6 Best Dogs for Kids and Families

A dog can be an ideal companion for a child, as it offers unconditional love and can teach the child about empathy and what it means to have responsible behavior. But, as a parent, you probably want to make sure that the dog you are choosing is not only a suitable dog, but also one of the best dogs for kids.

This means that you need a dog that is not too large, presents no signs of aggression, and is energetic enough to withstand long play sessions in the company of children. If you have been thinking about getting a dog for a while, here is a list of the best dogs for kids that may help you in selecting the best pup for your family to enjoy.

Best Dogs for Kids

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

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The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a cheerful and warm-hearted dog that simply loves being in the companionship of its family. This dog breed will never be an aggressive one, as it is famous for its calm and pleasant nature. Adults will love it for its elegance, while children will melt for its cute appearance. This breed can easily fit inside an apartment as well, due to its small size.

You may need to dedicate some time to grooming its beautiful and soft coat; however, it is worth noting that this dog doesn’t shed too much, so dog hair will not become a problem in your home

Because the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is so easy-going and gentle, it will be very easy to take them along with you on family outings.  This dog will sit quietly in the car or enjoy walks as every activity makes it a happy dog.


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The Beagle is another non-aggressive dog breed that comes with a good amount of energy, being more than suitable for children. If you know that your little ones love playing and running around, the Beagle will turn into their ideal companion, as it will not refuse a playtime invitation.

This dog breed has a small to medium size, so it will not be too large to handle. It is also extremely friendly and very easy to maintain, due to its short coat. However, you should pay attention when it comes to leaving your Beagle to run free in open spaces. It is a dog breed created for hunting purposes, so it may become stubborn or disobedient if it catches a scent.

Apart from this, the Beagle is not a dog that is hard to handle. It will love playing and spending time in the outdoors which is even recommended to make sure it has the chance to burn off all of its energy. Since this is also valid in the case of children, it is easy to understand why these two will turn out to be a great pair.


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If you want a gentle, friendly, smart dog that doesn’t shed much at all, then you must direct your attention toward the Poodle. With its soft and curly coat, this dog breed is one of the most popular among families and dog lovers that appreciate an intelligent and gentle dog.

It is ideal for living in an apartment, especially if you opt for the toy version, and energetic enough to have what it takes to play with children. This dog is really great for people of all ages, as its intuitive nature and its love for humans makes it a great companion both for the young and seniors alike.

The Poodle is extremely easy to train and is very intelligent, so it will be a suitable dog even for those that have little to no experience with pets. As long as you are calm, patient, and loving, you will be able to get a great response from this dog.


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Labrador Retrievers are highly popular among families that want a friendly and gentle dog. It is very protective with all of its owners, both small and big, but without being vicious or aggressive. These dogs are also very intelligent and playful, being just the kind of pet your children need.

Don’t worry about the fact that the Labrador is slightly above average when it comes to size because you will be impressed by the gentleness of this dog. It loves its owner and family and will do anything to please every member of the family.

Just bear in mind, in case you consider a Labrador, the fact that they are rather active dogs. Their size and nature will make them crave physical activity, so you should make sure that it enjoys consistent walks on a daily basis. Also, whenever possible, spending time in the outdoors and other types of activities, such as swimming, are simply adored by the Labrador.

Bichon Frise

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Children love the appearance of this dog, which looks like a big, white, fluffy teddy bear. And parents will definitely appreciate the fact that the breed does not shed and has a hypoallergenic coat, without any dog scent. Of course, its soft coat will require grooming, but if you opt for a puppy coat, you will have less to worry about.

The Bichon Frise is a great dog if you consider a breed suitable for living in an apartment, due to its small size. However, it will require daily walks, as it is a rather energetic dog. This is also what makes it so great for children, as the Bichon Frise loves to play and run, being gentle enough to be a safe playmate for your young ones.


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Don’t be fooled by the aspect of this dog, as it simply loves the friendship of children. This dog is very protective when it comes to all members of the family and is gentle enough to suit the needs of children, regardless of their age.

Having a short coat, allows for low maintenance requirements, although a daily walk should be ensured. They are rather active and they will always enjoy a good play session. Your children will definitely love having this dog around.

Now that you know which are the best dogs for kids, all you need to do is decide upon the dog breed that will best suit your family. Just don’t forget to consider your lifestyle and have a family meeting to make the final decision. 

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Best Dogs For Kids

Kate is a Marketing Specialist for Charlotte Dog Club, and has a Bachelor’s Degree in Animal Behavior. She is interested in anything dog-related and understands that having a happy life alongside your companion is more than training it for obedience.



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