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We all snuggle up under blankets at night. That’s the warmest, coziest way to catch your z’s, after all! Due to safety reasons, our sweet babies don’t get the same luxury. When the weather is cooler we have to resort to dressing our little ones in multiple layers to stay warm and safe at night. Even the average sleep sack doesn’t add much in terms of real warmth on a cold winter night.

The Sleep Nest by Baby DeeDee is a new take on the wearable blanket that will have every baby snoozing in safety – and most importantly – warmth.

Photo Credit: Lilac Saloon


The Sleep Nest is made from a lightweight woven cotton outer, lightweight quilting batting inner layer, and a knit cotton lining. These layers are lightweight but work together to retain baby’s body heat, as a duvet cover would. It washes easily and dries very quickly due to its light breathable fabric.

Photo Credit: Lilac Saloon


A large full zipper that starts at the neck and zips downward to the toes makes it extremely easy to zip even while baby is kicking up a storm. The large sturdy snaps at the shoulders mean you don’t need to pull baby’s arms through anything. Just snap, zip, and they’re in! In fact, it’s so easy that many babies may even stay asleep while you put them into their Sleep Nest!

Photo Credit: Lilac Saloon


The Sleep Nest is offered in 8 beautiful colors. They’re sophisticated which is a welcomed change from the average garish fleece sleep sack. We love this one that has an extra special detail – a zipper that softly glows in the dark! Aside from being a fun detail, it’s actually a clever safety feature. One quick peek and even in the dark you can see if baby is sleeping on their back or tummy! Genius, we say.

We love the size options available! You can bundle your littles in these wearable duvets from 0 months all the way up to size 36 months. Your toddler will stay warm at night in the Sleep Nest since they will not be able to kick their blankets off in their sleep!

For those situations where a light blanket would be appropriate, the Sleep Nest Lite would be perfect. It still gives baby that snuggled feeling we all love from a blanket, but is made of a double layer of soft jersey knit. This is great even in warm climates where you might have your air conditioning running, making it a little cool for baby. This way, you don’t have to bundle her up just to take a nap!


It gets cold in northern Iowa, even with the heat cranked way up. It’s just colder in the house at night and we all have to bundle up for bed. Before the Sleep Nest, we dressed our little one in socks, onesie, fleece pajamas, and fleece sleep sack. Her little hands would still feel cold at night! When she wears the Sleep Nest to bed, we only need to put her in long sleeved pajamas and she stays warm all night! I can only imagine how much more comfortable she is now. I sleep easier knowing she’s so warm and safe!

Best of all? Baby DeeDee is participating in Daily Mom’s 50 Days of Giveaways! One lucky reader will win a Sleep Nest of their own!

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  1. Baby deedee is my favorite sleep sack, great product, a life saver for me. Would highly recommend to every parent. It’s just a firm crib mattress with a fitted cotton sheet and sleep sack. I don’t need to worry about any loose blankets, my baby will be safe and cozy! They loved the sleep sack so much…

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