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ou were a fitness guru, yoga body-pretzel, or maybe just the occasional treadmill jogger before pregnancy but ever since that positive pregnancy test you are at a loss. What level of fitness is safe for you during pregnancy? What exercises and classes are safe for you and for your baby? Fret no longer, we have 9 exercises for you that are pregnancy-safe!

The American Pregnancy Association recommends that you keep your heartbeat under 140 beats per minute while exercising during pregnancy.


Stationary Cycling

    • Stationary cycling is a great exercise for pregnant women! Since your balance is compromised during pregnancy, it is not always safe to be cycling on a trail or pavement because it could cause a fall. Stationary bikes, however, keep you stable and if you lose your footing you are able to stay upright. Put in some headphones to listen to your favorite tunes and remember to log your progress in one of the 10 Best Fitness Apps!
Don’t forget to stay hydrated! Drink 64 oz of water a day!


    • Bring daddy-to-be in on the new fitness routines by playing tennis. Play in the hour before sunset so you don’t overheat and wear loose fitting clothing. You may even surprise yourself with the amount of work you are actually doing since it’s so much fun!

Pre-natal Classes

    • Check with your gym to see if they offer pre-natal classes! Most gyms offer prenatal classes for their pregnant members as a way to keep their clientele. It benefits you in that you have a workout that fits your body’s current state and allows you to meet up with other women who will soon be having babies. Staying fit and making new friends? That’s a plus in our book!

Water Aerobics

    • One of our Daily Moms is a former Aquatic Specialist, who used to teach pre-natal water aerobics for years at her local YMCA. She recommends water aerobics as a great way for you to stay fit while pregnant without risking overheating, losing your balance, or overexertion. The instructors will make sure that you are only doing as much as your body, and baby, can handle. Another benefit to this type of fitness? It can be done in any climate, no matter the season, because these classes are taught in temperature-regulated, indoor, pools!


    • Pilates is a great workout for women, especially during pregnancy. The mat exercises used in Pilates build core and leg muscles, as well as pelvic muscles (important for birthing), without compromising your balance.

Pregnancy-Safe Fitness 2 Daily Mom, Magazine For FamiliesPhoto Credit: The Art of Making a Baby


    • If you were practicing yoga before your pregnancy you should find that it is a bit of an adjustment when doing some of the more advanced poses during pregnancy. Simply go back to the basics with more simple poses and if you need to shorten your routine during your pregnancy that is perfectly fine! The deep breathing of yoga will help you if you can channel the techniques during times of nausea and even during labor!

Weight Training

    • If you currently want to build up muscle mass so that your body is burning calories even when it is at rest, weight training is a good way to do it! We recommend doing bicep curls and leg presses to build up those muscles before baby arrives!
      Use low weights and do many repetitions. It could cause stress to your body and to baby if you try to lift a heavy weight.

Cardio Kickboxing

    • Cardio Kickboxing is a no-contact form of kickboxing. This workout entails punching and kicking the bags, jumping rope, and core exercises. While it is no-contact there are always precautions that must be taken while pregnant. Let your instructor know that you are pregnant and will need to take more water breaks or sit out of some of the more intense workouts.


  • Kegels, what a no-brainer workout for pregnancy! Strong pelvic floor muscles make birth (a little) easier as they support the uterus, bladder, small intestine and rectum. Kegels are especially important for women who plan on delivering vaginally as keeping these muscles strong lowers your risk of incontinence. How do you do Kegel exercises? We recommend lying on your back or getting onto your hands and knees and contracting  the muscles that would stop urination if you were using the toilet. Kegels can be done any time of the day and no one will even know you are working out!

You should always consult a doctor before beginning any diet or exercise regimen. Be sure to clear any and all fitness routines through your personal OB-GYN

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