15 Homemade Father’s Day Card Ideas

There is nothing much cuter than a homemade card from your little one. Mom often gets all the homemade card love, but there is no reason that dad should not get in on the love too. Your homemade Father’s Day card can be simple or elaborate, serious or funny, or just plain cute. So get out the construction paper and gather up the crayons and markers. Whatever direction you decide to go in, these 15 homemade Father’s Day card ideas will inspire you to create something that dad will love.

One in a Melon

15 Homemade Father’S Day Card Ideas

This cute homemade Father’s Day card is the perfect way to tell dad he is one in a million. Plus, it is super simple to make. All you need is card stock, some red and green foam sheets, googly eyes, glue, and markers. If you do not have any foam sheets, construction paper will also do the trick and be just as cute.

For step-by-step directions for making your own One in a Melon card, visit Frugal Mom Eh.

Suit and Tie

15 Homemade Father’S Day Card Ideas

If dad is a suit and tie kind of guy, this customizable card is the perfect homemade Father’s Day card for him. For this cute card, you will need card stock or construction paper, paint or markers, and scissors. This card is fun because it is super customizable. Create the shirt in whatever color dad likes best. Cut out the tie in a plain color or use white paper and paint or draw whatever design you like. Then, add the little button detail on the collar with some extra buttons that seem to live in everyone’s sewing kit (or you can draw them on if you do not have any extra buttons lying around).

Cut out the tie freehand or use the printable tie template at The Best Ideas for Kids.


15 Homemade Father’S Day Card Ideas

Impress dad this Father’s Day with this homemade pop-up card. It looks complicated, but all you need is two different colored pieces of card stock, glue, and an Exacto knife. Then it is as simple as printing the template and cutting on the appropriate lines before folding the pop-out portion and gluing the two pieces of card stock together.

For the printable “Dad” template or an “I heart you” template, visit One Dog Woof.

Yoda Best Dad

15 Homemade Father’S Day Card Ideas

This homemade Yoda card will have any Star Wars-loving dad chuckling. Making this homemade Father’s Day card is part handprints, painting, and drawing. Start off by painting your child’s palm and thumb with light green paint and their other fingers with brown paint. Then have them press their open hand onto the card stock.

Once the paint dries, draw the outlines of Yoda’s face and body with a black marker. Next, fill in the ears with green paint. Then it is time for the details. Add hands with a few dabs of green paint. Draw the lines on Yoda’s forehead, shade in the ears, and add in the mouth and nose with dark green paint. Give him a few little wisps of hair by his ears and on the top of his head.

Find the full directions at I Heart Arts ‘N Crafts.

You’re Fin-tastic

15 Homemade Father’S Day Card Ideas

Tell dad he’s fin-tastic with this cute homemade Father’s Day card idea from MarthaStewart.com. Make a cute little fish by using a jumbo circle punch to punch out one circle. Then, take that circle and trim it down to create an almond shape for the fish’s body. For fins and a tail, punch two hearts with a heart punch, cutting one heart down the center to make the two fins. Fold the other heart down the center to make the tail. Bend a small piece of wire like a paper clip to make the hook and attach some baker’s twine or embroidery thread for the fishing line.

Happy Father’s Day Accordion Album

15 Homemade Father’S Day Card Ideas

Create an accordion album card using a piece of poster board cut into four-inch strips and folded to make four-inch squares. Once you have assembled your accordion album it is time for the fun part. Make this homemade Father’s Day card your own by adding photos and writing personal messages to dad. Add things like photos of your kids and have them each list five things they love about their dad.

Visit We R Memory Keepers for instructions on how to turn a poster board into a mini accordion album.

Out of This World

15 Homemade Father’S Day Card Ideas

This adorable homemade Father’s Day card will tell dad he’s out of this world and put a smile on his face. Create the super cute Toy Story alien with card stock, glue, and markers. Then, on the inside of the card add the sweet message, “You’re out of this world, Dad!”

Get the step-by-step directions on I Heart Crafty Things.

Dapper Dad

15 Homemade Father’S Day Card Ideas

Create this homemade Father’s Day card for the dapper dad in your life. This card might look fancy, but it only takes a few minutes to make. To make the bow ties, follow Martha Stewart’s instructions – cut a 5-inch square of patterned paper and fold it accordion-style to look like a bow tie. Add a 1-inch paper circle adhered with a dot of hot glue at the center. Once you have made a few, glue them onto the front of your card and add your personal message to dad on the inside.

Dad Libs

15 Homemade Father’S Day Card Ideas

Remember Mad Libs from your childhood? How about a homemade Father’s Day card based on this funny word game? Create your own story about dad and have your kids fill in the blanks with nouns, verbs, and adjectives or use a template available online. It is a simple card idea, but the kids will love it because it is silly. Dad will love it too because it is bound to make him laugh.

Get this fun Dad Libs printable template from A Girl and A Glue Gun.

Dad’s Wallet

15 Homemade Father’S Day Card Ideas

This fancy homemade Father’s Day card not only looks like dad’s wallet, but it also holds a gift card! It is simple to make with only a few pieces of card stock and some glue. The stitching is done with a silver gel pen. Make an insert for the billfold with a personal message to dad, place a gift card from dad’s favorite spot in the cardholder, and you are done.

Step by step directions for assembling the wallet can be found on Little Leaf Lane.

Super Dad

15 Homemade Father’S Day Card Ideas

Make dad a homemade Father’s Day card fit for a superhero. Fold a double-sided piece of scrapbook paper so both sides meet in the middle. Cut out a tie to add to the front. Bend the top front corners to look like a collar and add some buttons down the center. Add a blue colored piece of paper inside for Superman’s shirt and create a Superman logo to glue to the center. Now add a message like, “Dad, you’re super!” or “Dad, You’re my superhero!”

This tutorial from Kaminski’s Creations uses Cricut templates, but you can easily recreate it with your own hand-cut pieces.

Big Fish, Little Fish

15 Homemade Father’S Day Card Ideas

Create this adorable homemade Father’s Day card to capture the sweet little hand print of dad’s little fish. The background is made with card stock and foam pieces cut and layered to look like an underwater ocean scene. You could even add some pieces to look like kelp or coral. Make two copies of each hand print – one on orange foam or card stock and one on white card stock for the stripes. Cut out and assemble your fish. Add a message to dad and you are all done.

Find the full directions at Kix.

You’re Rad

15 Homemade Father’S Day Card Ideas

Tell dad he’s rad with this cute card made from a recycled toilet paper tube. Have your kids make some cool artwork especially for dad on small pieces of paper. While they are creating their masterpieces, draw pictures of your kids with their hands up in the air on the toilet paper tubes and cut two slits – one on each side of the tube. This will be where you will slide their creations so it looks like they are holding up their art. It is a simple homemade Father’s Day card, but it is super adorable.

For the full instructions and some cute ideas for your toilet paper tubes, visit Pink Stripey Socks.


15 Homemade Father’S Day Card Ideas

Tell Dad he is dino-mite with this sweet homemade dinosaur card. You will need card stock, foam sheets, googly eyes, glue, and a black marker. If you do not have foam, colored paper will also do the trick. Either using a template or drawing it freehand, sketch the dinosaur’s body and spikes on the foam pieces and cut them out. Cut out some circles for its spots and for its rosy cheeks. Now glue it all down on a piece of card stock. Add googly eyes. Finish it off by drawing on its smile and writing a dino-mite message to dad.

For a printable template and the full instructions, check out The Soccer Mom Blog.

Hands Down Best Dad

15 Homemade Father’S Day Card Ideas

An especially cute idea for little ones, all you need to make this homemade Father’s Day card from Teach. Play. Love. is card stock, paint, and markers. The fun part for your little one is that they get to stick their hands in paint. The nice part for you is that this is a super simple card to make. Once the handprints dry, add your message to Dad and that is it!

With a few pieces of card stock, glue, and some markers, you can make the most amazing homemade Father’s Day card for dad. Use one of these 15 super cute and easy homemade Father’s Day card ideas, or let your kids’ imaginations run wild. Either way, your kids will have fun making it, and dad will know he is a one in a melon, dino-mite, fin-tastic, out of this world, super dad.

Check out this article on The Importance of a Dad.

15 Homemade Father’S Day Card Ideas



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