Why you should consider online music lessons

Music and arts are being left behind in most schools’ curriculums due to lack of funding, but these important subjects have been known to have lasting effects on children.  Significant studies have been conducted to test the correlation between music education, certain brain functions, and skills. The majority of these studies have shown that putting your child in music lessons at an early age can help increase their cognitive ability in an abundance of ways.

Online Music Lessons

Research has found that there are several benefits to playing a musical instrument, particularly piano:

  • For children, early music education has been found to increase their spatial-temporal awareness, otherwise known as abstract thinking, which helps with things like critical thinking skills and problem-solving.
  • It also helps with verbal memory skills and with math skills.
  • In a 2013 study, researchers found that in just 4 months of piano lessons, adults were able to change their cognitive function significantly including executive functions, multi-tasking, and motor control.
  • It also found that playing piano decreased depression and allowed for more positive mood states.
  • Other studies have found that learning to read and play music can permanently alter a person’s brain and create more connections between the right and left hemispheres.

The Case for Online Music Lessons

Private music lessons are often very expensive and hard to come by in many areas. Children in lower socio-economic areas rarely have access to music education and those subjects are usually first to be cut from the school budget line, thereby decreasing what little access they did have. In addition, busy parents know that trying to fit another scheduled activity into their child’s after school plans is difficult. But thanks to our society’s digital age, music lessons can now be found online.

Online Music Lessons

Joseph Hoffman from Hoffman Academy believes that children should have access to music education no matter what. Ten years ago, Hoffman started a website called Free Piano Lessons 4 Kids where students, from beginners to advanced level learners, could learn to play piano from their homes at no cost. His proven method aptly named, “the Hoffman Method” teaches by experience before explanation – with an emphasis on developing the whole musician rather than teaching students how to merely memorize songs.

Joseph Teaching
Student At Home

Here are some things we love about online music lessons from Hoffman Academy:

  • Children as young as 5 years old can start learning to play piano right away.
  • Their online games help with the mastery of concepts, practice music sheets, listening tracks, and practice tracks making learning piano fun and engaging.
  • Hoffman Academy’s proven online piano experience is credited with shaping over 7 million students, including children and adults, into extraordinary musicians.
  • It is free to anyone who wants to learn to play piano, but students who want to increase their skill level can purchase the Premium Plan which gives them more lessons, more tutorials, and advanced skill level knowledge.

Playing the piano is one of humanity’s timeless arts. This classic form of music has withstood the test of time, being played for centuries and being known as one of the most recognizable musical instruments of all time. There are several benefits to learning how to play a musical instrument including increased cognitive function but one of the most promising benefits is the positive impact music can have on a person’s overall mood and emotional well-being. Music, including playing piano, allows a person to express their thoughts and emotions through the power of music. Beginning music lessons at a young age can benefit a person greatly throughout their life, so providing access to online music lessons such as those available from Hoffman Academy is key in today’s society.

To learn more about the programs that Hoffman Academy has to offer, check them out at the links below:

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