirt, and sweaty kid odors on top of the inevitability of a messy home. The Ecovacs Deebot T10 Plus uses laser-based technology to swiftly map out and plot the best and fastest cleaning paths. 

Thanks to the quick mapping and high-definition camera, you can see what your Ecovacs Deebot T10 Plus sees and monitor even when you are not home. Control your device from anywhere with the app and spend more time with your family.

Enjoy a cleaner, fresher-smelling home without sacrificing cleaning time with the ones you love most while the Ecovacs Deebot T10 Plus does all the dirty work. 

Ecovacs Deebot T10 Plus
Ecovacs | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube

Dooney & Bourke

The Ultimate Guide To Father’S Day Gift Ideas For Every Kind Of Dad

All dads need to carry their gear to and from work, whether he’s a professional with a laptop or a contractor with a toolbag, dads need quality bags to carry their gear. Dooney & Bourke is here with the best messenger bags, travel bags, and all leather gear for men topping our list of Father’s Day gift ideas.

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This Father’s Day gift your professional pops a bag that will get him to and from the office every day in style. Crafted of only the highest quality leather, the Florentine Hunter Messenger bag is a perfect choice. This modern briefcase has all the space he needs, with the added bonus of soft, supple leather that will last a lifetime. With a timeless style, Florentine leather, matte gold buckles, and an adjustable/removable long shoulder strap, the Florentine Hunter Messenger bag will keep dad and his essentials looking oh so stylish and classy from the boardroom to the courtroom and everywhere in between.

The Ultimate Guide To Father’S Day Gift Ideas For Every Kind Of Dad

With a padded laptop compartment, interior zippered pocket, additional multifunctional pockets, and front snap/flap closures, this handsome bag is the perfect work bag/briefcase to add to your list of Father’s Day gift ideas.

Florentine Hunter Messenger Bag
Dooney & Bourke | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest


The Ultimate Guide To Father’S Day Gift Ideas For Every Kind Of Dad

After a night of sleeping under the stars, the last thing you want to wake up to is a cooler filled with warm water. Or worse! A cooler that was invaded by rogue, furry creatures while you slept. The next time you go camping or fishing, don’t take any cooler with you. Take the ROLLR® 80 with you on your next outdoor adventure.

The ROLLR® 80 isn’t just any cooler. It’s the GOAT of coolers! Ice in this cooler will stay frozen for up to ten days, keeping up to 120 cans of your favorite beverages frosty. Traveling long-distance to a barbecue or campsite? No problem. If using the DeepFreeze™ Dry Bin, the Roller® 80 can store 50-quarter pounds of hamburger meat and a full slab of ribs. It can also accommodate up to six bottles of your favorite spirits as well as a variety of fruits and veggies.

Rest easy knowing that the local four-legged creatures won’t be able to break into the ROLLR® 80 because it’s Certified Bear Resistant. It also includes all-terrain wheels. Travel with it over gravel, through sand, into the woods, and across small streams, as you make your way to Grandma’s log cabin. With the ROLLR® 80, there are no limits to how far you can go, especially since its tires are puncture-resistant! With 100% satisfaction guaranteed and a 5-year warranty, you have nothing to lose! Add the ROLLR® 80 to your cart today!

The Ultimate Guide To Father’S Day Gift Ideas For Every Kind Of Dad

Your ROLLR® 80 purchase isn’t complete unless you also get the Essentials Pack. And our favorite feature for each of these accessories is that they all attach to the sides of the ROLLR® 80.

The Ultimate Guide To Father’S Day Gift Ideas For Every Kind Of Dad

There’s a dual cupholder – perfect for holding either hot or cold beverages. You’ll never worry about knocking your drinks over again thanks to this cupholder.

Turn your cooler into a traveling countertop with the prep board! The extra workspace this prep board provides is perfect when you need to fix dinner outdoors. Whether you’re cutting up vegetables or skinning fish, you’ll love having it.

Don’t forget the stash bag! This accessory is our favorite! Stash your keys, pens, small flashlights, matches, medications, or more in this handy bag. Never worry about losing your precious items in tall grass or having to remember where you put them when you use the stash bag.

The Ultimate Guide To Father’S Day Gift Ideas For Every Kind Of Dad

Let ROVR help you bring the comforts of home with you wherever you go. For your next adventure be sure to bring the ROLLR® 80 and the Essentials Pack with you. They’re perfect for camping trips, fishing trips, picnics, and many other outdoor experiences making them one of the very best Father’s Day gift ideas.

ROLLR® 80 | Essentials Pack
Rovr | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | YouTube | Pinterest | TikTok | LinkedIn

Rev Toaster

The Ultimate Guide To Father’S Day Gift Ideas For Every Kind Of Dad

There’s nothing better than a slice of toast in the morning, especially when it’s slathered with creamy butter. The best part of toast: there are so many different types. Wheat toast, sourdough toast, gluten-free toast, waffles, and more. The problem is, that not all bread is made the same. Different types of bread will have different cooking times. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a toaster that could have the right cooking time for each? Awesome news! There is! The Revolution InstaGLO® R270 Toaster is just what your kitchen needs! Why? We’re so glad you asked.

With the Revolution InstaGLO® R270 Toaster, you can toast 34 types of bread  – including gluten-free. With so many different settings, you might be worried it’ll take forever for you to find your favorite. The masterminds at Revolution have that covered. The Revolution InstaGLO® R270 Toaster makes it easy for you to save your favorite settings when you make use of its customizable home menu. Our absolute favorite feature is the InstaGLO® technology. Toasting bread – whether it’s frozen or at room temperature – is fast and easy, making it ideal for busy households that are constantly rushing to get out the door.

Revolution InstaGLO® R270 Toaster
Revolution | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | YouTube | Pinterest


The Ultimate Guide To Father’S Day Gift Ideas For Every Kind Of Dad

Stop! Don’t give your favorite repair person one more to-do list until you give them what they need to get the job done! This summer, don’t just shop at any hardware store. Make Ryobi your one-stop shop to get all the tools your fix-it person needs. Ryobi has everything you’ll need to check off your DIY home project list and your list of Father’s Day gift ideas.

Can you name one project that doesn’t require a drill? If putting together a backyard playset, assembling a vertical garden, or installing a coat rack is on your list of summer projects, you’ll need the 18V ONE+ HP Brushless 1/2″ Drill/Driver Kit. Using Ryobi One+ technology, this cordless drill might be 30% smaller than other brands, but it delivers 400 pounds of torque and has a 24-clutch piston setting. What in the world does all of this mean? It means that this drill is easier to handle during use, allowing you to make precise holes wherever you need them.

The Ultimate Guide To Father’S Day Gift Ideas For Every Kind Of Dad

You’re in the garage working on a project. The LED battery gauge for your cordless batteries is low and you still have a ton of work you need to get done. Wouldn’t it be great if you could swap out those batteries with the batteries on your leaf blower, chainsaw, or even your Bluetooth speaker? Thanks to Ryobi and their Ryobi One+ technology, the batteries included with this cordless drill are interchangeable with the batteries used in any one of the 175 power tools within the Ryobi One+ system. You could always buy extra batteries, but wouldn’t it be more fun just to pick up a few other power tools? We sure did!

The Ultimate Guide To Father’S Day Gift Ideas For Every Kind Of Dad

If you’re taking this drill with you on the job, you’ll love this next feature! The 18V ONE+ HP Brushless 1/2″ Drill/Driver Kit comes with a handy tool bag. Keep all of the tools you need in one place so you get the job done wherever you need to.

Home improvement projects should never be dull or without entertainment. That’s why Ryobi developed the 18V ONE+ Speaker with Bluetooth Wireless Technology. This Bluetooth speaker has a range of 125 ft, promising you’ll never miss a beat when walking around the corner to grab a tool. With a 10-hour runtime, you’ll be able to work and jam to your favorite playlist all day long. And just like the 18V ONE+ HP Brushless 1/2″ Drill/Driver Kit, its batteries are interchangeable with other Ryobi One+ tools.

The Ultimate Guide To Father’S Day Gift Ideas For Every Kind Of Dad

It’s that time of year. The HOA inspectors are on the loose. What violations will they find when they spy on your house? A dirty fence? Crud-covered windows? If you’re worried about any of these things you need the 40V HP Brushless Whisper Series 1500 PSI 1.1GPM Cold Water Electric Pressure Washer by Ryobi? It’s ideal for small tasks around the home and so easy to use. Just connect it to your garden hose. No garden hose? No problem! The Brushless Whisper Series Cold Water Electric Pressure Washer can also use freshwater sources like a lake or pool using the 10ft siphon hose.

Thanks to the 40V batteries, you won’t need to fill a tank up with gas or go searching for extension cords. All you have to do is install the batteries, connect the hose, and press the “start” button. Best of all, because it’s part of Ryobi’s Whisper Series, you won’t have to worry about annoying the neighbors while you’re cleaning your patio furniture or recreational vehicles.

The Ultimate Guide To Father’S Day Gift Ideas For Every Kind Of Dad
The Ultimate Guide To Father’S Day Gift Ideas For Every Kind Of Dad

In addition to the siphon hose, the Brushless Whisper Series Cold Water Electric Pressure Washer also includes a 25ft hose, a 15º nozzle, a soap nozzle, and more. When you use the rapid charger included, your batteries will each charge in 60 minutes.

Keep your house and property off the HOA’s naughty list! Get everything you need to finish projects from drills to pressure washers from Ryobi. And when all the hard work is finished, use one of their Bluetooth speakers to entertain your neighbors at the next neighborhood barbecue.

18V ONE+ HP Brushless 1/2″ Drill/Driver | 18V ONE+ Speaker with Bluetooth Wireless Technology  | 40V HP Brushless Whisper Series 1500 PSI 1.1 GPM Cold Water Electric Pressure Washer
Ryobi | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest | YouTube | TikTok

Aqua Lily Pad

The Ultimate Guide To Father’S Day Gift Ideas For Every Kind Of Dad

This Father’s Day give dad the ultimate gift – an Aqua Lily Pad large enough for his whole crew! There is nothing more dad loves than spending time with the family, and with the Aqua Lily Pad there is no end to the fun in the sun for the entire family this season. Whether spending time at the lake or out on the boat, the Aqua Lily Pad offers a safe and fun space to lounge or play!

Designed for large families or groups, the Bullfrog Lily Pad is easy to simply unroll and play. This extra-large water raft accommodates up to 11 adults and 1980 pounds! Featuring 3 layer construction with a dense foam core, this mat allows you to sit, stand, run, jump and play all day in the water. And when you are ready to call it a day, simply roll up the Aqua Lily Pad and secure it with the included cinch straps for easy transport and storage. Summer fun will never be the same and with Aqua Lily Pad you can give dad the perfect Father’s Day gift – his own floating island!

BullFrog LilyPad 20′
Aqua Lily Pad | Facebook | Instagram | Youtube


The Ultimate Guide To Father’S Day Gift Ideas For Every Kind Of Dad

It’s true that dads love technology gifts, but what’s even better is when that technology is something he can use and appreciate every day while feeling confident that it will outperform other brands every single time. This Father’s Day, turn to Cobra for Dad’s tech gifts and see just why it’s winning awards across the board.

For the dad who is always on the go, he needs power that won’t kill his car battery or overheat after one use. The Pro 1500 Watt Power Inverter is powerful enough to give him all the juice he needs, whether he’s working on his hunting cabin or making a fresh pot of coffee. This power inverter features 1500 Watts of Modified Sine Wave power. What does that mean? He will be able to charge and power all his favorite electronics, devices, and appliances, as well as his family’s while feeling safe and confident that he’ll have power when he needs it.

The Ultimate Guide To Father’S Day Gift Ideas For Every Kind Of Dad

With four GFCI outlets, he can charge up to four devices or power small appliances without draining his battery. Additionally, he can fast-charge capable devices with the available USB-A and USB-C ports. Of course, safety comes first, so when considering power, there are certain safeguards that Cobra has kept in mind while designing the Pro 1500 Watt Power Inverter. Built-in protection for Over Temperature, Reverse Polarity, Over Voltage, Low Voltage Alarm, and Low Voltage Cutoff were put into place in this design keeping his family, himself, and his gear safe.

The Ultimate Guide To Father’S Day Gift Ideas For Every Kind Of Dad

Speaking of safety, the Cobra SC 400D is something we always dreamed of having but didn’t think possible until now. This 4K smart dash cam takes the pressure off when it comes to your family’s safety on long trips, or even around town. It provides a 360° view of your surroundings in crisp 4K so he will always feel confident and clear on his trips.

The Ultimate Guide To Father’S Day Gift Ideas For Every Kind Of Dad

With advanced tech and alerts from the Drive Smarter community, you can take full control over your drive and security. The 4K captures every detail of your drive and can cover every single angle with optional bundles. Other amazing features include red light and speed camera locations, police activity, and many more alerts that Dad can retrieve from the nationwide community of drivers who take control of their drive with Cobra.

The Ultimate Guide To Father’S Day Gift Ideas For Every Kind Of Dad

Additionally, this camera features a built-in Alexa app, cloud video management, and dual-band wifi, so you can start feeling safer straight out of the box. Dads everywhere can feel confident in their drive in crystal-clear 4K clarity with Cobra.

Cobra SC 400D | PRO 1500W
Cobra | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube


The Ultimate Guide To Father’S Day Gift Ideas For Every Kind Of Dad

If dad is a techie, then we have just the gift for him this Father’s Day. Xebec will take his computer time to an entirely new level.

The Xebec Tri-screen 2 will be a great addition to dad‘s tech gear arsenal. Whether Dad is multitasking at work, relaxing with video games and crossword puzzles, or reading his favorite online news sources, he’ll do so with ease with this handy gadget. 

The Tri-screen attaches using a convenient tension system, without any mounting hardware. As a result, it can be easily used at home, packed away and dad‘s gear bag for use while traveling, or popped on at a moment’s notice to work from the comfort of the couch.  

Just plug in a power source and display cable to each monitor and he’ll be up and running in minutes. Each screen has individually adjustable settings as well, such as warm or cool views, and display brightness. 

While the Tri-screen comes with several universal attachments to make it compatible with most newer laptops, a Tri-Screen Adapter is also available to connect to any laptop. Offering ease, accessibility and efficiency, Xebec will undoubtedly be Dad’s perfect tech partner this Father’s Day! 

Tri-screen 2 | Tri-Screen Adapter
Xebec | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | LinkedIn


The Ultimate Guide To Father’S Day Gift Ideas For Every Kind Of Dad

If you’re looking for a product that can help Dad focus and be more productive, the Muse S (Gen 2) Premium with the Subscription Bundle is the perfect device for Dad this Father’s Day. But… what is it exactly? Muse is a wearable brain-sensing headband that tracks your brain activity and provides real-time feedback to help you focus.

This is the perfect (and really thoughtful) gift for those dads in your life who wants to improve their productivity. Muse uses neurofeedback to train his brain to be more efficient and effective. In as little as three minutes a day, he’ll be able to see significant improvements in his ability to focus! Muse is also uber-comfortable to wear and easy to use, so Dad can get the most out of his workouts and activities.

What Dad will love most is how the Muse S (Gen 2) is a brain-sensing headband that helps him understand and track how well he actually is focusing, sleeping, and recharging for the coming day. Utilizing advanced EEG technology, the Muse S (Gen 2) reacts to Dad’s mind, heart, and breath to provide personalized insights and immersive, intelligent sleep soundscapes. The headband is also equipped with forget-it’s-there comfort features, making it the ultimate home sleep support system. With the included Premium Subscription, Dad will have access to Biofeedback+ and over 500 meditations on stress, sleep, and so much more.

The Ultimate Guide To Father’S Day Gift Ideas For Every Kind Of Dad

This Father’s Day, treat the special man in your life with the experience of the next evolution in sleep technology with Muse S.

Muse S (Gen 2) Premium Subscription Bundle
Muse | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube


This Father’s Day, get your dad moving, bobbing and weaving, and getting into the best shape this summer! The addictive beat-driven boxing experience that takes his workout to the next level can all be done in the comfort of his home. With Liteboxer VR, he’ll enjoy full-body workouts with real fitness trainers, all set to the beat of adrenaline-pumping music that’ll keep Dad moving! So whether he is a beginner or a pro, Liteboxer VR is sure to give him the workout of a lifetime.

The Ultimate Guide To Father’S Day Gift Ideas For Every Kind Of Dad

This innovative platform combines lights, music, and technology to bring out the fighter in the special man in your life to give him the best full-body workout possible.

Dad will have a top-notch coaching staff, consisting of real fitness trainers, who will push him to his limits and help him build up better techniques, more power, and body confidence right in his sights. This is unlike any other VR experience out there – with Liteboxer VR, Dad will actually feel like he’s in the ring with a professional trainer.

The Ultimate Guide To Father’S Day Gift Ideas For Every Kind Of Dad

So if you are looking for a workout that is intense, fun, and interactive for your Dad, look no further than Liteboxer VR!

Liteboxer VR
Liteboxer | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | TikTok | YouTube

Drill Doctor

Looking for a powerful and reliable way to keep Dad’s drill bits, knives, and tools sharp and ready for action? Then Dad needs the new Drill Doctor X2. This all-in-one sharpener is perfect for any workshop or job site. With its side-by-side sharpening stations, Dad can quickly sharpen both drill bits and tools before, during, and after every project. The interchangeable angle guide system and dual-speed motor give you maximum control and power for consistent results every time.

The Ultimate Guide To Father’S Day Gift Ideas For Every Kind Of Dad

The interchangeable angle guide system and dual-speed motor make it easy to get quick and consistent results with every tool, every time. So don’t be caught without the Drill Doctor X2 – it’s the sharpest tool in the box!

Drill Doctor X2
Drill Doctor | Facebook | Youtube


Looking for an Oculus Quest 2 accessory for Dad that will keep him powered up and comfortable for hours of gameplay? Then he’s going to love the Wasserstein Headstrap with Battery Pack. This ultra-lightweight head strap comes with a long-lasting 5000 mAh battery pack, meaning Dad can enjoy double the playtime on a single charge.

The ergonomic design and soft cushion make it one of the most comfortable Oculus Quest 2 accessories on the market, while the easily adjustable velcro straps allow you to customize Dad’s fit. So power up and get ready to watch Dad enjoy hours of immersive gameplay with the Wasserstein Headstrap with Battery Pack.

If you’re looking for a quick and efficient solar power bank for Dad, the Dartwood 16000mAh Solar Power Bank ought to provide the power he needs. This powerful little device is made of high-quality solar cells that will charge his smartphone quickly, even in low-light conditions. It’s also waterproof, shockproof, and dustproof, making it the perfect solar charging station for on the go. Plus, with a 16000mAh capacity, it can charge up to 3 devices simultaneously without slowing down.

The 4 LED lights indicate the power level of the solar phone, so Dad always knows how much juice he has left. So why wait? Get your Dartwood solar power bank today for the special guy in your life and he’ll never worry about being stranded without a charge again!

Wasserstein Ultra Lightweight Elite Head Strap and Powerbank Battery Pack | Dartwood 16000mAh Solar Power Bank
Wasserstein | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest

Whether your dad is a tech guru, a fitness fanatic, or a home improvement DIY’er, this Father’s Day we have Father’s Day gift ideas he is sure to love and appreciate. Our dads work hard and they deserve only the best! Making dad’s day special will bring a smile to his face and let him know just how much you care. This Father’s Day any one of these Father’s Day gift ideas is sure to be a hit with dad as each of these gifts is just as unique, original, and hardworking as he is. Happy shopping!

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The Ultimate Guide To Father’S Day Gift Ideas For Every Kind Of Dad



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