Puppy Checklist: 3 Essentials For Bringing Your New Dog Home

Having the right products on hand when bringing a new dog home can set a family (and their new fur baby) up for success! These three items are essential to add to your puppy checklist and will play a vital role in the safety and security of a new dog.

The New Puppy Checklist

Lainey Lou The Goldendoodle

New puppies have endless energy, amazingly sharp baby teeth, and a bladder (seemingly) the size of a pea. They also have a desire to please their owners, social behavior patterns that are not yet in sync, and insatiable appetites. Daily Mom has a found a brand that helps check-off all canine necessities in a modern and chic way. Pups will be delighted that their humans have learned about Omlet.

New Puppy Checklist Item #1: A Home of Their Own

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Making a new puppy feel comfortable and safe is the first priority when welcoming a new canine into the home. Most families consider a crate of some kind for their new pup, because it gives them boundaries while helping them to feel secure.

A crate is a safe place for a dog to retreat to when they are tired, over stimulated, or feeling anxious. If taught correctly from the beginning, a crate should be associated with a warm and welcoming environment. Much like how we feel comfortable in our favorite pair of pajamas laying in bed, a pup will soon learn to love their kennel.

The Fido Nook 2-in-1 Luxury Dog Bed and Crate offers maximum comfort and modern style. Its fully customizable options are sure to be the perfect getaway for any furry friend. All the while, it’s adding a look where homeowners won’t have to let their house “go to the dogs,” so to speak. The Fido Nook is both functional and fashionable, for dogs and their owners.

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Innovative Quick Release Lock.The Omlet’s quick release lock allows the crate to safety be secured inside of the nook within seconds. The crate can slide in and out of the nook, allowing for road trips and overnight excursions with the crate alone, and inclusion in the nook while at home.

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Plenty of room for storage.The Fido Nook offers shelf and hanger space to store all of pup’s play things and more. From toys to clothes, shampoo to toothbrush, treats to grooming supplies, everything can be stored (and hidden) in the nook cabinet.

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Even dogs need to double check their look before going out. Lainey Lou is a Goldendoodle that knows what looks good. Thankfully for her, Omlet has a built-in mirror for her to check out her reflection for tail chasing, dog browsing, and overall fun.

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Machine Washable Cover for filled bed.The Omlet filled bed is created to fit perfectly inside the Fido Nook. It can be used in place of the crate once potty training is complete, and can be used inside of the crate during training. It has a removable machine washable cover to stay clean and hygienic throughout the training process.

It’s the extras and the add-ons that make the Omlet Fido Nook the ultimate luxury for a new pup. What sets the Fido Nook apart from other standard crates?

  • Storage closet to keep dog supplies hidden and tidy
  • Durable plastic tray to fit in the bottom of the crate, for accidents and comfort
  • Bed created to fit the Fido Nook specifically
  • Pull-out basket for additional storage (not pictured, but available)
  • Add-on accessories including optional mirror, clothing rail, hook, and shelf
  • Quick release lock to secure crate, and allow for each removal
  • Fold down crate
  • Two convenient sizes to choose from to fit your dog’s breed

For ideas on making a pup feel safe and loved in a new environment, there are tricks and ways to encourage comfort. If your new pup is arriving from a breeder, ask the breeder in advance if they are able to put a towel in with the litter before they are separated. By bringing home a towel with the scent of the mother and litter mates, the new puppy can have a feel of home right in his new environment. Another way to simulate the warmth and life of a mama is to have a Snuggle Puppy on hand for night one.

New Puppy Checklist Item #2: Chew Toys

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One thing is certain with bringing a new puppy home. That certainty is that the new puppy will bite. And nip, and chew, and bite some more. Puppies aren’t trying to be mean and they don’t have a genuine desire to chew your favorite Kate Spade handbag. Quite the contrary, puppies necessitate biting in the same way (and for the same reason) that a toddler needs to chew when teething. The teething and chewing alleviates the pain and soothes sore gums.

Omlet has a wide selection of chew toys, making it a one-stop shop for all puppy teething needs.

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The Kong Classic is the perfect way to treat your pup. Fill it with peanut butter, freeze it with treats and fruits, or throw in steamed chicken or beef. The possibilities are endless, and your dog will never grow tired of the delicious findings within the Kong. A bonus with the Kong Classic is that it takes creative thought and problem solving to find the snack! That means that your puppy will be learning while eating.

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The Kong SqueakAir Ball Set and the Kong AirDog Football are perfect for teaching the game of fetch. The balls are tough, which helps in sustainability when paired with puppy teeth. The included squeaker acts as a motivator to your dog, and the fact that they float means they are great toys for both land and water play. Mental stimulation is important for dogs of all ages, and both of these products will provide plenty of brainwork.

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Jolly Tug-a-Mals Frog is sure to delight pups of all sizes and shapes. It has a central squeaker and two handles for ultimate tugging joy. Tug-of-war is the ultimate bonding experience between dogs and their humans, and this plush toy is a must for play time fun.

About a month after birth, puppies begin growing in their 28 temporary teeth. Around the 4-month mark, they begin losing their teeth which brings on pain and sensitivity. Once gone, they are replaced by 42 adult canine teeth.

New Puppy Checklist Item #3: Treats

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Why are treats essential you may wonder? Dogs are often food motivated, which means they will perform certain behaviors if rewarded by a treat. Based on the Pavlov theory of classical conditioning, dogs will soon begin to associate a treat with a simple command such as “sit” or “off” or “come.” In doing so, they will eventually perform the act even if treats are not provided because the two stimuli will be combined in their heads.

Treats are not an option, so much as they are quintessential, if you want to have a well-trained pup. The sooner one can start with the training, the better! Omlet has a variety of treat flavors so that all dogs get a preference that they love. Whether mint, carrot, or apple is the desire, Enjoy Yums are all natural with no added sugar, artificial coloring or preservatives. The texture of the treats also provides dental care with the prevention of tartar buildup on a dog’s teeth.

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In order to keep your puppy healthy and regular, offer treats that are low in calories and high in nutritional value. Treats should be given to encourage praise and positive behavior. Omlet’s Enjoy Yums treats are made with human-grade ingredients such as: Rice Bran, Steel Cut Oats, Oat Flour, Oat Bran, Unsweetened Applesauce, and Molasses.

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Puppy Checklist

Photo Credit:   Lainey Lou the Doodle, April Walker



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