Denmark is for Families

Of all the places in Europe, I think that Denmark must have been pretty low on my list. Copenhagen (the capital) was way up there, but the country itself, I knew almost nothing about, and I knew of nothing to do there. I was so wrong. There was so much for families in Denmark to do that I will definitely be returning. I cannot believe all of the amazing things we did not get to do or see! As I’ve mentioned before we thoroughly enjoyed the Lego House and our four days in Copenhagen, but there is so much more to that country than what meets the eye.

Denmark is High Quality

Everything about Denmark seems to run perfectly. I am sure that it has its cons, but they were hard to find. The public transportation is incredibly clean, flawlessly on time, and affordable, which makes it easy for families in Denmark to get around. The people are exceptional. They go out of their way to accommodate you and offer their help in every situation. My children did not carry their luggage at any public transportation hub; there was always a young Danish man offering to help them carry it. The country as a whole, even the city, is so clean.

Honestly, I did not think it was possible for a densely populated city to be this clean. Even the tourists visiting Denmark seem to have acquired more manners than normal, which is a huge improvement compared to most tourist areas. Let me mention one more time, that I have never experienced the kindness of a whole people the way I did in Denmark. The population as a whole is so generous with their time, resources and friendship. Denmark is perfect for families.

Things for Families in Denmark to Do

The first thing that comes to mind when most people think “Denmark,” is Lego. In Denmark, you can find the Lego House experience, seven experience zones, hours of education, a full day of entertainment, a lovely museum full of the family and company’s history, and most importantly, Legos. Once you have experienced Lego House, there is also the Legoland amusement park and the Legoland Hotel. I suggest you play the tourist card very hard for three days and just enjoy the whole Lego experience to its fullest  families in Denmark for even a short vacation should make time for it. Your family will love it, and it will start your trip off on the right foot before heading out into more rural surroundings.

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The Viking Trail in Denmark is for Families

When people think of Vikings, they typically associate Vikings and Norse Mythology with Norway, Iceland, Greenland, etc. Maybe the last on that brainstorm list would be Denmark. I am here to tell you that Denmark needs to move up on your Viking-history list! It is amazing! Denmark has a Viking Trail that includes dozens of museums, archaeology sites, historically important Viking ports, reenactments, and festivals in the summer months. This was created with young learners and families in mind.

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There are large touring companies that you can use to experience the Viking Trail. Personally, I recommend renting a car, or if you are a traveler experienced in cycling, it would be a wonderful experience to see this country by bicycle.

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Copenhagen, Denmark is for Families

It is impossible to visit Denmark and not visit its capital Copenhagen, a gorgeous city rich in history, royalty, museums, and castles. There is so much to see and do that I highly recommend making an agenda. I am usually the tour guide that recommends leaving open time to get lost exploring, but you will miss wonderful things if you don’t plan. One of the best things we saw while there, was the Rosenborg Castle — full of artifacts, preserved like a time capsule of the royal family.

Denmark Is For Families

We also experienced two of the most touristy things you can do in Copenhagen: Hans Christian Andersen’s Little Mermaid statue in the harbor and the Hans Christian Andersen museum experience. Both are incredibly child-friendly, but the museum is especially child-friendly. It is owned by Ripley’s Believe it or Not and has wax figures and animation. Denmark is definitely for families.

Denmark Is For Families

Denmark is for Families

We adored our time in Denmark. The culture, people, food, attractions, history, museums, public transportation, and the exchange rate were in our favor. Denmark only suffers from poor weather. They have heavy snow-filled winters, short springs, and wet summers. The best time of year to go is in May and June. This is well-known, and there will be many tourists. Even then, you will need some warmer clothing, this is not summer by American standards. If you are a family that does not love the beach and needs things to see, then Denmark is most definitely for you. Go do it and let me know what you think!

Start planning your family’s Denmark vacation with Denmark Legoland Immersion.

Denmark Is For Families

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