Discover 6 RVnGo Hacks: How to Pack Right Before Your Next Road Trip

Planning a road trip can be a great way to explore the world around you and take the time to enjoy the journey. However, it’s important to take the time to get organized and pack right before you head out. Coming from RVnGo, knowing how to pack right before your next road trip and renting an RV through makes your journey more enjoyable and save you time and stress. This blog post will discuss tips and tricks to help you pack before your next road trip. From determining what to bring to ensuring you have all the necessary items, we’ll cover all the basics of packing right for a successful road trip. Read on.

RVnGo Tips & Suggestions Before You Hit The Road

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Make a Packing List of Must-have Items

Creating a packing list of must-have items is best to ensure you don’t forget anything. Some items are essential for any road trip, no matter where you go. Make sure you have the following items on your packing list: a first-aid kit, extra clothes, snacks and drinks, a map or GPS device, chargers and power cords, a flashlight, toiletries, a camera, and an emergency kit. Look for certain packing components in your RVnGo unit for quick access.

Don’t forget to check your packing list, then check it twice to ensure you have everything you need for a safe and enjoyable road trip!

Pack the First-aid Kit

A first-aid kit is essential should you or your passengers suffer unexpected injuries or illnesses. Your kit should include essential items such as bandages, gauze, antiseptic wipes, tweezers, adhesive tape, safety pins, and other items you may need. Be sure to include any medication you or your party may need, such as an EpiPen if anyone has severe allergies. It’s also a good idea to include a list of emergency contact numbers in case of an emergency.

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Pack Enough Clothes for the Trip

When it comes to packing for your next road trip, you want to make sure you have enough clothes to last you for your trip. Don’t forget to bring clothing for different weather conditions, and make sure that you’re aware of any special events or occasions that may require special attire.

If you’re going to be in a place for an extended period, consider bringing along a few different outfits to switch it up and avoid the dreaded “nothing to wear” feeling. Don’t forget to pack a few extra items in emergencies, like a spare pair of shoes or a warm coat.

Keep Important Documents Easily Accessible

This includes your driver’s license, proof of insurance, car registration, and map. Additionally, packing copies of your passport and other important documents in an emergency is important. If you’re taking a long road trip (especially if you use an RV from RVnGo), it’s also wise to keep an extra set of copies of these documents in a different location in case your primary set is lost or stolen. Doing this will ensure you’re prepared for any unexpected hiccups.

Consider Bringing a Few Snacks for the Ride

No road trip is complete without snacks! Even if you plan to stop at restaurants and convenience stores along the way, it’s always smart to bring a few snacks. Try to pick snacks high in protein, fiber, and healthy fats, like trail mix, nuts, apples, avocados, and cheese.

This will help to keep you full and energized in between meals. Remember to bring an insulated bag and a cooler, so your snacks stay fresh and tasty throughout the journey.

Traveling With a Dog? Don’t Make These Packing Mistakes

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Not Bringing the Right Pet Supplies

Packing for a trip with your furry friend can be daunting if you don’t take the right precautions. Make sure you don’t forget the necessary pet supplies. Many pet owners forget to bring a leash, collar, water bowl, food, and treats. You’ll need these items if you plan to travel with your pup. Bringing the wrong type of supplies can result in an uncomfortable trip for your pup, so make sure you bring the items your pup is used to. Check to make sure RVnGo has a suitable spot for your fur baby if you use an RV from them.

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Not Getting Pet Insurance

Unfortunately, unexpected medical bills can add up quickly, leaving you with an unpleasant surprise on your return. Pet insurance offers peace of mind and can help you if your pet gets injured or sick while you’re away from home. Before you leave, ensure you have a good pet insurance policy to cover vet bills, emergency treatments, and other expenses.

Not Booking Pet-friendly Accommodations

Even if your pup is well-behaved, not all hotel chains and rental properties are dog-friendly, and you don’t want to be stuck with anywhere to stay when you arrive. Before you book your accommodation, double-check that they accept dogs and if any additional fees or restrictions are associated with bringing your pup. However, if you are using your own RVnGo – no worries there!

Not Familiarizing Yourself with Local Pet regulations

Before you go, research the pet regulations of your destination – this will help you make sure that you pack the right things and can avoid any potential legal issues. Depending on where you’re going, you may need to provide proof of your pet’s vaccinations or have them microchipped.

In some locations, there may even be restrictions or bans on certain breeds of dogs. Knowing the laws ahead of time will help you have a smooth and safe journey with your pup.

Not Having Enough Food and Water for the Trip

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You don’t want to find yourself in a situation where you run out of food halfway through the trip! It’s especially important to plan for delays or stops along the way, as you never know when you might need to buy more food or water for your pet. Make sure to bring enough for the entire journey and some extra in emergencies. No one wants to end up in a situation where their pup doesn’t have enough to eat or drink!

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Packing right before a road trip can feel daunting, but the process can be made much easier if you plan and think about what you need – especially if you are using RVnGo. By taking into account the length of your trip, the type of vehicle you are using, and the activities you plan on doing, you can ensure that you bring the right items that will make your road trip as enjoyable and stress-free as possible. You can hit the road and enjoy your journey with a well-packed vehicle!

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