The quest for the perfect pair of jeans can be a challenging one, full of disappointing trips to the mall, scouring every website for a good deal, and wondering if a pair of jeans will ever fit and make you look amazing at the same time. It may seem impossible, but it is not. There is a jean designer who has created the ultimate look in denim, butt enhancing jeans.

Freddy makes jeans fit your booty like a glove with their innovative WR.UP design. They are the perfect blend of sexy and comfortable. You get style and a great fit, and for those of us with no or flat butt, they give us the look of the booty we’ve always dreamed of. If you are already curvy, Freddy works with your curves instead of against them. Feeling skeptical? Does this sound too good to be true? It’s not.

Check out our favorite looks from Freddy, and you will be inspired to give this designer a try.

Butt Enhancing Jeans You Will Love

Butt Enhancing Jeans by Freddy are Fabulous

Freddy has revolutionized jeans, sportswear, and shorts. This brand is all about creating highly fashionable and ground breaking options when it comes to clothing we wear every day. Freddy is so confident in their designs that they guarantee a perfect fit every time you wear their clothing. They use new technology to create pants that actually work with your real body. The jeans are made to fit you, not the other way around.

The WR.UP Shaping Effect

Butt Enhancing Jeans You Will Love

What makes Freddy Denim so amazing is their unique and innovative design. They create their jeans with what they call the WR.UP Shaping Effect. The WR.UP jeans do not lose their elasticity like other jeans. You won’t be pulling them up all day long. Can we get an amen? Freddy makes their jeans with cotton jersey that gives the jeans incredible control and stretch. The waist band is totally different too. There is a customized silicone band, which improves the waistline fit with a further shaping effect inserted inside the belt.

The WR.UP denim from Freddy will shape your butt unlike any other pair of pants. These jeans feature a specific anatomical shape on the buttocks portion that shapes and lifts your booty with an extra light silicone membrane. The gorgeous, feminine curves of your waist, hips, and butt are enhanced when you wear Freddy. Even the ladies lacking in the booty department will receive a boost when wearing Freddy. Once you put these butt enhancing jeans on, you won’t want to wear another pair, ever.

Butt Enhancing Jeans You Will Love

The WR.UP denim comes in so many different styles. There is bound to be something for every woman, and you can fill out your entire wardrobe with new pants in a variety of looks. You will wear your Freddy WR.UP Denim all year round; they even make shorts for the hottest months! There are black and leather styles for dressy and edgy looks. You can pair the light denim with a tank for a casual look. Freddy makes it easy to get the fit you desire.

They offer options in waist rises:

  • regular waist
  • mid waist
  • high waist

Choose the length of jean you like as well:

  • full length
  • 7/8th
  • shorts

There are lots of options for washes and fabrics. Freddy even has jeans with Swarovski crystal detailing. If you want it, they probably have it. And all the jeans have a butt enhancing look like will help many of us who don’t have a booty.

Get the Freddy Look

Below we have provided our own look book of some gorgeous Freddy styles to show you first hand all the looks you can achieve with these butt enhancing jeans. Check it out

WR.UP Shaping Effect High Waist Skinny in Black Zip Up

Butt Enhancing Jeans You Will Love
Butt Enhancing Jeans You Will Love

WR.UP Shaping Effect Skinny in Eco Leather Effect Black

Butt Enhancing Jeans You Will Love
Butt Enhancing Jeans You Will Love

WR.UP Shaping Effect Skinny in Distressed Blue Denim + White Stitching

Butt Enhancing Jeans You Will Love
Butt Enhancing Jeans You Will Love

WR.UP Shape Effect Mid Waist Skinny in Light Blue Denim + Yellow Stitching

Butt Enhancing Jeans You Will Love
Butt Enhancing Jeans You Will Love

WR.UP Shaping Effect Shorts in Light Blue Distressed Denim

Introducing butt enhancing short that you will not want to get out of

Butt Enhancing Jeans You Will Love

Freddy has the looks you need whether you are running around with your kids, jet setting off to some far away location, or just grocery shopping. Quit hating your jeans. Quit wearing pants that are unflattering and uncomfortable. There is no excuse to not love your jeans and the way your body looks and feels in them now that you know about Freddy.


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Butt Enhancing Jeans You Will Love

Photo Credits: Dani Nicole Photography, everyavenuegirl



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