The Importance of a Dad

The importance of a dad is very crucial. A father plays a big and important role in their child’s life. Being present in the child’s life has a huge impact on them and molds him/her into the person they become. Whether it is the father daughter bond or a bond between the father and son, there are various reasons why the importance of a dad is influential. Dads should always be there for their child no matter what.

Emotional Development

Father Daughter Bond

The importance of dad is most critical in the child’s early years. This is because the child uses the behavior patterns they observe and experience and incorporates them in their own repertoire of social exchange. The father at the end of the day is central to the outcome of who their child will be. Fathers make a big difference in their child’s life when they are involved. Even if the parents are divorced, the father should still be in their child’s life. Research has even shown that fathers are just as important as mothers in their roles as caregivers, protectors, financial supporters, and models for social and emotional behavior.

Children look up at their fathers as the person who lays down the rules and enforces them. Fathers also give the security a child needs both emotionally and physically. It’s natural that all children want to make their fathers proud. When the father is involved, it promotes their inner growth and strength. Studies have shown that a child’s social, language, and cognitive development is greatly impacted by the father who shows them support and affection. Children who are well bonded with their father tend to have less behavioral problems and less negative interactions with alcohol and drugs. Overall, the child feels a stronger sense of well being and self confidence.

Relationships with Others

Fathers influence children’s relationships with those around them. The way a father treats his child will influence the child at what he/she looks for in others. Whether it’s spouses, friends, etc., these people will be chosen based on how the child has perceived the meaning of the relationship with their father. The relationship dictates what the relationship of the child will be like with others. Simply put, it’s the early patterns of a child’s interaction with their father that will be projected in their future relationships. It is not just how the child will relate to others, but the range in behaviors which the child considers acceptable and loving.

The Importance Of A Dad

Father Daughter Bond

Everyone knows that a daughter depends on her father for security and emotional support. A father daughter bond is important for every girl. It’s the father that shows his daughter what a relationship with a man is like. It’s their responsibility to be loving and gentle so that the daughter is more likely to look for guys with those similar traits and qualities. The same goes if the father is strong and valiant. Fathers who aren’t as loving or supportive, or not even in their daughter’s life has an impact on them. This may result in the daughter finding the wrong men to be with, in turn, possibly bringing negativity into their lives. This is because girls tend to relate better with men displaying the same character as their father because they feel they can handle the same in a relationship and, as humans, we tend to subconsciously seek out what we know.

Fathers and Sons

Father Daughter Bond

Boys tend to model themselves after their fathers. As they grow, they tend to imitate their fathers behavior. When fathers notice this they should make sure they are being a great dad to be good role models for their sons. This is the natural pattern of life and how they learn to function in the world. If the father is caring and respectful, the son will grow up to be much the same. If the father is absent the son will look up to other male figures to set the ‘roles’ of how to behave and survive. Dads should work on being the best they can be so that their son can follow in their footsteps. This way, the son can be the best he can be, too.

The importance of a dad is crucial and all dads should make as much effort as they can to fully participate in their child’s life. Fathers should work on having a father daughter bond as well as a bond with their son. Every bond with each child is different, but all are equally important in a child’s development and future relationships. These bonds mold children into the people they will become. It’s not just mothers who are important in their child’s life, but the fathers too.

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Father Daughter Bond

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