18 Exclusive Picks For The Coffee Lover In Your Life

There’s nothing like waking up to the fresh aroma of coffee! Every coffee lover will agree that having the right coffee blend and accessories is necessary for maximum enjoyment of your daily cup of joe. Whether you enjoy a nice dark roast or coffee with Ethiopian roots or prefer a nice decaf, you must check out this guide for your best options. Any coffee lover also can’t do without the right cup to drink and sip from, so we’ve got that covered too. Let’s elevate your coffee game starting now.

Caffeine Highs for the Coffee Lover That Can Handle It

Volcanica Coffee

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Volcanica Coffee is a specialty coffee roaster that imports 150+ exotic coffees from volcanic regions around the world. The mineral-rich soil from volcanic regions produces coffee that is aromatic and remarkable in taste. Volcanica carries a broad line of estate, peaberry, decaf, organic and flavored coffees.

The Coffee Lover Gift Box is the perfect gift box for the average avid coffee drinker. This gift box includes the best-selling products all in one package. Explore the taste of your favorite coffees from around the globe from the comfort of your home. This Coffee Lover Gift Box includes a 16 oz. bag of each of the following coffees:

  • Costa Rica Original Coffee
  • Guatemala Antigua Coffee
  • Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Coffee
  • Colombian Supremo Coffee


If you are like some busy moms who need to step away from their coffee cups, you know how disappointing it is when 30 seconds becomes 30 minutes, and you’re making another trip to the microwave. Most of us, moms or not, are tired of having our coffee get cold as we get easily distracted by other activities. That’s when Gravette has an excellent solution for the coffee lover who needs a hot cup of joe on demand!

The Hot Mug from Gravette is the ideal combination of the coffee-stays-hot function and design. With its cutting-edge induction technology, the Hot Mug prevents the cup from heating up, protecting your hands, while keeping the beverage inside hot. Additionally, this minimalist mug has a capacity of 12 oz to ensure that you never run out of fuel. Also, it’s a dual-purpose gadget for the coffee lover who also owns a smartphone with wireless charging capabilities.

Pinup Coffee Co.

The Pinup Coffee Co. Cold Brew Blend is roasted and blended fresh. Lovers of Cold Brew know that a “leftover coffee blend” is just not the same as a fresh glass of cold brew. The Pinup Coffee Cold Brew boasts a medium to heavy body with notes of chocolate and a pinch of dark caramel. Of course, it can be brewed hot, too, bringing out the earthy aroma for your coffee lover. The small batch roasted Pinup Coffee is craft-made in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Pinup Coffee Co. is owned and operated by active-duty military and veterans. The coffee blends are named and inspired by WWII aircraft pin-up art. The Sumatra Mandheling coffee features notes of sweet tobacco, dark chocolate, and spice. The creamy dark roasted coffee flavors dance along your tongue as you sip this delicious Indonesian blend. Sumatra Mandheling is grown in the mineral-rich volcanic soil on Mount Leuser.

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Roasted Whisk

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If you are a coffee lover, this box is for you! This beautifully wrapped box includes a mix of various coffee blends, cookies of your choice, candles, soap, lotion, and other trinkets. The mug, emblazoned with the phrase “coffee is my self-care,” is a great addition to anyone’s mug collection. Roasted Whisk was created by Latina women representing three generations of a coffee-loving family. This relatively new business offers this gift box and several other special boxes to help you personalize your gift and find something special for your coffee lover within your budget.

Laird Superfood

Whether you are an overworked office night owl or a work-from-anywhere guru, Laird Superfood’s Instant Latte will become your go-to favorite latte. Simply add water to this plant-based latte mix, and presto! You have a delicious, sweet, and creamy cup of latte to reinvigorate your soul after a demanding day.

However, if you enjoy and appreciate the taste of perfectly roasted coffee beans, then Peruvian Medium Roast Whole Bean Coffee is just for you. This environmentally sustainable coffee has a rich flavor and aroma, and the chef’s kiss roast makes it the ideal start to the day for a coffee lover.

The phrase “cherry on top” perfectly describes Laird Superfood’s Golden Cacao Superfood Creamer. The earthy, musty turmeric and rich chocolaty cocoa flavors of this Creamer upgrade your coffee to the next level of yum. This Superfood Creamer contains a delicious blend of cocoa, turmeric, and coconut MCTs that provide a rich, warm flavor and add a lot of energy for your coffee lover.

Grounds & Hounds Coffee Co.

Grounds & Hounds Coffee Co. is undoubtedly one of a kind; it commits to safeguarding and supporting the rescue organizations of pups by providing you with their fantastic goods in return. But they put in a great deal of hard work to achieve that rather than requesting aid for free. However, this isn’t the only reason you should get their coffee blends. Grounds & Hounds aims to make the world a better place without compromising on the taste and quality of its coffee blends …even a little bit.

Let’s start with the Founder’s Blend by Grounds & Hounds, the very first blend created with passion and a greater goal in mind. Coffee beans in this blend are professionally roasted and offer an interesting taste that has walnut-caramel richness—sipping it feels like a warm hug. Moreover, the scent of blueberries in this coffee calms your nerves and absolves you from all the stress and negative energy.

The next one on our list is the Lovable Blend. It is a medium-dark roast coffee blend—great even for beginners. It has the Viennese coffee essence with its chocolaty richness, toasted vanilla aroma, and the sweetness of toffee and marshmallows. It will prove to be a great companion on chilly winter nights for wholesome deep talks with your loved ones.

Chocolate Peanut Butter by Grounds & Hounds is another mouth-watering medium-roasted coffee bean with a fusion of unique flavors. The moment you take a sip in, its creamy texture and soothing smell satisfy you to the core. It goes well with a cold brew as well as a hot brew, whatever you prefer. Plus, the chocolate-peanut-buttery taste doesn’t disappoint.

Belly Rub Blend is ideal for those who like their coffee strong—to wake them and motivate them to navigate their daily routine. The smoky, rich flavor of this dark-roast coffee doesn’t taste burnt or bitter at all, unlike traditional blends. The sweet-savory flavor of the brownie vanilla is wonderfully balanced by the salty flavor of the roasted walnuts and Graham Craker, creating what you may refer to as the perfect storm of flavors! You can also check Grounds & Hounds’ other products and support their message!

Everyday People

Although it is uncommon for businesses to care about farmers and the environment, Everyday People Coffee and Tea has had these goals since its inception. So, choose a gift for a tea or coffee lover this Christmas from the sustainable Everyday People and see their face gleam with joy. Bali Blue Single Origin – Medium Dark Roast is for people who need something strong to function throughout the day. With its rich aroma and luscious flavors, this coffee keeps winning the hearts of true coffee-holics.

Papua New Guinea Single Origin- Medium Roast is a perfect breakfast feast in chilly weather. The beans in this coffee are adequately roasted arabica beans and offer a pleasantly sweet taste – it goes well with pancakes, croissants, cake, or a festive breakfast.

If you are a newcomer and becoming a regular coffee lover, the Ethiopia Natural Single Origin- Medium Light Roast has a lighter, more fun coffee flavor that is suitable even for novices. This coffee with Ethiopian roots is a smooth blend with a tinge of chocolatey caramel flavor and less acidity.

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Flag & Wire

With Flag & Wire’s Road Trip, you can make your road travels the most memorable ones. This coffee is a need since it gives your brain the biggest energy boost and takes away all of your driving fatigue thanks to its deeply roasted beans. The creamy chocolate’s sweetness and salty nuttiness mingle when you take a sip; releasing happy hormones and instantly lifting your mood.

Lightly roasted and striking in color, Life’s Good Things by Flag & Wire coffee is a classic combination of berries’ fruity overtones with a tinge of milky chocolate. It’s perfect to have a cup of Life’s Good Things coffee when you’re doing things that actually make life Good – like having a wholesome talk with a loved one, reading a book, or enjoying your comfort show. Not to mention how economical it is – choose from whole or ground beans.

End your night, don’t prolong it with the Columbian Sugarcane Process Decaf, which is fantastic if you want to reduce your caffeine intake but still need something to give you the motivation to start the day. In contrast to caffeine-rich coffee, the swooning sweetness of this decaf keeps you restfully calm without making you feel agitated, restless, or ansy.

Roasting Plant

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Need caffeine on the go? Well, honestly, who doesn’t!? Roasting Plant has a signature blend and convenient to-go tumbler to keep your caffeine fix going as long as you need! A rich, pleasing aroma, delicious flavors, and scintillatingly roasted beans make this coffee blend truly unforgettable. Oh, and did we mention it delivers a barista-level phenomenal coffee experience?

If you are not enjoying this masterpiece at home, the Roasting Plant Coffee Cup is made for people who are constantly on the go, have a long commute to work, are sleep-deprived college students, or people who rely on coffee to keep them going. It is the ideal travel companion for the 24/7 coffee lover due to its lightweight, splashproof design and excellent thermal insulation that maintains the temperature of your caffeine love inside for several hours. Moreover, this cup’s slick appearance, easy maintenance, and comfortable grip make it worth considering.

Cult Artisan Beverage Company

The bold Espresso Supreme by the Cult Artisan Beverage Company brings a complex blend of South American coffees together for the perfect espresso experience. Sip the dark, semisweet espresso on a quiet morning. You can even enjoy it as a dark roast drip coffee.

The rich, delicious Cult Coffee is made in Phoenix, Arizona, roasted in small batches, and can be shipped nationwide. Of course, Cult Coffee now comes in convenient single-serve cups, as well as ground ready for your favorite coffee pot. The Guatemala Sunrise single-serve, 100-percent Arabica coffee boasts a medium body with notes of sweet chocolate for your coffee lover. The Organic Honduras single-serve that comes from the Marcala, La Paz region provides a bit of sweetness. The coffee boasts notes of brown sugar and nutmeg. The coffee collective that grows the coffee is owned and operated by the indigenous Lenca Women of La Paz.

My Bevi

Whether you love going on hikes, boating, exploring nature, or spending time with your family and friends at picnics—you’re going to treasure the 12 OZ. NAPA TUMBLER – VARIETY 4-PACK BUNDLE. The four tumblers in this set are available in four cute, minimalistic colors, allowing you to pick one that suits your mood or gift it to a cherished one you think will like. The inside walls of these tumblers provide maximum insulation and a vacuum effect, ensuring that the beverage inside retains temperature for hours. So that every sip of your coffee feels revitalizing!

Moreover, all of these tumblers have an elegant design without compromising utility.  The lid opening includes an anti-splash feature and is straw compatible for a comfortable drinking experience. The perfect cup for the coffee lover on the go.

Blue Streak Wine

Are you tired of your coffee sometimes? There’s just no pizazz to it? Well, No longer, dear coffee lover, as we now have a wonderful addition to offer that will not only make your coffee taste amazing but also give you a boost of excitement in your mouth! Grand Brulot – Cafe Liqueur VSOP Cognac enhances the flavor of coffee by doubling its power, creating a coffee drink like none other. It’s simultaneously enjoyable, delicious, refreshing, and appeasing for the connoisseur. A “perfect storm” is created when the blues of Cafe Liqueur and the energizing effects of the coffee combine—exactly what you need after a meal following a long, tiring day.

Aside from that, the elegantly designed 750 ml Blue Streak Wines & Spirits liqueur bottle, when it sits on your kitchen table stand, exudes professional barista vibes, making you feel like you’re in a classic 90s movie. Now, it’s time to level up your coffee game!

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BUBS Naturals

If you’re looking for a meticulously crafted, organic coffee, look no further than BUBS Origin Blend. Available as either a dark or medium roast, this Fairtrade international coffee is grown in Central America and roasted in California. The dark roast and medium coffee offer a combination of sweet honey, cherry, and walnut, sure to please any coffee lover.

Choose from whole beans or ground to get the buzz you need to light up your morning. For an added wellness effect, incorporate BUBS Natural’s collagen or MCT dissolved directly into your cup of coffee to enjoy the benefits of both your brew and the supplements you need to live your best!

Redemption Road Coffee

Redemption Road Coffee will fill your morning with the aroma of freshly brewed coffee. From their Colorado location, they offer whole bean, ground, cold brew, and pods derived from farms worldwide to give you an incredible-tasting cup of Joe for your coffee lover every day. Furthermore, when you purchase Redemption Road Coffee, you provide medical care to people in Malawi or education to children in Honduras.

The Sample Gift Basket is a whole bean 1/4 Lb sample burlap basket filled with coffee samples named Brazil, Honduras, Malawi, and Sumatra. It comes with a hand-sewn basket made from coffee sacks. So no matter how you brew these beans, you are guaranteed a flavorful cup of coffee.

The cold brew is a refreshing drink with sugar that will quench your thirst and give you the kick of coffee. This fine brew results from countless trials of grind sizes, water flow rates, and batch weights to bring you one of the best canned cold coffees. A hot cup of Redemption Road Coffee melts stress away and allows you to relax while enjoying a single-origin coffee. Also, try their cold brew for a refreshing lift when you need to satisfy your thirst.


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Kahwa Coffee Roasters’ coffee is the perfect way to start your day and feel energized to conquer the world. A unique blend from Kahwa, Boreas is neither too intense nor mild for the coffee lover. It has the perfect ratio of pleasant, energizing flavors with a hint of sweet, musty, earthy hazelnut. The beans in Boreas are medium-roasted, which gives the coffee a tasty, subtle flavor. Additionally, Kahwa coffee is lighter and less acidic than other coffees.

Kahwa’s Organic Colombian, on the other hand, is more of a traditional blend. When any coffee lover takes one sip of this blend, the sweet cherry flavors and irreplaceable undertones of chocolate milk make them feel euphoric. The coffee from Colombia is rich in flavor, aroma, and color.

Scout And Cellar

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For a roast that’s an absolute delight to sip, Scouting Grounds Roasting Company™ is an absolute must-have for this year’s coffee selections. This smooth blend features notes of mocha, dark chocolate-covered pecan, and rich hazelnut making it the perfect choice for any coffee lover. All of these flavors combined are oh-so-smooth without becoming overpowering. Enjoy this blend as a drip or pour-over because no matter how you brew it, these flavors don’t hide. Additionally, we love that this coffee is the first to be fueled by the Clean-Crafted Commitment®. This means that this is naturally processed-just as it has been for thousands of years.

Death Wish Coffee

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It’s not as scary as it sounds, but it will give you that extra “oomph” you need to conquer your day. This year, get off on the right foot with Death Wish Coffee. Any blend is a spectacular choice, but this year, we’re starting off strong with the Espresso Roast. Boasting deep notes of cocoa, caramelized sugar, and cherries, your cup will be filled to the brim with a strong roast that’s sure to be the catalyst for the amazing day you’re about to have. A blend of fair-trade Sumatran and Peruvian arabica and Indian Cherry robusta creates a flavor that’s rich, intense, and smooth. Get ready, you’re about to experience coffee as you’ve never experienced before.

Steeped Coffee

Start your morning off right with a hot cup of coffee from Steeped Coffee. In Santa Cruz, California, Steeped Coffee prepares the fresh roasted, precision ground, nitro-sealed gourmet coffee within steeped full immersion filters. With no machine needed, you can now make the perfect cup of coffee every morning by adding hot water, dunking, and steeping.

There’s nothing better for a coffee lover than a single-serve cup of the California Blend Medium Roast if you want to indulge in the flavors of dessert-like sweetness and toasted coconut. Each bag is ethically sourced from farmers and roasted locally in small hand-roasted batches and guilt-free packaging made with renewable materials. 

Any coffee lover will enjoy a robust and flavorful morning routine that will relax and enhance their day as they enjoy a delicious cup of joe.

If you weren’t a coffee lover before, you certainly are one after reading this guide. With so many wonderful blends to experience, you’ll want to try them all, so don’t hesitate to click the links above and order yours now. Be sure to also get yourself the right cup for your delicious coffee. Pass on these great products to every coffee lover you know; they will thank you with each sip.

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