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There comes a time when you long for a supple softness and sleep-inducing bed that makes you feel like royalty every time you slumber. Well, that time has come. The best mattress topper for 2019 is here! Whether or not you own your own Puffy Mattress (which we highly recommend), you can always use the Puffy Mattress Pad. This mattress pad is high quality, non-toxic, and feels like sleeping on a cloud, all in the comfort of your own home. Finalize your best night’s sleep with a customizable Puffy Pillow. Who knew it was perfect for back or side sleepers?!

The Mattress Pad

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We have found the best mattress topper and pillow for 2019 if you are a side or back sleeper. Puffy’s mattress pad can top any mattress, fitting perfectly with durable, elastic pockets that support mattresses up to 15-inches thick! You’ll be pleasantly surprised to know that it is also easy to wash and you will not have to worry about the elastic band degrading.

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Once your Puffy mattress pad arrives, it is as simple as 1-2-3 and you are ready to sleep on a cloud. Get ready for the ultra comfort and deep night’s sleep in a matter of minutes.

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One…Unzip your Puffy mattress pad and get ready to not have a lot of work to do! Simply remove the vacuumed seal from the pad and lay it out across your mattress. There are no chemical smells nor do you have to wait for it to ‘air out’ before wrapping this puffy softness around your mattress.

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Your Puffy mattress pad is crafted with the highest grade materials. Your topper was made to last, giving you night after night of restful sleep. As a matter of fact, you’ll have 101 nights just to try out your new mattress pad.

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Two… The best mattress topper is incredibly easy to put on, you’ll hardly wait to get the perfect amount of extra cushioning while staying cool. Puffy’s mattress pad doesn’t add any additional heat that other foam toppers do. With the 1200 GSM Hypoallergenic Ball Fiber Polyester filling under your body, you will feel like you are literally floating.

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Three… Are you ready to relax in a soft and smooth bed that takes away your day’s stresses and frustrations? Are you ready to sleep fully and deeply because you can fall asleep with less fidgeting? Then the Puffy mattress pad is the best mattress topper for you in 2019 and beyond.

The Perfect Pillow

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How you lay your head to rest really does matter. It is one thing to have your body undeniably wrapped in comfort but what about your head and neck? That’s where Puffy’s pillow comes in to complete your night’s sleep experience. Whether you need maximum comfort as a side sleeper or a little bit flatter as a back sleeper, Puffy’s pillow is customizable to fit your perfect comfort level.

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You’ll be pleasantly surprised (or not, because Puffy is just that good) to experience the premium blend of bamboo rayon to allow for a “cool to the touch” feel and exceptional breathability. They have thought of everything! Even in the heat of summer, you will be cool, comfortable, and confident your night’s sleep will be heavenly.

Best Mattress Topper & Pillow Set

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Get ready to enjoy the best mattress topper and pillow set this year! We especially appreciate the 383 thread count with the Puffy mattress pad and the uncompromised customizable comfort with the Puffy pillow.

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Ultra comfortable, long-lasting, made with high-quality, non-toxic raw materials, and guaranteed to give you your best night’s sleep ever, you’ll soon see why this is the year to grab your Puffy mattress pad and Puffy pillow set today!

Puffy Mattress Pad | Puffy Pillow

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