A Little Flair with Boon Flair

If you have children, chances are you’ve heard of the innovative baby gear company Boon. Their products are modern, stylish and functional and their feeding products are no exception!  When you’re a mom, your kitchen –and often your life–is overtaken by baby gear. Boon knows that and has the answer to making baby feeding products fit seamlessly into your life.  Now you can customize the Boon FLAIR high chair — and feeding accessories — to completely fit into your home!


Boon Flair High Chair

The Boon FLAIR high chair has it all. If you’re looking for a high chair that’s comfortable for your little one, yet still sleek and stylish, easy to clean, and fully adjustable, look no further than the Boon FLAIR.

Daily Mom_20140430_Boon Chair

The Boon FLAIR is just one solid piece, making it easy to clean. Babies are messy eaters and there are no cracks and crevices for crumbs to sneak into, driving you crazy when you try to clean them. The tray cover is removable and dishwasher safe, so keeping it sanitary is simple. And the seat pad is made of thick, durable foam, so it’s soft and comfy for both smaller children and toddlers. We know your kids will love sitting in this high chair!

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But that’s not all. The base of the Boon FLAIR features a pneumatic life, so you can raise or lower the chair with just the tap of a button. Now your baby will be at just the right height for the dinner table, breakfast bar, kitchen island or any other place you want them to be.  And, the high chair is on wheels, making it a breeze to move wherever you want it. (Don’t worry, there’s also a brake on the bottom so baby stays where you put him!)  Your baby will love this high chair and so will you.


And now, for the first time you can choose up to eight different color combinations so the high chair reflects your own style. First, choose the color of the base: white or gray. Then, pick a blue, green, pink or orange Seat Pad + Tray Liner.

Boonseat Collage


And viola! You’ve got the perfect high chair.

 Feeding Accessories

Once you’ve chosen the perfect Boon FLAIR color combination to fit your lifestyle, it’s time to pick out coordinating feeding accessories!  From sippy cups to utensils to plates, Boon has some of the coolest, most innovative and ergonomic feeding products available for babies and toddlers. These products look awesome and are BPA, PVC and Phthalate free so you can feel good about feeding your kids from them!

Platter, an edgeless, nonskid divided plate has 4 sections of varying sizes so you can offer your little one many choices without them touching. The bottom is rubbery and slip resistant, making it harder for little fingers to grab and fling to the floor. In other words, it’s more likely to stay put on the high chair tray! And, they’re top-rack dishwasher safe for easy mealtime cleanup. Like the Flair, these plates come in two different color combinations so they coordinate with your other Boon products!


Once your little one is old enough to start feeding him or herself, you’ll definitely want to invest in Modware (shown above). The soft, thick comfort grip handles are easy for even the youngest of children to hold. And, because there aren’t any sharp edges, they’re safe for all ages too. Each set comes with three forks and three spoons, so you’ll never be without a clean one! Modware is available in different color combinations too, so it is sure to coordinate with Flair and Platter.

Daily Mom_20140427_Boon Modware2

Don’t forget about the drinks! Check out the coolest sippy cup around–the Boon Fluid. Available in 2 different color combinations, kids will absolutely love to drink out of this cup. The integrated valve systems helps prevents leaks and it’s only two pieces (lid and cup) for easy cleaning!

Fluid Collage

For younger babies, check out Serve–soft spoons perfect for infant feeding time. This long, soft spoon has a bendable tip, so it’s super gentle on baby’s mouth and gums.  The comfort grip handles — and their length — are great for mom or dad to feed the baby with. And the best part? They have a small, flat surface on the underside, so they won’t roll away!


There are plates and sippy cups for the younger crowd too! Catch Plate has a soft, rubber “lip” along one side of the plate, intended to “catch” the food your younger child may not get to his or her mouth successfully. The base is a suction cup, so it sticks to the tray of your Flair high chair…and doesn’t get flung to the floor by little hands! And for drinking, there’s the ultra cool Modster sippy cup. This cup is by far the softest sippy cup around, making it the perfect cup for little ones to learn with. The handles are the perfect size for even the youngest babies to grasp!

Daily Mom_20140501_Booncatch

Lastly, you’ll want to stay organized when you clean all these awesome kid products. Grass is a stylish, low profile drying rack that you’ll want to have in your kitchen because it’s so cool looking. The “blades” of grass can easily accommodate items of all sizes–from utensils to bottles to sippy cups. The grass comes apart from the bottom tray for easy cleaning.

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Love the Boon FLAIR and feeding accessories as much as we do?


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