10 Beauty Myths Busted

 You’ve heard it, in fact we’ve all heard it. You know those random “beauty secrets” that have no basis to them, yet you follow them because somehow, someone you trust has told you about them? Those secrets are so bogus that we’d like to call them beauty “myths” and we are exposing the 10 most common beauty myths around.

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Myth 1:
Pour water in your mascara; it will give you more wear

10 Beauty Myths Busted 2 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Put that mascara down! If it has passed it’s expiration date, then it is time for a new one. By pouring water into your mascara you are, in fact, drying it out further. Mascara is mostly made up of beeswax and other ingredients to give it a heavy pigment and long wear. By doing this, you’ll just dry up your mascara faster.

Myth 2:
Place your beauty products in the fridge; it will keep them “fresh.”

Your beauty products are not produce, in fact when placing your product in the fridge you could risk it going rancid and your money going down the drain. Beauty products, (unless stated to do so) should not be placed where temperatures fluctuate. This includes the bathroom, as the heat from your shower and the dampness can again cause it to go bad. Where should you store your products? Ideally, somewhere cool and away from direct heat.

Myth 3:
Make your lashes grow by applying petroleum jelly or other such substances.

There is absolutely no scientific evidence to prove this one! Some people are born with long lashes, and some are not. There are products on the market that do aid in their growth, though they tend to also come with lengthy disclaimers and side effects. Petroleum jelly can actually cause the glands in the inner rim of the eye to become clogged and lead to a very uncomfortable and horrible infection.

Myth 4:
Don’t shave! Shaving makes your hair grow thicker.

While this one may seem convincing, it is simply NOT true. When you shave, you’re cutting the hair straight on, making it blunt, therefore when you feel the stubbles growing back you feel the thicker part of the shaft. Instead, you basically change the direction the hair grows, not the thickness.

Myth 5:
Brushing your hair 100 strokes will make it shine.

10 Beauty Myths Busted 3 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

If only this were true! Unfortunately, if you have dry or color treated hair you could actually be causing more harm than good. Over-brushing hair that is dry or damaged will cause it to break and split. Instead, opt for a hair mask to revitalize your hair and if you yearn for glossy hair, use a shine spray.

Myth 6:
Don’t pluck your greys; more will grow in its place!

If by plucking you could add more hair follicles than you already have, then this myth would be true, however it is impossible to add more hair follicles. While we don’t suggest “plucking” out your hair (ouch) if you don’t like the look of the greys, get it professionally colored, or try an at home hair color to mask gray hair.

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Myth 7:
Don’t sleep with your makeup on; it will age you.

10 Beauty Myths Busted 4 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families While we may all agree this is a bad habit, it’s simply not true. The only thing that happens when you sleep in your makeup is your pores become clogged which may lead to acne, or worst case ,your eye make-up may give you an eye infection. Even though this is a myth we don’t suggest you wear your makeup to bed, but it does happens sometimes. If you really are too tired (we are Moms too, afterall!) use wipes to, at least, take off the base and make sure give your skin a good wash in the morning.

Myth 8:
Beauty products stop working after using them for a period of time.

No, no, no! If you like what you are using and are getting the results you want, you should continue to use them. Most of it is psychological. or if your hair is not looking as great as before, you may have some buildup. Clarify that hair at home with a little bit of baking powder and vinegar, or try a clarifying shampoo. Same goes for your face products, exfoliate to get rid of dead skin cells (learn why you need to exfoliate) so your face reaps the benefit of that awesome moisturizer you are using.

Myth 9:
Use toothpaste on that breakout and it will be gone in no time.

We may or may not have  fallen for this myth as well back in the day, but we can easily assure you that using toothpaste does not get rid of your breakout. Instead, it will just dry up your skin, or irritate it while making you smell minty fresh!

Myth 10:
Chocolate and greasy food are the cause of your acne.

10 Beauty Myths Busted 5 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

The good new is eating those fries or pizza will not actually increase your oil production. Both oil production and skin is hormonal and what you eat has no effect on them. We are not encouraging you to replace healthy foods for greasy, fatty ones, but indulging in a slice of pizza or a burger once in a while are not causing acne. Even though there are no direct links to one type of food in particular and acne, it is believed that healthy foods and a healthy gut will lead to better skin on the outside.

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