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Remember those red dotted lines on the top of your favorite cereal box? The Box Tops; and now Box Tops is celebrating a major milestone by reinforcing its commitment to schools and offering new ways for people to get involved. Imagine if critical items like musical instruments and library books went missing from elementary schools around the country. Actor and comedian, Dave Coulier joins General Mills and Box Tops 4 Education to celebrate the program’s 20th birthday and show what the world might be like without Box Tops in the “Don’t Be Absent from School” campaign. As part of the initiative, he will be featured on specially marked packages of Cheerios cereal to help launch a sweepstake that will give away $1 million in Box Tops for schools and remind people that every clip counts. Are you ready to cut-it-out?

Dave Coulier – known best for his role as Uncle Joey on “Full House” and now “Fuller House” – is a father himself and has seen firsthand the impact of Box Tops for Education, which has helped schools earn nearly $800 million for supplies they need. One of the most famous catchphrases from Full House, “Cut it out”, is now being used in a whole new and meaningful way. This is the 20th anniversary of General Mills, Box Tops For Education Program. They approached Mr. Coulier and asked if he would like to be a part of this nationwide campaign to raise money and awareness for schools.

Cut It Out Cereal Box Tops With Dave Coulier 2 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Dave is all too familiar with box top clipping – he was right there cutting them out with his son when he was in grade school and knew exactly what the program was all about. It became a match made in fund-raising heaven when they collaborated and applied his famous cut it out phrase to integrate seamlessly with what they were doing in the program.

After seeing the direct impact in previous years on how it affected his son’s school in such a positive way, it was a no-brainer for Dave to be a part of this iconic brand on the cover of Cheerios and other select Big “G” cereals. He was taken aback after realizing that for the past 20 years, they’ve given back over 800 million dollars to grades K through eight. If he can be apart of something like that and do something like this for kids and education, it’s a winner for Dave.

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Now imagine Dave, acting and taking on the role of a substitute teacher, because that is exactly what he did. Together with the campaign, they created some sketches and Dave posed as a substitute teacher and actually went to schools to demonstrate to kids what the world might be like if they didn’t have certain school supplies like books in the library or musical instruments for music classes. The responses that he got from the kids were unbelievably funny, barely containing himself to not laugh out loud and blow the whole gag by only biting his lip. Ouch! So be sure to catch some of these clips by visiting

How about Type It In?

Now they have really streamlined the whole process where you can visit the website and download the app. Then all you have to do is go to the supermarket, scan your receipt, and what you purchase pops right up on the app. It doesn’t get any simpler than that. You have so many options, and the other consideration is, you don’t even have to have kids going to school; you can be Grandma, a friend, a neighbor, basically anybody can get them and donate to your local school. Dave concurs that it is a really cool program for not only parents, but for everyone who can give back and support their local schools. 

Cut It Out Cereal Box Tops With Dave Coulier 4 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Not only is General Mills going digital along with their traditional hands on approach to encourage participation, but they also have a sweepstakes giveaway of $1 million worth of Box Tops! To enter and instantly find out if you are a winner, just buy your cereal and look inside for the code. Take your code and enter it on their website and it’ll tell you right then and there whether you won or not. Schools can win up to $20,000 where the funds mainly go into technology, books, or school supplies. It’s a great way to chip in for educational programs for local schools through the sweepstake.

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Cut It Out Cereal Box Tops With Dave Coulier 6 Daily Mom, Magazine For FamiliesYou can be sure to see more of Dave this season, Season Three, on Fuller House. As the #1 show on Netflix, Dave is excited to have been picked up for 18 more episodes.  

“We’ll shoot the show March through August. I directed our Christmas episode in Season Two, so I’ll be coming back to direct some more of the episodes for Season Three – so that’s pretty darn exciting!

There is some other exciting news they’re going to be announcing very soon, if they haven’t already, about the show, so stay tuned.”

I’m excited I guess just because I get to work with people I truly love. I really enjoy working with our Fuller House cast; we have a lot of fun, we laugh a lot, and we love doing the show.

As if we couldn’t get enough of Dave ourselves, there’s more of him to be seen and heard. Be sure to go and visit his site and you can see what he’s up to there. He’s always updating his standup comedy shows and where he’ll be performing around the country, so you don’t want to miss it!

Cut. It. Out. and go to to enter to win and support the campaign. 

Watch the complete video interview right now:

ABOUT BOX TOPS FOR EDUCATION: For the past 20 years, Box Tops for Education has helped schools earn more than $780 million for local schools, making it possible for kids around the country to have the supplies they need, from playground equipment and technology, to school supplies, musical instruments, and classroom field trips.

Now that you know the payoffs of clipping and “app”-ing box tops to raise money for much-needed school supplies, continue your pursuits of change by discovering The Benefits of Keeping Recess In Schools.

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