How to Save Money on Designer Prescription Glasses

If you wear glasses, whether just for reading or all the time so you can actually see your kids clearly, you know how painful buying new glasses can be. The pressure from the salesperson, the high cost of the designer frames you desire, and the long wait for your chosen glasses to come in are enough to make anyone crazy. If you are in the market for new prescription glasses (eyeglasses or sunglasses), you now can save money and actually feel happy with the process of buying your glasses.

Shop Around for Eye Care

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Before you can purchase your new designer prescription glasses, you need to make sure you have the most accurate prescription. Your eyes are always changing so it is recommended that you visit an optometrist for a comprehensive eye exam once every year. Even if you don’t have vision problems, you still need to see an eye doctor. Regular eye exams can catch problems early. However, most medical health insurance plans do not cover eye care. If you do not have eye care coverage, you need to shop around for your eye exam. Don’t just walk into the nearest optometrist office. You could end up spending a ton out of pocket. Call around to some local offices and find out the cost for an exam. Think outside the box and call big box retailers who also offer eye exams in their locations.

Don’t Buy Glasses from Your Eye Doctor

Once you have seen your eye doctor and have your new prescription in hand, it is tempting to sit right down in the shiny showroom in the doctor’s office and buy your new glasses right away. Resist the temptation! You can save money and shop around for your glasses as well. In fact, you can get designer glasses, like Ray ban prescription glasses for less than you would pay for a generic brand of glasses buying from the optometrist.

Find Designer Frames Online

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Let’s face it. We don’t want just any pair of glasses. We wear our glasses everyday and they go ON OUR FACE so picking frames that match your style is key. You don’t want to settle on any old frame when you will be wearing them everyday for at least the next year. Buying prescription glasses online might freak you out a little bit. Will they really fit? Will the prescription be correct? How can you pick out frames without trying them on in person first? Aren’t all online glasses actually low quality brands?

If you shop for prescription glasses online in the right place, you can ensure a good fit with your correct prescription. You can try frames on digitally and you don’t have to buy low quality frames and sub-par lenses. Buying online saves you money because online retailers don’t have to pay rent for a retail location. Online retailers cut out the middle man which cuts costs. There are no commission based sales when you shop online. Walk into most retail locations and you have to deal with a salesperson trying to earn a commission. You will save up to 70% on prescription glasses from because of these differences.

Try On

If you are ready to shop for prescription eyewear online, you need to give a shot. Try on what they have to offer and we know you will be satisfied. The people at know you will be pleased with your experience, so much that they offer free shipping and returns, a 100% money back guarantee (full refund with 14 days of delivery, no questions asked), and a 365 day product warranty. is on a mission to change the way people shop for prescription glasses. They want eyewear to be affordable and they want shopping for new glasses to be convenient and pressure free.

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If you have always loved the way a particular brand of glasses fits, you can still buy that brand and save money when you shop with You don’t have to settle for frames that you will hate every time you see yourself in the mirror. If you have always loved Ray-bans, you should be able to buy new Ray-bans. Good news, has a huge selection of frames in tons of different brands. Their in-house brands are amazing. The selection of designer brands is incredible. You have more choices than you will ever have in a retail store.

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You won’t miss shopping in a store because you can virtually try on any of the over 2,500 styles of glasses from with their “Virtual Mirror.” Simply upload a photo or import a photo from Facebook and you can see how every single pair of glasses will look on your face.

Not all lenses are created equally. offers all types of lenses. Depending on your budget, prescription, and personal preferences, choose from standard single vision, through bifocal and progressive lenses, transitions lenses, tinted, mirrored, and also various lens thickness (from thin to super thin). Prescription lenses are included with every frame, and prices start at $48!

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Here’s the deal. Anything offered in an eyewear retailer is also offered online with, and honestly, they do it better and save you money at the same time. We learned this from personal experience.

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A Daily Mom Shopping Experience

One of our editors recently shopped on for Ray-ban glasses and Ray-ban sunglasses. Her husband has a very strong prescription and has worn glasses most of his life. He loves Ray-bans for their style and quality so he was excited to be able to get new Ray-ban eyeglasses and Ray-ban sunglasses in his prescription at a huge savings. The Virtual Mirror feature was simple to use and it was actually easier to find a pair that looked great this way than in a store. With his poor vision he can never see what he looks like trying on frames in a store since they don’t contain his prescription. With the virtual mirror, he uploaded a photo and was able to see each pair of frames on his face while wearing his old glasses. That experience alone was life changing!

Our “Daily Dad” chose two pairs of Ray-ban glasses: The Ray-Ban 8415 for his prescription eyeglasses and the Ray-Ban 3136 for his prescription sunglasses. Because his prescription is so strong, he chose the thin lenses to give a cleaner look. Both pairs arrived quickly, fit great, and look amazing!

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The first time you shop with, they have a special offer for you when you sign up with them. So what are you waiting for? Get your prescription and start trying on your new glasses online with You can and you will save money on designer frames by shopping this way!

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