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Sometimes all that you need is an umbrella stroller. There is a reason why they are the most popular type of stroller out there- they’re just convenient! Whether you are packing up for a trip to the county fair this summer, or getting ready to board an airplane for a family vacation to Grandma’s, the Jet Stroller by The First Years is the perfect option for pretty much any travel situation that may come your way. Read on to learn more of our favorite features of this fun, compact stroller.

If you are looking for a stroller that is inexpensive, lightweight, and comfortable for your little one, check out what the Jet Stroller by The First Years has to offer! At just 11 lbs, it is the perfect stroller to bring when traveling by air or by car, and even though it is sleek and light, the Jet Stroller offers several features hard to find in other strollers in its price range.

The First Years Jet Stroller


This umbrella stroller, unlike many others on the market today, is super lightweight and easy to grab out of the trunk and set up with just one hand. This convenience, combined with the small size when folded, makes the Jet Stroller perfect for moms on the go. Air travel is made easier with the Jet Stroller too, since you can just fold it up with one hand when you reach the gate and gate-check it so that it is waiting for you when you reach your destination!

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The Jet Stroller features an adjustable and removable sun canopy, so you have the option of keeping your little one in the shade, but if you won’t need it, it is easily removable.

The seat has a 5-point harness which keeps your little one secure in the stroller, and the back wheels have easy step-brakes to keep the stroller in place.

The roomy basket is another useful feature that can be difficult to find in an inexpensive umbrella stroller. Store your diaper bag or shopping bags below the seat and access them easily from all sides.

The Jet Stroller also has a cupholder and an enclosed storage console which is a great place to store drinks, keys, phone, and the like. This piece snaps off which allows it to be washed easily in case of a spill.

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The seat easily reclines to allow your child to sleep comfortably in the stroller. The Jet Stroller will seat a child up to 50 pounds and the wide seat ensures that they will be comfortable, even as they approach the weight limit.

The First Years Jet Stroller has a huge array of fabric choices and combinations, from neutral tones to skulls and crossbones:

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