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STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering and Math has infiltrated our homes, becoming a huge part of our public school curriculum and introducing many of our children to concepts and practices that they never would have experienced at such an early age. These days, the majority of our children’s toys are well-advanced beyond anything we ever had to play with and our kids are excelling rapidly with many of the these new technologies.

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Meccano is a company that has embraced the rapid growth of our children’s minds and developed educational toys that are fun, engaging and interactive. Rather than purchasing something your child will play with once and then discard, Meccano inspires children to enjoy building, programming, coding and even gaming with their creations. From interactive robots to automobile assembly, introduce children of any age to the “toys” of the future…lessons in engineering and robotics are no longer for those in a lab, but for your kids right in your living room.

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Ideal for older children who love to build and code, M.A.X., Meccano Erector’s Robotic Interactive Toy with Artificial Intelligence, is an incredible invention making your child’s dreams come true! Engineers, innovators and creators alike will love M.A.X.’s personalized capabilities! Once built, this interactive robot stands over 12″ tall and becomes a source of entertainment in your home. With the ability to control and program the robot using voice commands, the buttons on the meccabrain or an app on a tablet or iPad, your children will literally spend hours “playing” with M.A.X. while developing impressive engineering skills well beyond their years.

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M.A.X. is able to dance, tell jokes, pick up/put down various objects. Complete with infrared sensors which allow him to maneuver around obstacles and gaming capabilities, M.A.X. engages your child’s critical thinking skills as they build, customize and play with their new friend.

M.A.X., Meccano Erector’s Robotic Interactive Toy with Artificial Intelligence


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For any child who loves creatures of the creepy, crawly variety, the Meccano Erector MeccaSpider Robotic Programmable Toy with Built in Games is perfect! Bringing together educational play with building and programming, your little engineer can create their own futuristic “pet” with a personality. This interactive robotic toy is hours of entertainment. The MeccaSpider can be controlled through its built-in buttons or its app using bluetooth technology.

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Complete with built-in games the whole family can enjoy, the MeccaSpider has various modes to creep, crawl, prowl and attack including the ability to shoot venom if threatened.

Meccano Erector MeccaSpider with Interactive Built-In Games

With the idea of making dreams a reality, enter a world of robots and artificial intelligence well beyond our wildest imaginations, but directly within our children’s grasp – Welcome to Meccano!

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Kristin dePaula
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