2020 Best Skincare Products for your Holiday Glow

We’ve all heard of the glow-up. Get your own glow-up started with this year’s line up of the best skincare products of 2020! Whether you’re looking to gift it, use it, or grab a buy one, get one deal so everyone wins, we have all the top essentials to get your holiday glow-ready!


2020 Best Skincare Products For Your Holiday Glow

Give the lady in your life a gift that keeps on giving this holiday season, the gift of good skin with an ultimate skincare regime she can really trust. The stressors of this year have affected us all, leaving many of us ladies reaching for the wrinkle cream in abundance. This holiday season give her the gift of soft, silky, smooth, and hydrated skin she will love to feel and see this season. Neora provides the ultimate in hydration and wellness with skincare she will love waking up to! With tons of antioxidants, peptides, plant extracts, and vitamins, a skincare regime from Neora will give her beautiful skin and reduce the signs of aging.

For both the best value and optimal treatment, this holiday season give the gift of the Advanced Skincare Set which includes a 30 day supply of the following:

  • Age IQ® Night Cream
  • Age IQ® Day Cream
  • Age IQ® Eye Serum
  • IllumaBoost® Brightening & Shield
  • Age IQ® Double-Cleansing Face Wash


2020 Best Skincare Products For Your Holiday Glow

Rejuvenate your skin from the inside this holiday season with a skincare regime from RE:ERTH for healthy, hydrated, and beautiful skin this season. Don’t let the winter blues make your holiday soiree skin dry, cracked, and chapped. With a skincare regime for yourself, or gifted to your best girlfriends, RE:ERTH harnesses the all-natural power of Japanese White Turmeric to give you a fresh and healthy glow all year long, no matter what the weather looks like outside. This season a few of our favorites include:

  • Multi-Targeted Elixir: this bestseller is a skin-refining serum that is lightweight, absorbed in seconds, and provides rejuvenation making skin look firmer and healthier with smaller pores.
  • Illuminating Concentrate: spot brightening serum for clearer skin.
  • Clarifying Cleanser: a gentle 2-in-1 cleanser that cleans and removes makeup without overdrying your skin.
  • Calming Toner: a refreshing toner consisting of Japanese White and Spring Turmeric to instantly calm and brighten one’s complexion.
  • Hydrating Gel Moisturizer: a weightless, oil-free moisturizer for use in all climates.


2020 Best Skincare Products For Your Holiday Glow

Take the wisdom from ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine and integrate it with modern revolutions in skincare, and you’re left with nothing but the power to calm, brighten, and reverse time with Redmint’s luxurious products.

Some of the best skincare products you could gift this holiday season are potent harmonizing blends of plant oils, fatty acids, and vitamins B and C to balance out overactive skin. The Huö Má Rén + Lotus Facial Oil is a true gift of thoughtfulness for those with skin nourishment needs.

Wait a minute. What if you took 15+ yin nourishing, Qi elevating, and Yang escalating herbs to another level? Hmmm, yes, please! The receiver of the 5 Elements Ageless Facial Oil will enjoy all that and more. Sourced with their vital energies in mind, this signature anti-aging face oil makes it on our top list of best skincare products to moisturize dry skin, beef up firmness, and slough off dead, discolored skin. If you love the idea of giving someone a regenerative approach to skin health, this mighty herbal formulation will do the trick beautifully.

Who wouldn’t love a sensual night of self-care with a facial mask that involves relaxation and healing? This makes an easy gift for a guy or gal who would relish in mineral-rich rice and lotus flower waters while it infuses into their skin for a baby soft result.

The Facial Treatment Masks Box – Variety comes with Lingzhi – Refine + Firm, Goji – Nourish + Refresh, Pearl – Brighten + Illuminate, Danshen – Detox + Glow, and the Ginko – Soothe + Lift complete this very task. With the advanced liposome technology that enhances absorption, nothing but maximum results like tightened skin, shrunken pores, erased wrinkles, and a brighter complexion await with each beautifying mask.

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2020 Best Skincare Products For Your Holiday Glow

Need an all-in-one beauty pack this holiday? Lancome has you covered! Their limited edition, 2020 Beauty Box has everything you need to elevate your natural look and make every moment together count this season. Gorgeous eyeshadow palettes, lush mascaras, and the best skincare products are all included to help your beauty glow brighter than the tree. Snag one in a pink or chrome carrying case and enjoy it!

2020 Best Skincare Products For Your Holiday Glow

Never underestimate the power of a good lip gloss. Lancome Juicy Tubes have been the leader in gloss for years. With bright, shiny color and just the right amount of sticky, you’ll definitely be wanting these in every color. Luckily, Lancome has bundled an astounding 20 shades in one Juicy Tube Set holiday package! It’s the perfect beauty gift for your beautiful someone.


2020 Best Skincare Products For Your Holiday Glow

Is your little one dealing with dry, flaky, winter skin? Not for long, with Bubbsi!

Bubbsi’s clean coconut oil products make great presents for babies, kids, and families during the gift-giving season. Their adorable the whole gang snuggly skin starter set includes Whipped Coconut Oil Body Cream, Creamy Coconut Oil Shampoo & Wash, and Coconut Oil Balm for Bath + Body + Bum.

Used together, these ultra-nourishing moisturizing products will keep delicate skin soft and protected from harsh winter weather. And surprise–the soft and squishy, non-toxic, refillable, food-grade silicone bottles are basically toys themselves. Your little one won’t want to put them down!

As you may already know, coconut oil is great for many skin conditions, including eczema. With its amazing anti-inflammatory properties, it moisturizes and soothes irritated skin. Once you experience what Bubbsi can do for baby’s dry skin, you may just fall in love and want to buy it again and again. When that’s the case, pick up refill sizes, fill those little guys back up and enjoy gentle and continuous natural hydration every day of the new year!  

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VI Derm Beauty

2020 Best Skincare Products For Your Holiday Glow

Give the lady in your life clinical-grade beauty treatments at home this holiday season with VI Derm Beauty, from the Vitality Institute. Head into the new year with soft and supple skin that would normally take hours at the spa to obtain with the at-home line of best skincare products from VI Derm.

This luxury skincare line has everything you need for the perfect complexion. From gentle cleaners to more intense products that reduce fine lines, age spots, and pigmentation, these at-home products are formulated with you in mind. Choose specific products individually or a routine based on your skincare needs to design the perfect set. This season, for those mamas with tired skin and tired eyes, we love the following:

From stocking stuffers that you told him to buy, to gifts we may just pick up for ourselves, give the gift (to yourself or others) of youthful glowing skin this season with VI Derm Beauty.

Hudson and James

2020 Best Skincare Products For Your Holiday Glow

When you need variation with some of the best skincare products to give this holiday season, Hudson and James work on the inside and outside for radiant, glowing skin in a stocking stuffer.

The first thing to drop in her stocking is the Retinoid Skin Rescue. Think of it as a nighttime skin renewer. Since retinol is known for its proven effectiveness, now every skin type (including sensitive skin) can use it without any harsh side-effects. One product targets acne, increases natural collagen, improves skin texture, fades unwanted dark spots, and, every woman’s favorite, fades the appearance of wrinkles!

For a morning routine, add in the Clean Slate Facial Cleanser to another stocking. It has a plethora of beautifying vitamins and free-radical protecting anti-oxidants. Since everyone has to clean their skin, this is one step you don’t want to forget when shopping for the best skincare products for her (or him). Every wash nourishes and exfoliates the skin, while removing makeup, dirty oils, and pollutants.

If you could gift an angel in a bottle, can you imagine how heavenly-kissed your skin would look and feel after opening it?! That’s exactly what the Angel Skin Face Oil experience is like. It’s a lovely blend of botanicals and nutrients to stimulate youthful plumping collagen production, correct hyperpigmentation, and reduce acne. Yes, this is a must-have gift if you love the idea of gifting a luxury skin oil experience with every angelic drop.

2020 Best Skincare Products For Your Holiday Glow

Since you’re already on a roll with the skin-perfecting products for the outside, remember to also nourish the body from within. The Pink Lemonade Peptide Collagen will be an easy-add to anyone’s everyday beauty routine. Collagen is shown to support gut health, hair health, nail strength, and, you got it, beautiful skin (along with lashes and beards). Sporting a whopping 20 body-craving amino acids and 14 grams of collagen protein, you’ll also feel fuller longer, helping to also maintain a healthy holiday weight! However, we could all use a bit of Curb Your Cravings Appetite Control!

It will help keep mindful eating at the forefront of your mind when “I really shouldn’t…” thoughts start to waver; even if you are stressed, bored, or unusually hormonal during the holidays.

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Skyn Iceland

2020 Best Skincare Products For Your Holiday Glow

The best skincare products gift of balanced and nourished skin may not come au naturèl, but it can come tucked inside a loved one’s stocking. Every beautiful face needs a bit of pampering and refreshment after being depleted, congested, and irritated from a high-octane, 24/7 lifestyle. Don’t you agree?

That’s where you drop the Glacial Face Wash Bundle into a gift bag and smile really giddy-like. Your friend is about to get a travel-friendly and home-bound foaming cleanser that will leave their skin amazingly clean and hydrated.

Created with the purest Icelandic glacial waters and beneficial botanicals, get ready for a detoxified and purified clean that doesn’t strip out the moisture naturally occurring within the skin.

2020 Best Skincare Products For Your Holiday Glow

Mmmmm, the holidays wouldn’t be complete without a lightweight daily lotion to hydrate and cool off the stress of the holiday season (especially if stress shows up in their skin) in your best skincare products repertoire. So for those you know who need this, set the Antidote Cooling Daily Lotion Bundle under their tree.

2020 Best Skincare Products For Your Holiday Glow

For those who hustle in front of the computer all day long, those tired eyes need a little loving! The Daily Essentials for Eyes is a trio of treatments to bring those beautiful blues, greens, browns, and hazels right back to life. No more “wow, you look tired!” comments at 9:00 AM! Now that’s a gift worth giving and keeping one for yourself.


2020 Best Skincare Products For Your Holiday Glow

Looking for a beauty gift for your kiddo that you can feel good about? Will get those little piggies ready for some holiday pizzazz, with ella+mila. This pretty polish is non-toxic vegan, animal cruelty-free, and made in the USA. For a range of beautiful shades, great for both regular styles as well as nail art, opt for the Me Collection. With fun choices like Pretty Princess, Twinkle, Twinkle, Tropical Jungle, My Pool Party, and Mango-Pop, you can’t go wrong.

2020 Best Skincare Products For Your Holiday Glow

If your little one is more of a tinsel and sparkle kind of girl, choose the Glitter Collection. Colors include After Party, Party in a Bottle, Drippin’ Gold, On Thin Ice, G-Old Money and Bronze Me Baby and will definitely light up her holidays. Use them on their own, or layer over other ella+mila colors for endless beauty possibilities!

No manicure or pedicure is complete without must-have nail care products like the 2-Pack Top & Base Duo or Soy Polish Remover. Both will keep nails looking great for longer, without any unhealthy or dangerous chemicals. Prepare to deck the halls, and your nails, this season with ella+mila!

Sweat Cosmetics

2020 Best Skincare Products For Your Holiday Glow

Some of the best skincare products need to enhance your sweaty-beauty of a friend, not make her a sweaty mess! That’s where The Complete Set comes in from Sweat Cosmetics. So for those gym rats in your life, this is the ultimate sweat-your-sass-off-and look-gorgeous bundle! It includes the:

When you’re ready to drop this amazing sweat-friendly bundle into a stocking, remember, the fact that foundation that doesn’t turn into a hot, clumpy mess of a disaster after a hard workout will make any fitness gal in your life her bestie for-ever! The gift of beauty in a gym bag, yeah, no problem!

FRANZ Skincare

2020 Best Skincare Products For Your Holiday Glow

Most women get to an age when seeking the best skincare products shifts from focusing on a healthy glow to combating aging. FRANZ Skincare has got you covered with its FRANZ Premium 2-Week Microcurrent Facial Dual Mask System.

Think surgery without the surgery. This product promises to lift, tighten, smooth, decrease redness, and basically help you look like the rockstar mom you are. The mask system is composed of two treatments in a dual-layered mask that is powered by water energy to go six times deeper than most other face masks.

This at-home product is dermatologist tested and approved for all skin types. Let FRANZ Skincare help you radiate good cheer this holiday season by purchasing the FRANZ Premium 2-Week Microcurrent Facial Dual Mask System.

Nourish Mantra

2020 Best Skincare Products For Your Holiday Glow

The loveliness of pure drops of moisture from the Vedic Elixir 8-in-1 Rejuvenating Facial Oil instantly protects the skin from pollutants (we have plenty of that!) and the un-slightly visible signs of pre-mature aging. The rich essence of Hemp Seed and eight exquisite oils give this healing elixir exceptional radiance and love to your skin…err we mean your friend’s skin of course! After all, this does make a lovely gift as well.

2020 Best Skincare Products For Your Holiday Glow

Who in your life could use a bit of youthful suppleness to match their bubbly personality? Because one of the best skincare products, namely the Urban Rani Facial Serum, lends a soft, dewy, illuminated appearance that appears like a natural sunshine glow on the skin. Since the sun is always smiling, it’s a perfect match!

So give the gift of fortifying, plant-based AHAs and restorative vitamins B3 and C, because a quick-absorbing formula that specializes in removing blemishes, dark spots, and uneven pigmentation is on your girl’s Christmas list!

Volto Urbano

2020 Best Skincare Products For Your Holiday Glow

Let’s face it, the best skincare products are ones that our face truly soaks up. As the weather gets colder, everyone will appreciate the gift of curing their dry skin. Volto Urbano brings us the best Face Cream out there. This vegan and cruelty-free face cream is packed full of time-released vitamins that fight sun damage, moisturize, and heal your skin while remaining lightweight! This Face Cream is the gift that keeps on giving, which is a present your skin needs this holiday season.

2020 Best Skincare Products For Your Holiday Glow

While you’re searching for the best skincare products to place on your Christmas shopping list, you’ll want to be sure to add in Volto Urbano’s Eye Cream – Intense! This cream is as lightweight as their face cream but is targeted to help treat the problem areas around your eyes, including those dark circles and crows feet. The Eye Cream – Intense is packed full of things to help moisturize and firm the sensitive skin, making your eyes appear brighter and smoother than you’ve ever seen them.

Wander Beauty

2020 Best Skincare Products For Your Holiday Glow

We all want to look our best, especially around the holidays when it’s time to be festive and fancy. Wander Beauty specializes in clean beauty essentials for all skin types.

2020 Best Skincare Products For Your Holiday Glow

The Daydreamer Kit has everything you need for gorgeous eye looks. This multitasking kit includes the Exquisite Eye Liquid Shadow, the High Line Liquid Eyeliner, the Mile High Club Volume and Length Mascara, and the brand new Highlighter Stick. For an all-in-one lip tool, you can’t go wrong with the Lipsetter Dual Lipstick and Liner pen that includes a lip liner on one end and a cream lipstick on the other available in a variety of shades.

TAO Clean

2020 Best Skincare Products For Your Holiday Glow

Researching the best skincare products and makeup brushes can be time-consuming and a financial investment. Also, it’s easy to forget how much time is involved in maintaining makeup brushes once purchased. TAO Clean aims at creating products that promote easy, safe self-care.

The TAO Clean Sonic Makeup Brush Cleaner cleans up to six makeup brushes in under two minutes. Simply fill with warm water, a soap pod, and your brushes, touch a button, and go about your business. The TAO Clean Sonic Makeup Brush Cleaner even has the option of selecting a drying mode which speeds up the air-drying process. Extend the life of your makeup brushes while keeping them clean and hygienic, with this product from TAO Clean.

Florence by Mills

2020 Best Skincare Products For Your Holiday Glow

We just love light and flirty skincare products. That’s why this is really a give and get gift. Give one to a bestie, and gift one for yourself! Trust us when we say the Lily Jasmine Zero Chill Face Mist restores all those happy-go-lucky feelings when your skin is stressed and feeling less than vibrant. So spritz away and let the Lily and Jasmine work to calm and moisturize with thyme extracts and seaweed, no less!

2020 Best Skincare Products For Your Holiday Glow

The Spotlight Toner Series includes skin-loving “episodes” of Brighten Up, Clear The Way, and Balance It Out. Each spotlight toner has a unique property that helps to even out skin tone, balance out the natural oils on the skin to keep it clean and clear, and then boosts the skin for soothing moisture to keep it calm and gorgeous.

No one should ever be deprived of a good ‘ole peel. The colors are vibrant and the results after using the Silicone Face Mask Brush of the Low Key Calming Peel Off Mask or the Mind Glowing Peel Off Mask are superb! The brush allows for flexible and even application, while the masks reset the skin, draw out dirt and oils, and finally, calm the skin so it stays cute and happy, no matter how much virtual learning is ahead of you!

Be sure to toss in the Reusable Bamboo Cotton Rounds too! It’s an eco-friendly way to say wash your face and wash your rounds over and over again with the plushy touch of bamboo.


2020 Best Skincare Products For Your Holiday Glow

Who doesn’t love holiday hair? Even if you can’t make it to the salon this season, you can have gorgeous hair that’s full of shine right at home with Gemmist.

The secret to Gemmist’s stunning success is their in-depth hair quiz. Walk through a series of questions online and get customized shampoo and conditioner recommendations, making their formulas exactly the perfect match for you. Whether you’re a Formula 4, Formula 6 or Formula 12 kind of gal, you’ll find just the right fit that will keep your locks looking their best.

Pick up some Gemmist for your mini-me, mom, bestie or yourself this season, and treat them to a splurge-worthy mane that’s merry and bright!

Ancient Treasure

2020 Best Skincare Products For Your Holiday Glow
Spa stone and green leaves with water drops on white background

We love those sensitive types. They’re easy to shop for because the Ancient Treasure’s Essential Beauty kit is exactly what they need in their stocking this year. A non-toxic, made-for-sensitive-skin-over-40 has never been so tailored and precise for this type of skin. Let the radiance come through with this two-step skincare ritual that actually replaces 16 skincare products! Now, how’s that for an economical gift that brings on beauty in the most effective and efficient way?

Ziri Skincare

2020 Best Skincare Products For Your Holiday Glow

There is no way you can walk away without the GOBO deal; meaning, gift one, buy one (for yourself)! The Moroccan Red Clay is like a silky mask on a mission. Just imagine all the pamper-me-days you’ll have with girlfriends after you gift one away and buy one for yourself.

This exotic mask will dramatically change the overall appearance, health, and texture of your skin. You know those days your skin looks a bit rough? Yes, this bottle of skin-love will do the trick, but only if you love brighter skin and less acne!

2020 Best Skincare Products For Your Holiday Glow

Since you are pampering your face anyway, toss in the Moroccan Black Soap With Lemon. Every(body) could use a bit of de-stressing and calming moments. The best place to slow down and do that is definitely in the nude and in the bath. It’s time to take some of the best skincare products and use them to regenerate, smooth, and purify the skin.

Whether it’s negative energy to sloth away or the dead skin cells, neither belong in your own private oasis you just created. Thus, share the love and give that special someone an experience the next time they step into the shower with this new and thoughtful gift from you!

Element X™

2020 Best Skincare Products For Your Holiday Glow

Here is your secret weapon to dry skin this holiday season. Element X™ has made an easy drop-and-run stocking stuffer of one of the best skincare products for irritating skin bumps, eczema-prone skin, and overall dryness.

With all those delicious natural ingredients in their 3-pack of Mirakle Soap™, your skin… err, we mean your bestie’s skin will get a boost in repair and natural balancing of itself. Since it’s also 99.9% anti-bacterial, you can probably kiss those acne breakouts goodbye. Err, we mean your friend. Heck, who are we kidding, you know this is a BOGO (buy one, give one) type of deal! Get healthy, happy skin together this holiday season!

Stryke Club

2020 Best Skincare Products For Your Holiday Glow

This holiday season, gift the young man in your life the clear, acne-free skin they deserve! A perfect stocking stuffer, the Stryke Club Skincare line up is specifically formulated with teen boys in mind. Developed by a board-certified pediatric dermatologist, this line of products helps deep clean, soften, and protect their skin for a clear, fresh face every day.

The lineup includes the Face First wash to clean, soften, and smooth, an Everywhere Wash to keep him fresh, smelling good, and free of body acne too, and a Stryke Stick for zapping specific problem areas. Guys need to focus on keeping clean and healthy skin just as much as the girls do, so this season gift him a set made with him in mind from the Stryke Club.

Dashing Diva

2020 Best Skincare Products For Your Holiday Glow

This holiday season, we barely have time to wait for nail polish to dry, let alone spend a couple of hours every couple of weeks for professional gels and manicures.

This year, we’re thinking easy. It’s one thing to shop for some of the best skincare products around, but what about our nails? Easy, drop a few of these eye-catching press-ons and feel confident that your nails are doing what they are supposed to be doing…looking fab-o-lous with the Winter Wonder nail collection. The shimmery, glitter accents go perfectly with holiday parties.

2020 Best Skincare Products For Your Holiday Glow

Feeling like someone in your life needs more length? Remember, this is the nail department and that makes the Snowman Band an excellent choice. You’ll get length with a coffin-shaped nail, and glossy finishing touch. A snowflake manicure is just what the season is calling for. Those gorgeous flakes of glitter and snowflake designs will pair flawlessly with some of your best skincare products and makeup color schemes.

2020 Best Skincare Products For Your Holiday Glow

This piece, the Guilty Pleasures – Medium length is like eye-candy for your nails. The “guilty” comes from the sweet-like candy and power like passion, deep burgundy colors. If you know someone in your life who loves taking on the leadership role, this press-on nail set will match their personality just nicely. With no tacky glue to fuss with, they’ll be pressed and gone, bossing just like they ought to be.

2020 Best Skincare Products For Your Holiday Glow

You realize you have some of those Wannabe Wicked – Medium-length friends out there to shop for right? They may be all bark, but their bite is as harmless as a kitten’s gentle lick. Let them feel empowered and a bit wicked this year in a sultry burgundy nail and stunning shattered glass accent.

2020 Best Skincare Products For Your Holiday Glow

This Ms. Marble-ous – Medium-length nail draws its inspiration from the art deco era. A simple replica of a press on mani in matte black with gold and diamond accents with… yes, you guessed it, marble-ous accents! It’s truly eye-catching and flattering to your hands. Go with black and make a statement with Dashing Diva’s assortment of easy-peasy press-on nail collections.

Organi Glow

2020 Best Skincare Products For Your Holiday Glow

Natural ingredients that give you flawless skin? You better believe it! The folks over at Organiglow Skin Co. believe in creating products that are chemical free and non-toxic. Their Ultra Healing Eye Cream is full of moisture retaining ingredients and organic anti-inflammatory agents to nourish, plump and ease those dark circles! Get the results you want with ingredients that work wonders but won’t harm your body! Bonus, this 15ml bottle is known to last up to four months, giving you beautiful skin for a steal!


2020 Best Skincare Products For Your Holiday Glow

If you have curly or wavy hair, your life is about to change. We have found the holy grail for you! Ecoslay delivers moisture-rich curls with luminous shine while still maintaining a firm hold on your locks! Boasting all-natural ingredients and an easy-to-use pump dispenser, you will fall in love with your hair over and over again! Orange Marmalade isn’t too good to be true, it’s just plain amazing.

Hot Head Thermal Hair Care

2020 Best Skincare Products For Your Holiday Glow

This season, keep your locks looking lush for all of those holiday soirees with the Hot Head microwaveable thermal heat cap. This easy-to-heat thermal cap is simple to pop in the microwave and then place over your hair, to ensure the very best results from your favorite deep conditioning, hot oil, hair masque, or hair treatment. Providing enough heat for a 30-45 minute treatment, this soft cap provides moist heat that won’t damage or dry out your hair like other heat styling tools.

Ideal for all textures and hair types, this microwaveable deep conditioning heat cap comes in three sizes for kids to adults, including those with extra-long, curly, or dreadlocked hair. Finally, the XL Hot Head microwaveable cap can even be used to safely set curlers or rollers, again providing a safer heating alternative for your hair.


2020 Best Skincare Products For Your Holiday Glow

This natural Face Wash Powder by Recurrent comes in an environmentally friendly container, which is the answer for acne-prone skin. It’s free of phthalates, parabens, sulfates, and artificial fragrances and dyes. This simple, yet unique, powder face wash is a natural hypoallergenic surfactant that cleans pores while protecting and moisturizing the skin. Using just a nickel-sized amount of powder every morning and night, you will see a clear, healthy complexion in no time! This is one of the best skincare products available now for Gen Z-ers, tweens, and teens.

It’s been a doozy of a year friends, but our skin doesn’t have to suffer for it. Treat yourself (and a friend!) to the best skincare products of the year to celebrate you getting through it! This holiday season, don’t let the stress mess with your glow-up. Grab one, two, or all of these essentials from our best skincare products list and shine, shine, shine!

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2020 Best Skincare Products For Your Holiday Glow



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