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We all have the classic children’s books on our shelves, but how many times can you honestly read llama llama or say goodnight to the moon?  As parents we get tired of the same old books, and because we get bored, our kids get bored. In order to instill in our children a love of books we need to love what we are reading. Reading to our children does not have to be boring, ever. We as adults can find even kids books that we enjoy so our enthusiasm will pass on to our children.

The Little Homie (5)

The Little Homie (3)

The Little Homie (8)

The Little Homie (2)

For your next exciting bedtime book, look no further than The Little Homie, AB to Jay-Z and 123 With The Notorious B.I.G.  These hip hop inspired, educational books are the best of both worlds. The Little Homie books are both inspiring, fun for parents, and an entertaining way to teach kids about their letters, numbers, and of course, hip hop.

The Little Homie (4)

The Little Homie (6)

From A B to Jay Z introduces kids to hip hop artists while teaching them their ABC’s. Each page has a letter from the alphabet with a corresponding tribute to a rapper that starts with the same letter. The illustrations are colorful and captivating to help keep your little one entertained. For extra fun, sing the song for your kid (don’t be bashful!). The companion book, 123 With The Notorious B.I.G. does the same thing teaching numbers while introducing the hip hop artists.

The Little Homie (7)

The Little Homie (1)

These books also make perfect shower gifts as they are sure to break the monotony of the same, boring baby clothes and diaper cakes we’ve seen a thousand times. One thing is certain, you and your little one will love reading these books over and over for years to come. As parents, we will be happy to oblige as we pass on our love of this musical genre along with all of the benefits of reading to our own little homies. The real question will become – who will love them more? 

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The Little Homie_ How to give your toddler street cred

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