8 Lovely Valentine Crafts for Unique Gifts, Decorations, and Cards

Valentine crafts let you demonstrate love for your family and friends. Valentine crafts can be made from a bit of pink paper, white lace, and ribbon, or you up your game and add a bit of creativity by creating homemade Valentine’s Day cards, decorations, and gifts that are more involved. Craft time can be enjoyed with your young children, teens, or by yourself. Arts and craft lovers celebrate each season with new crafts – some to keep for themselves, some to gift and some to sell (sometimes).

8 Lovely Valentine Crafts For Unique Gifts, Decorations And Cards

Valentine crafts let you show your creative side of love. You can write a poem, paint a picture, or create a sculpture. But then again, you can make an awesome homemade Valentine’s craft by following a tutorial, too. After all, isn’t that why the Internet was invented for everyone to post their crafty ideas? Just kidding…

Valentine’s Day Cards

8 Lovely Valentine Crafts For Unique Gifts, Decorations And Cards
Make and Takes

Homemade cards are the perfect Valentine craft for a chilly winter day. You need crafting paper or construction paper, typically in red, pink, and white. But, of course, you know your Valentine best so use the colors to show your love and friendship.

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Whether making cards with your children or making a card for your husband, there is just something special about cutting a simple heart from paper. When you combine multiple paper hearts, you can create a beautiful Bouquet of Hearts Cards. Amy from Make and Takes details how to make this simple card. You can write, “Be My Valentine” on the inside, write out your favorite love poem or create your own love sonnet.

8 Lovely Valentine Crafts For Unique Gifts, Decorations And Cards

Homemade Baby Feet Valentine Cards are, perhaps, the cutest Valentine crafts that you could ever make. Michelle from Crafty Morning gives you all kinds of adorable ideas to transform your baby’s footprints into bumblebees, roses, hearts, bears, racecars, and more. (Take it from those of us with tweens, teens, and even older, your children really only are little for a very short time. Enjoy the moment. Take an afternoon. Play with paint and baby feet. It’s so fun!) You can make adorable Valentine’s Day cards or artwork to frame for your spouse, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and even yourself!

Valentine Crafts Make Unique Decorations

You don’t have to go overboard with Valentine’s Day decorations to make a statement. A few nice or unique décor items can make a splash. Remember a wreath or door decoration should change with the seasons since it greets you and your family daily.

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Homemade Playing Card Wreaths are fun Valentine crafts to make. Styles range from arranging the heart playing cards into a whimsical heart or an elegant Queen of Hearts Medallion Wreath by Darcie Liptrot from Studio 5. The Queen of Hearts Medallion Wreath is bold and beautiful. The whimsical Valentine’s Wreath from upcycled playing cards by Jenny of Refresh Living is a simple Valentine’s craft. Both wreaths celebrate Valentine’s Day with a unique, beautiful, homemade decoration to brighten up your home.

8 Lovely Valentine Crafts For Unique Gifts, Decorations And Cards
Michelle’s Party Plan-It

If you have a Cricut, a Silhouette Cameo, or another type of vinyl cutter, you can make dozens of Valentine crafts for yourself, your family, and your friends. If you do not have a vinyl cutter, do not be misled to believe that making homemade signs, with a vinyl cutter is super quick, however, it is fun and enables you to create a variety of Valentine crafts. You can create personalized shirts, signs, glassware, cups, and more.

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You can create signs and more with Valentine’s greetings like “Love,” “Sweet,” or cute sayings like, “Love, Kisses, and Valentine’s Wishes.” Michelle Stewart from Michelle’s Party Plan-It offers great ideas for easy farmhouse Valentine’s Day signs. The possibilities for personalized crafts made with a vinyl cutter seem to be endless.

8 Lovely Valentine Crafts For Unique Gifts, Decorations And Cards

Homemade Heart Garland can be made from white paper, pink paper, or flower-patterned fabric. It can be stitched together with a simple embroidery thread to create an elegant decoration. The hearts can be cut by hand or cut with a heart paper punch. Jen Goode with 100 Directions walks you through making a beautiful, heart garland similar to connecting paper dolls. You also can punch tiny holes and string the paper, felt, or fabric hearts together on a string or ribbon. Drape the heart garland over your window, across your desk, or even on your front door.

Valentine Crafts Can Be Homemade Gifts

Elegant Valentine crafts can be unique gifts for your loved ones. Valentine’s Day gifts do not only have to be chocolate and flowers. Make gifts that focus on the things your loved one loves. If they like plants – give a homemade flower pot, if they love photos give a photo gift like a photo book, or framed photo from a special event, perfect day, or vacation.

8 Lovely Valentine Crafts For Unique Gifts, Decorations And Cards
Sugar and Charms

Valentine’s Day Terrariums are easy to make, but better yet, they are beautiful gifts. Eden from Sugar and Charm walks you through the unique gift that is perfect for your Valentine. Terrariums are a great home for an air plant. Valentine’s Day Terrariums can be made by adults and children. You can layer pink, gold, and white sand or use your Valentine’s favorite colors.

8 Lovely Valentine Crafts For Unique Gifts, Decorations And Cards
Totally the Bomb

Homemade Sugar Scrub can be a lovely Valentine’s Gift, especially for a Galentine’s Day celebration. (Galentine’s Day celebrates female friendships on February 13. The celebration originated on the TV show, ” Parks and Recreation.”) The Strawberry Sugar Scrub recipe from Totally the Bomb is made from sugar, freeze-dried strawberries, organic coconut oil, and vanilla. What could be better?

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Sometimes the gift is not so much what it is, but the experience. You can turn Valentine’s Day Terrariums and the Homemade Sugar Scrub into an experience. Gather the needed supplies to create a wonderful date night, girls’ night, or afternoon with the kiddos. Of course, you will want to include drinks, snacks, and a bit of music. Making Valentine crafts together is a wonderful gift – you will laugh, talk and have a great time.

8 Lovely Valentine Crafts For Unique Gifts, Decorations And Cards

You can make a personalized T-shirt or dish towel from a favorite photo of you and your Valentine. Print your photo or a sweet message on Tru-Heat Iron on Transfer Paper. You simply iron your photo on for a one-of-a-kind gift. Pick a sweet or funny photo to bring on Valentine’s laughs.

Homemade Valentine crafts can be better than store-bought gifts, cards, and decorations. Be creative. Gather supplies to make Valentine crafts together. After all, it’s not about the gift, it’s about spending time together, enjoying life, and loving one another. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Sources: Crafty Morning, Make and Takes, Michelle’s Party Plan-It, Refresh Living, Studio 5, Sugar and Charm, Totally the Bomb, 100 Directions.

Photo Credits: Pexels, Unsplash, and Pixabay.

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8 Lovely Valentine Crafts For Unique Gifts, Decorations And Cards



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