6 Steps to Creating the Perfect Social Media Content Calendar

In today’s world, there is an abundance of reasons for posting things on social media. From keeping the family updated to promoting your business, you can end up posting every single day! That can be absolutely exhausting to add on top of your already full to-do list. Instead of worrying about what to post, creating the perfect social media content calendar can help alleviate that stress!

A social media content calendar can sound a bit overwhelming at first. Where do you even start to create an entire month’s worth of content? While it can sound exhausting, creating a social media content calendar will free up a huge chunk of your time to devote to other things. Let’s talk about where to get started!

Create a list of topics

6 Steps To Creating The Perfect Social Media Content Calendar

What do your followers want to see? What do you want to convey to your followers? Why do your followers like you? These are all important and necessary questions to ask yourself when you’re planning a social media content calendar.

People want to connect with you, not just with what you’re showing or selling. So putting a quote next to a pretty picture is something your followers will simply scroll past. Instead, look at your most liked and commented posts on your feed. What was the caption you wrote that drew them in? Make note of that in order to create more content like it!

Having 4-5 topics that you can constantly write about will give your social media content a flow that will be easy to keep up with. Planning out an entire month will seem like a breeze and it will help your followers stay engaged instead of feeling like they have to “catch up”.

Some sample topics can be: personal posts, talking about a recent “win”, showing and describing what your product is, and even telling a story about the image you’ve posted.

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Schedule a content day

6 Steps To Creating The Perfect Social Media Content Calendar

Now that you have the topics you want to write about, it’s time to bring them to life! Block off an entire day (preferably two days a month) that you can focus on one aspect of creating your social media content calendar. There are two main things you’ll need for your feed: incredible imagery and a good caption. You can even go about creating them in either order.

The most time-consuming part will be writing out all of your posts for the next month and can take an entire day, but packing it into a day will free up the rest of your month to devote to other tasks and free up any clutter you may have in your head. Remember, having 4-5 go-to topics that you always talk about will come in handy when you’re preplanning your social media content calendar.

You can even add in a few fun “games” for your followers to play for even more engagement! Games like two truths and a lie have people constantly commenting trying to guess what the answer is. Plus, it fills up your social media content calendar even faster when you include things like this.

Create quality content

Pre-planning your images will save you time from having to stop and take a photo every single day. A gallery of beautiful images can help you when you feel like you have nothing to post as well as help your social media content calendar (and your feed) look as clean as possible. Throwing in a random image that looks nothing like what you usually post can damage the engagement that people give your page.

Try connecting with a professional photographer to make your images look as high quality as possible. When you hire a professional and you discuss what you want ahead of time, you take the stress out of trying to find the perfect angle and running for the timer. You’ll have someone on your team to look and convey exactly what you want your images to say.

If you can’t afford to bring another team member on, then make sure to invest in a tripod and good lighting material so your images will still look clean.

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See when your followers are active

Most social media platforms have an incredible feature that allows you to see when your followers are most active. Instagram will in fact tell you the exact hour that your followers are liking your post. Knowing when your followers are active is key when creating your social media content calendar.

If your followers are most active at 5 pm, then posting at 10 am will do absolutely nothing for your feed. You want your content to be seen and heard ASAP so the platform you’re using knows that people care about what you’re saying and will show it to more followers.

Sign up for a social media content calendar service

6 Steps To Creating The Perfect Social Media Content Calendar

While using Google or Apple calendar may seem like the best way to tell you when to post, there are companies out there that take it a step further. Social media content calendar services like Planoly allow you to pre-plan all of your posts! You can upload images, captions, hashtags, and more with ease. 

Seeing your social media content calendar laid out as if it were already on your feed is insanely helpful. You’ll be able to see exactly how your feed looks, rearrange images, pre-schedule stories, and even schedule the exact time you want to publish your post. The best part? Planoly will actually post content for you! This will free up even more of your day to day time, allowing you to grow your business or blog in more ways than imaginable. 

Having a software that is built just for your social media content calendar is key. 

Set a schedule for yourself

6 Steps To Creating The Perfect Social Media Content Calendar

Don’t allow yourself to create your social media content calendar once and then fall back into the stressful routine of not knowing what to post. Create your own schedule that you stick to each month. If you know you have more time to do things on Tuesdays and Thursdays, then dedicate the first Tuesday and Thursday every month to work on updating your social media content calendar.

Consistency in anything you do will ensure that you thrive.

Creating a social media content calendar is easy when you follow the steps above. Make sure you know exactly what you want to convey to your followers and that will help you curate the perfect social media content calendar that you’ll rely on for the rest of your life on any social media platform. And the best part is that you won’t have to worry every day about what you post, you’ll have already planned it out ahead of time!


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6 Steps To Creating The Perfect Social Media Content Calendar

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