A Makeover to Take Back Your Master Bedroom

The master bedroom easily becomes the family bedroom in today’s families. As moms, we may feel like our bedroom is set up for everyone but us. The kids are always in there, whether for middle of the night snuggles or some quiet time reading a book in the afternoon. Your master bath converts into a playroom the minute you need to do your makeup and hair. Is your husband’s idea of master bedroom decor his dirty clothes all over the room? Meanwhile, your vision for your bedroom is a peaceful oasis in the midst of the chaos in the rest of your home, but with many things in a mom’s life, your wants come last. Take back the master bedroom with a makeover from Lush Decor!

Use Versatile Patterns to Liven Up Your Room

A plain bedroom is uninspiring. Some minimalism can be soothing, but if your minimalism is really just a lack of decor or design, you’re going to hate your bedroom. Build the look of your room around a pattern you love that is versatile and easy to pair with other elements in the design of your makeover. A pretty pattern will transform your room into a space that will inspire you. The bed is the centerpiece of a bedroom and is an easy space to introduce pattern.

The Leah Quilt 3 Piece Set from Lush Decor will change your bed from a plain bed that is left unmade to a summery sanctuary that you will be excited to make every day. We are in love with the bright, yellow flowers on this quilt. They brighten up a room and are not too girly. This isn’t your grandmother’s floral print.

If your husband does protest the floral pattern, this set gives you another option because it is reversible! Simply flip the quilt over and you have a tan, neutral quatrafoil pattern that is still feminine but a little quieter. We love the look of the quilt folded down showing the reverse side with the floral pattern. This elegant set includes matching pillow shams. Lush Decor has many other quilt sets for you to choose from, and we are sure you will find one that can liven up your master bedroom.

Let Your Decor Work For You

Budgets are tight. We get it! When you are shopping for decor, make sure to pick items that will do more than just look pretty in your room. Curtains are an important piece in your bedroom for how they look but you need curtains to do more than just look pretty! You need them to work. You need curtains to block out light that will keep you up at night or wake you up too early in the morning. Room darkening curtains can also reduce your utility bill by regulating temperature in your bedroom.

While you may be tempted to buy some crappy curtains to save money, don’t! You can get room darkening curtains that do their job and look amazing from Lush Decor for a price that won’t break the bank. Don’t settle. Sleep better with room darkening curtains! You can even take a nap in the middle of the day with room darkening curtains from Lush Decor closed tight. So go ahead and put the baby down for a nap and sleep when the baby sleeps in your newly made-over master room. You deserve it! We love the look of the Leah Room Darkening Curtains paired with the matching quilt set. Lush Decor has several options for room darkening curtains for you to choose from.

Mix Up Textures

Mixing in texture in your home decor leaves you with a more interesting room. If the overall look of your room falls flat, let some fun texture save the day! Fear not, you don’t need to put up a faux exposed brick wall in your bedroom or spend hundreds of dollars installing a textured wallpaper.

Adding texture can be as simple as adding an accent piece like a throw that is a unique texture that stands out. For example, the Luca Fur Throw from Lush Decor will add that pop you are looking for in the overall design of your master bedroom. It looks just lovely but is even lovelier to the touch. Lush Decor has some cool options when it comes to adding texture in your room with their pillows and throws.

Add Neutral Feminine Touches

If you are married or living with a partner, you might not be able to make your bedroom as girly as you would like. That is alright. Compromise is a good thing and sometimes a little goes a long way. You can pull together a room with little feminine details in a subtle way. Look for feminine patterns or textures in a neutral color. Everything doesn’t have to be bright pink to be girly.

A little floral pattern in a cream color like in the Darla Shower Curtain from Lush Decor will pull a little feminine into the design of your master bathroom without overwhelming the room. The ruching and flowers all in the ivory color look so pretty, and your husband won’t complain one bit. There are lots of beautiful options if you need a new shower curtain when you shop with Lush Decor.

Your master bedroom can be your most loved room in your home. You can use patterns, texture, and feminine touches to create a space that inspires and delights you. Lush Decor provides you with so many options for the big pieces and small details that will make your master room into a place you will be proud of. Your master bedroom should bring you joy and you should be able to relax in a space that is all your own. Take back your space with a makeover from Lush Decor!

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Kristen Douglas
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