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When it comes to the summer vacation for the family, you’ve got a slew of options. Two of the most important: to go or not to go! According to actress, producer, host, New York Times Best-Selling Author, inspirational speaker, wife, and mother of 3, Candace Cameron Bure says the family summer vacation does not have to be stressful, boring, or consist of worrying about if everyone is happy. “Working in Hollywood, it’s essential to prioritize family time and create lasting memories with summer vacations that everyone in the family can enjoy,” Bure said. “Kalahari Resorts is a family-owned business, and they deeply understand the importance of family time. I couldn’t be more excited to be a part of the celebration as they expand their guest offerings nationwide.”

It’s summertime and we’re planning summer vacations, and along with that, it can be tricky to find the perfect spot that suits everyone’s desires for their vacation time. According to Candace who is in Sandusky, OH, the Kalahari Resorts and Conventions is enhancing its family fun offerings nationwide this summer.

When it comes to choosing the right destination, to ease your stress levels when choosing a location, you want to make sure you have a little bit of everything so that not only are the kids happy, but Mom and Dad as well, and even grandparents can enjoy one location. One place, for the whole family… who would’ve thought it could actually work out?! We’re amazed!

Be sure to take into account your kids’ ages and the activities available so that the location suits all the members in your family to make it a memorable and amazing experience.

When choosing the right destination for your brood, be sure you find the spot that covers all of your desires and expectations this summer under one roof. How stressless your planning would then be!? Instead of needing a vacation from your vacation once it’s over, be sure to truly enjoy the vacation, because your summer getaway has everything you need and want in a single place. This is truly ideal when you have little ones and don’t want to cart everyone from place to place, unloading and loading. 

During her time at the resort’s Sandusky property, Candace was able to experience the five new slides that are now open to guests. The expansion includes:

  • Stingray:
    • This raft slide builds anticipation with an exciting serpentine in-run before the raft suddenly drops into a 45-degree tunnel. The ride then gains serious speed before entering a five-story funnel.
  • Sahara Sidewinder:
    • For thrill-seekers, this slide creates a “drop-and-dive” sensation as riders fly through steeply angled saucers.
  • Tornado Alley:
    • Riders will experience two high-energy funnels throughout the course of the slide – as well as a sudden 24-foot drop, which allows for high-banking swings and zero-gravity moments.
  • Serengeti Spinner:
    • This high-speed, enclosed body slide features back-to-back curves and tight 360-degree loops.
  • Extreme Rush:
    • Riders stand in a transparent pod high above the waterpark before the floor drops in the near-vertical chute, launching riders to experience the tight 360-degree slide at a fast speed.

Watch the brief interview here where you’ll get a glimpse of these amazing slides!

Don’t worry Mom and Dad, you’ve got the lazy river to relax in while the older kids zip up and down the slides, as well as the spa, which we’re sure you definitely deserve!

Now all that is left to do is sit down as a family, with just a computer for research purposes, and make sure that everyone’s wants are covered when it comes to choosing the destination. This is the perfect time to get everyone involved so that when you reach your summer destination, Mom, Dad, the kids (young and old), and any other family member, is completely ready and willing, and happy about the vacation time spent with each other; chill, relax, and enjoy the vacation. That is what it’s truly about. For once or once again, take a vacation without needing a vacation from your vacation when it’s over!

We have loved watching the sweet and gifted Candace grow up right before our eyes on one of the most loved family-friendly series, Full House. Now, be sure to catch more of the stunning and talented Candace Cameron Bure on Fuller House, Season 3, coming out in the fall on Netflix. Not only that, but you’ll find her on the Hallmark channel in a new Christmas movie, and also on the Hallmark Mystery channel, where she’s featured in the Teagarden Mystery series.

Candace Cameron Bure: Vacation Getaways For The Family 2 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

For a stress-free, family friendly summer destination with accommodations, activities, and a slew of attractions, Kalahari Resorts and Conventions is the ultimate place for a summer family getaway – with something for everyone, all under one roof. For more information or to book your stay, please visit

Now that the summer vacation is planned, until it’s go time, Summer Family Bonding Activites will keep you more unplugged and connected to each other.

Photo credits: Candace Cameron Bure, Leo Rivas on Unsplash



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