5 Ways To Experience Fine Arts Via Online Entertainment (For Free)

Covid-19 has disrupted the lives and livelihood of people all across the world, and people have found themselves leaning on the internet for grocery shopping, socializing, and even online entertainment. Covid-19 was, a short time ago, simply a news story happening thousands of miles away. Then suddenly, it was on our doorsteps.

5 Ways To Experience Fine Arts Via Online Entertainment (For Free)

Because of this, concert halls, auditoriums, theaters, and other performance venues have fallen silent for the first time in years. Not only have musicians and artists all over the world lost their only sources of income, but performers of music, acting, dancing, and singing, in general, must divert their artistic energy toward something else. Many of them have found various outlets on the internet to share their gifts during this difficult time.

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The arts are a source of comfort and healing for many during times of struggle, and without this steady source of live entertainment, some people are truly missing something that was an essential part of their lives only a few weeks ago. Thankfully, online entertainment is not only something that is geared toward streaming cartoons or television shows.

For example, many performance artists have used their social media accounts to give viewers and listeners a chance to experience the arts via online entertainment. Even Patrick Stewart is reading sonnets daily via his Twitter and Instagram accounts!

Where To Find The Arts Via Online Entertainment

  • BroadwayHD is offering viewers a 7-day free trial to enjoy all of your Broadway favorites, ranging from CATS to Les Miserables, and from Death Of A Salesman to Brokeback Mountain. There is something for everyone in the house with BroadwayHD.
  • The Royal Opera House has launched a schedule of free broadcasts, as well as live content, which can be accessed by audiences anywhere and anytime across the globe, bringing both ballet and opera to every home and every device.
  • For lovers of art everywhere, the recent closings of museums have taken a serious toll. Thankfully, creative people are in charge of museums around the globe and they have collectively solved this problem by offering free virtual tours. Museums such as the Guggenheim and the Louvre, along with nearly 2,500 others have put their content out on the internet for everyone to enjoy from the safety of their own homes.
  • Feeling a creative clinch? We get it. So does Mo Willems. The voice actor, animator, and creator of content and children’s books invites you to his studio during your lunch hour to learn how to draw! Not a fan of opera or ballet? Not a problem. Mo invites you to learn and spend some time with him while you learn how to draw during his online entertainment show, Lunch Doodles with Mo Willems.
  • During this pandemic, we are finding ourselves with different time on our hands. Perhaps you have decided to enjoy the arts during this time, but have no access to a musical instrument, or perhaps you don’t know where to start. A great way to enjoy the arts and learn something new at the same time is learning how to dance! Many dance studios have started streaming classes online making this once exclusive art form available to anyone with enough space in their living room to perform a pirouette. Dancing is great exercise and also a wonderful way to ease tension and express emotions during a tense time.

When it comes down to it, the Arts are a huge part of what is keeping us sane during social distancing and isolation. The world is changing. Families are separated, loved ones are burdened with full-time care, and many have lost the certainty of a next paycheck. During these trying times, music, art, theater, acting, and dance have kept spirits up and entertained us while we watch and wait.

After all of this is said and done, we will have the Arts to thank for seeing us through the loneliness and stress. A great way to express appreciation is to make a contribution to a local arts organization, or at least become a fan on social media! Our perception of online entertainment is only one side. Online entertainment is offered by people who know the importance and effect of the arts in our daily lives. While our year has fallen into a pattern of uncertainty, the songs, shows, and dances will carry on through sources of online entertainment and will keep us smiling.

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5 Ways To Experience Fine Arts Via Online Entertainment (For Free)



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Rachel Powell
Rachel Powell
Rachel is a born-and-raised Floridian wife and working mama to a little girl and a boy. Working full time as a director of worship at a church allows her to express her creativity while raising her children in faith. In her free time, she enjoys wine & cooking with her band director husband, making music with the family, and being outdoors with her entire clan, including the two dogs and the cat.

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