25 Totally Rad Tshirts for Boys Ages 5 to 15

Mommas of sons know how hard it can be shopping for clothes. Tshirts for boys always seem to be either plain, such as just blue, or gray, or with brand names, cartoons, or pop culture references on them. Yet, traditional girls’ shirts come in all types of fun patterns, graphics, and powerful statements to show personality. So to help out, we’ve put together a list of 25 totally rad tshirts for boys ages 5 to 15 that your son or sons will love to wear.

25 Totally Rad Tshirts for Boys Ages 5 to 15

Ask Me About My T-Rex

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OK, so maybe not the most “proper” of shirts, but definitely in the cool category, this T-Rex shirt has “Ask Me About My T-Rex” on the front, and a large and in-charge dino on the inside. When a child lifts and pulls the front of the shirt onto his head, he turns into a T-Rex. Cool right? This will definitely win some mom “Brownie Points” in the clothing category.

If your child flipping their shirt up in random public places makes you cringe, maybe this shirt isn’t for you. But if they love this, they’ll love the Ask Me About My Ninja Disguise version even more!

Paint Splatters

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Little artists and creatives-to-be will love this totally messy and bright paint splatter shirt reminiscent of a productive art day. The shirt is made with an athletic material. And the best part? No need to worry about spilling and getting stains on this shirt made just for mess makers!

Take A Hike

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It’s important for kids to get outside for fresh air, exercise, and encourage their peers to do the same. This shirt is not only a nice graphic with cool colors, but it may persuade others to enjoy nature as much as the wearer does. The play on words is a nice touch, too.

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NASA Throwback

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Space lovers will blast off when they throw on this shirt. Including the iconic NASA logo with a retro rocket fire blast, it’s a simple graphic with a casual vibe. Great with shorts or jeans, they’ll be able to wear their STEM love on their sleeve – literally.

Soccer Typography

Best-Products-Club-Tshirts For Boys

Get a kick out of this soccer tee with a typography touch. Within a silhouette of a soccer player gearing up to kick a ball is a list of words related to the most popular global sport of all. Not a soccer fan? This company also makes tshirts for boys of other fan favorites – basketball, lacrosse, etc.

Hawaiian Vibe

Best-Products-Club-Tshirts For Boys

Aloha! Lay back and enjoy the warm weather in this super chill tee with a Hawaiian vibe. Cute for summertime, or boys who just love the beach life like surfing and skateboarding. It’s perfect for any active lifestyle, as it’s made of a breathable knit, not typical cotton, like most tees. It’s totally gnarly!

Outer Space

Best-Products-Club-Tshirts For Boys

Deep space is always a favorite of kids. Maybe it’s the unknown, interest in UFOs, or the possibility of aliens that make it so popular. Either way, your son will love wearing outer space tshirts for boys (or girls who love space, too!).

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Best-Products-Club-Tshirts For Boys

A great present for skateboarders and skateboard fans alike, this Kickflip Ollie t-shirt is one that boys of all ages will love to wear – maybe even dad, too! A gradient of colors and images across the front, it also comes in five shirt shades and will have all boys flipping for it.

Galaxy Cat Taco Pizza

Best-Products-Club-Tshirts For Boys

Boys who are just too cool to wear anything ordinary will really get a kick out of this tee. Could a shirt have any more awesomeness on the front? Cats in space? Check, Tacos and pizza? Check and check. His friends will admire the fearless fashion sense.


Best-Products-Club-Tshirts For Boys

Camouflaged shirts have been around for decades but really exploded in the 1980s. And guess what? It’s baaaack. But did it really ever go away? What could be cooler than a shirt that looks like G.I. Joe and can help you hide in the trees?

Shark Faces

Best-Products-Club-Tshirts For Boys

Shark lovers will find this shirt totally rad. It’s like an encyclopedia of your favorite fin-friend that can also be worn. Definitely a must-have for a beach vacation, this shirt is pretty cool year-round.

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NES Classic

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Sure, Mom and Dad know what it is, but with an uptick in all things ’80s, plus the release of the mini version, there’s no doubt this generation is familiar with this popular game console, too. When it comes to tshirts for boys, this NES Controller Parts Schematic shirt is cool for even the non-video game players.

Geometric Pattern

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Forget the graphic tshirts for boys, the sayings, and the logos, and just get a really cool tee with a design that makes you take a second glance. Stand out and get double-takes while wearing this eye-catching creation.


Best-Products-Club-Tshirts For Boys

Dribble and shoot in this awesome shirt that really stands out. The bright colors in a geometric pattern within a basketball silhouette really pop against the navy shirt. It also comes in Black, Asphalt, and Dark Heather colors, too.


Best-Products-Club-Tshirts For Boys

If your young guy always has his ear pods in while constantly listening to the latest tunes, this shirt is for him. The vintage headphones placed around the neck of the shirt are unique, but even better, they GLOW IN THE DARK. Cool, right?

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Speaking of unique, how many shirts do you know that CHANGE COLOR with body heat? Green goes to yellow, and the purple shirt goes to pink, while colors like blue, orange, and gray change to white. This shirt is so cool, the entire family may want one.


Best-Products-Club-Tshirts For Boys

Blast up and away in this cool astronaut and space sketch shirt. The black and white drawing-like design looks almost as if the wearer drew it himself. And who knows, maybe he did! It’s a creative and cool shirt.

Geometric Blur

Best-Products-Club-Tshirts For Boys

This pattern alone is pretty cool, but on tshirts for boys, the geometric pattern turns into a work of art. The pink, purple, and brown hues aren’t feminine at all, and really stand out against all the other boys wearing black, gray, and blue.

Math Equation

Best-Products-Club-Tshirts For Boys

E=mc… what? Well, we may not remember everything from math class, but if you guy does, or just loves numbers, formulas, and is proud of it, this shirt is for him. (Wondering if this becomes a cheat sheet on test day?)

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Robots are always cool for all ages. If your guy loves robot wars, robot fighting, and anything robot, this is the shirt he needs. The pattern is the same, but the shirt comes in ten different colors, so scoop one up for dad, too.


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This may be the most mundane shirt on this list, but even those who like graphics on their shirt need a simpler version. We like this striped version because it’s not just thick stripes. The various thin stripes across add a bit of sophistication that usually doesn’t show up on tshirts for boys.


Best-Products-Club-Tshirts For Boys

This dinosaur-covered shirt is super cute. Brontos, T-rexes, Stegos, claw marks, and footprints can be seen from every angle. However, it’s only available in a 3-pack with two other dino-themed graphic shirts. Is it worth it? Maybe. After all, it’s hard to find a cool shirt with an all-over dinosaurs pattern.

Vintage Americana

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This shirt is ultra-cool. The red, white, and blue Americana theme is evident on this vintage style of tee. Great with pretty much any bottoms, this shirt is great for the boy who is an old soul at heart.


Best-Products-Club-Tshirts For Boys

Keep the graffiti off the walls and on the clothing. This tri-color shirt is awesome for little rebels. A little pink in the middle is a bit off-beat for boys’ clothes, which makes it even cooler. Pair it with some black converse for a complementary look.

Be Kind

Best-Products-Club-Tshirts For Boys

If there’s one graphic shirt to buy for a wardrobe, it’s one with a totally positive message. This “Dude. Be Kind.” shirt is it. If nothing else in this world, just be kind. There’s no need for anything else. And kids that spread positive messages and kindness like this are totally rad and cool.

Tshirts for boys can be so mundane, but not anymore! Forget plain colored tees, cartoons, and pop culture references. The shirts in this list make fashion fun for our little and not-so-little-anymore guys. Outfit their wardrobe with a few of these super cool and rad tees, and they’ll think you’re pretty cool, too!

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