Easy Easter Basket Gift Ideas for Adults and Kids

Easter is just around the corner, and it’s time to start thinking about fun ways to celebrate the holiday. One of the most beloved Easter traditions is the egg hunt, where children (and adults!) search for hidden eggs filled with sweet treats. But what if you took the egg hunt to the next level by incorporating easy Easter gifts into the mix? We’ve put together a guide to help you do just that, with plenty of great ideas for easy Easter gifts that will make your Easter Sunday even more exciting. An Easter egg hunt is the perfect choice if you’re looking for a fun and festive way to celebrate the holiday with your family and friends. 

But why stick with traditional Easter baskets filled with chocolate eggs when you can also include easy Easter gifts? We can make the egg hunt more exciting by providing your loved ones with unique and fun gifts they can enjoy long after the holiday. So whether you’re hosting an egg hunt for kids or adults or hosting Easter brunch, our guide to easy Easter gifts will get you started on the road to making your holiday extra special. 

Hangin’ Cool with Sunnies

When you’re young, life is really all about looking cool and hangin with your friends. Sunnies aren’t just sunglasses; they’re a statement of sophistication coupled with high-quality eye protection. That’s why parents like us want a reliable option for protecting children’s eyes from the sun while also offering stylish and fun designs that kids will love to wear. Sunnies’ focus on quality, comfort, and durability makes them an excellent choice for parents seeking to protect their children’s eye health.

  • Sunnies Studios provides a wide range of sunglasses designed for both adults and children.
  • Focus is on creating fashionable and functional eyewear that protects the eyes from harmful UV rays.
  • Sunnies offers a specific line of sunglasses designed for kids and toddlers, ensuring a comfortable fit and durable construction.

Key features for kids and toddlers:

  • The kids’ sunglasses are available in various styles and colors, making them appealing to children.
  • Sunnies uses high-quality, lightweight materials to ensure the sunglasses are comfortable for kids to wear.
  • The lenses provide 100% UV protection, shielding children’s sensitive eyes from the sun’s harmful rays.
  • The sunglasses are designed with durability in mind, using flexible and break-resistant materials to withstand the active lifestyles of kids.

Don’t lose those sunglasses with the available strap options, Parents. Sunnies offers adjustable straps in various colors and patterns. These straps can be attached to the sunglasses, providing a secure and comfortable fit for active kids while allowing for personalization. Sunnies have playful patterns for toddlers, kids, and adults. You’ve got everything you need to make your spring and summertime even brighter without squinting!

New Year, New Sunnies! | Sunnies Playful Patterns | Sunglasses for Toddlers | Sunglasses Straps
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 Fill Their Easter Baskets with Connetix Pastel Creative Pack

Easy Easter Treats

Looking for an easy DIY activity this spring that encourages endless hours of creativity, fun, and learning through play? Look no further than Connetix’s 120-piece Pastel Creative Pack, specially crafted to ignite the imagination.

Boasting a delightful selection of shapes in eight soft pastel hues, this pack serves as an ideal introduction for family playtime, enabling the construction of larger Connetix creations while introducing a broader spectrum of colors to your child’s repertoire. Whether engaged in solitary play or with companions, the 120-piece Creative Pack fosters STEAM learning and the enhancement of both fine and gross motor skills.

Witness as children embark on crafting grander structures such as castles, rockets, towers, bridges, mandalas, and beyond, delving into patterns and shapes and even creating color-based sorting systems. Additionally, this pack aids in instilling perseverance and resilience as children tackle more ambitious builds, pushing the boundaries of their imagination.

Serving as a timeless and versatile toy that your kids will be playing with for many years, Connetix evolves alongside your child, adapting to their growing skills and evolving play preferences. This creative pack is one of the best gifts for kids who love to build. 

Pastel Creative Pack 120ct
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Fill your Wicker Basket with Easy Easter Basket Ideas by Zuru Toys

Indulge your inner collector with Zuru’s latest edition of Mini Brands. Perfect for enthusiasts of all kinds—be it a sneakerhead, bookworm, or a devoted collector, there’s something for everyone.

Mini Brands Sneakers cater specifically to sneaker aficionados, offering a collection of over 30 iconic miniatures from top brands like Reebok, Skechers, Airwalk, and Prince. These tiny replicas come complete with intricate details, even down to their miniature shoeboxes! Who knows, you might even stumble upon the elusive and Ultra Rare gold Reebok!

Discover the adorable world of Mini Books featuring authentic book brands scaled down to fit in your palm. With over 40 iconic miniature versions of beloved titles like Diary of a Wimpy Kid, A Christmas Carol, and Stranger Things, collecting them is pure joy. Each mini-book contains actual readable content, and the included mini magnifying glass allows you to admire every intricate detail. Can you uncover the rare glow-in-the-dark edition of Goosebumps Night of the Living Dummy?

Daily-Mom-Parent Portal Easy Easter Gifts

Finally, engage in the thrill of drafting, trading, and gathering five Surprise NBA Ballers. Inside every capsule lies a figurine of a top NBA player frozen in a moment of epic game-time celebration. Each figurine is accompanied by a player poster and basketball, along with two exciting surprises, making it one of the cutest Easter basket stuffers. With more than 30 unique figurines to acquire, immerse yourself in the collecting frenzy and strive to amass the complete set!

Mini Sneakers | Mini Books | 5 Surprise NBA Ballers
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Adult Easter Ideas by Southern Scholar 

Socks need to look good and serve their purpose by staying in place all day; even better when they come in a variety of colors and patterns to match all of your outfits. The Scotty by Southern Scholar is a fun purple diamond patterned sock, perfect for dress days or a date night. The classic midnight blue ribbed sock is a staple for all sock drawers. Snag the Harolds striped sock that will match almost everything, and the Angelos is the perfect pop of red that goes great with your favorite suit.

The Scottys | Midnight Blue Ribbed Solid | The Harolds | The Angelos
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Everyone knows Skillmatics as some of the best toys and games for everyone in the family! Let’s look at a few toys from different age groups.

First, the Peek-A-Boo Underwater Animal Book is a soft-cloth book that is sure to delight your baby! It’s got mirrors and flaps for exploration, and the pages make a crinkly sound for improved sensory development. Don’t fret about baby drool – it’s washable. Read it at bedtime or throw it in your diaper bag to distract your little one at appointments or other public places. It’s awesome!

Your toddlers and young children will enjoy the Search and Find Megapack. This is a box of wipeable mats with various seek-and-find activities featuring carnival themes like carnivals and outer space. It also includes dry-erase markers and a cleaning cloth. Kids can easily play on their own and with friends. It makes a great indoor quiet activity on a rainy day!

For family game night, try Guess in 10: Marvel Edition! This is a fun game you can play one-on-one or in teams – just use clues on cards to guess the Marvel character! It’s like 20 Questions but with only half the number of clues! If your family loves superheroes, this is an easy game that will bring everyone together for a memorable time.

You can also turn game night into craft night with a Foil Fun package! This includes sheets of colored foil that you can use to create imaginative scenes. It’s not messy and is open to all kinds of creative interpretation, meaning you can have hours of fun without hours of cleanup!

Trust Skillmatics to bring positive interaction and interactive learning into your home! They have so many toys and games, all priced affordably, that you are sure to find several fun trinkets to entertain your little ones! Start your shopping with Skillmatics today!

Peek-A-Boo Underwater Animal Book | Search and Find Megapack Educational Game | Guess in 10 Marvel | Foil Fun
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Love music, podcasts, or audiobooks without the hassle of wires? Then Motorola Bluetooth Wireless Headphones are perfect for you. With a built-in microphone for hands-free calls, easy in-line control, and high-definition 40mm drivers, you get clear sound and powerful bass. Moreover, it offers crystal-clear audio at home, work, or on the go—whenever you want. Besides, these headphones are compact, comfortable, and foldable and durable for hours of use.

Next comes the enjoyment of uninterrupted tunes with Motorola Over-Ear Headphones Wired. With a 3.5mm cord and a built-in microphone, you can make hands-free calls without the hassle of removing your headphones. Furthermore, the cushioned ear cups, high-definition 40mm drivers, and a foldable design guarantee comfort and top-notch audio quality. Plus, these headphones are compatible with any device featuring a 3.5mm jack, providing clear sound and convenience.

Motorola Bluetooth Wireless Headphones XT500+ | Moto XT120 Headphones with Microphone
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Last Minute Easter Stuffers by Pit Viper

Sunglasses serve a purpose beyond shielding your eyes from the sun – they are a reflection of your style, especially if you have any plans to be outside this Spring. So, when it comes to choosing the right pair of shades, it’s a decision that merits significant consideration, comparable to the level of seriousness one might attribute to purchasing real estate. Well, almost.

Pit Viper XS (youth) sunglasses combine style and performance flawlessly, making them an ideal choice for your little ones as they explore various outdoor activities this season. Whether your kiddo is conquering mountain peaks, building sandcastles on the beach, cycling through trails, or playing ball, a pair of Pit Viper sunglasses will undoubtedly enhance the experience.

With a range of styles to suit both classic and bold preferences, Pit Viper caters to hardcore sports enthusiasts and fashion-forward individuals seeking to make a statement. Bid farewell to fragile frames and scratched lenses – Pit Viper ensures top-notch quality.

The Leonardo XS (Youth)
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Easter Gifts for Adults by Westerlay Orchids

There are a few things you just can’t go wrong with for Spring, and flowers are one of them. For the woman in your life who deserves something even more long-lasting than a bouquet, consider gorgeous Westerlay Orchids from California. Orchids have long been known to symbolize love and thoughtfulness and make the ideal home decor statement or “just because” gift – but not just any old orchid is special enough for your lady. These stunning, high-quality orchids are sustainable, reliable, and on-trend (just like your girl).

Unlike a bouquet, this is a stunning flower option for those who prefer long-lasting blooms. They’re specially packaged to help them travel from their California greenhouse to your lovely lady’s doorstep (ours got delivered in perfect shape – and with a smile!). Should anything go awry, Westerlay provides detailed care instructions on its website should you need some assistance caring for your new plant. If purple isn’t your pick, don’t worry. You can explore a variety of beautiful options on their site.

Single Large Orchid
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Sandy Beach Doll for Your Easter Break at the Seashore

The Sandy Beach Doll is a delightful innovation in the world of dolls, uniquely designed to bring the joy of play to aquatic environments. Perfect for adding to your little one’s Easter basket this spring, Sandy is the first-ever doll crafted specifically for water play! Sandy promises endless hours of fun and imaginative adventures, whether at the beach, in the bathtub, or anywhere in between.

The Sandy Beach Doll kit is complete with everything a young adventurer needs for aquatic play. From filling her up with sand and water at the beach to enjoying bubble baths, Sandy is ready for any watery escapade.

The water-resistant tote features two convenient pockets to store sunglasses and a shovel, ensuring that Sandy’s accessories are always close at hand. She also encourages creativity and further engages children in interactive play, allowing them to build sandcastles or dig for buried treasures alongside Sandy, filling her with sand or simply using her shovel to dig for buried treasure!

Moreover, the kit includes not only child-sized sunglasses but also adorable mini doll sunglasses, allowing young ones to match their favorite friend while protecting their eyes from the sun’s rays!

With a durable stand-up design and waterproof construction, Sandy is resilient to sun, sand, and water play! Fill your springtime adventures with creativity, exploration, and endless fun, thanks to Sandy the Beach Doll!

Sandy Beach Doll Kit – Periwinkle Blue | Sandy Beach Doll Kit – Soft Pink
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Unique Easter Gifts for Adults in 2024 by Buzzy Seeds

If you’re looking to kickstart your gardening journey with an easy DIY Easter gift or add a charming touch to your home décor, this little gardening pack is perfect for you! With 12 mini terracotta pots carefully wrapped for rustic appeal and a diverse selection of 100% natural, non-GMO seeds, including Sunflower, Daisy, Poppy, Cactus, and Forget-Me-Not, there’s something literally for everyone.

The kit’s standout feature is the inclusion of dehydrated coconut husk growing medium pellets, providing a safe, non-toxic, and eco-friendly option. The simple, easy-to-follow instructions ensure stress-free growing, backed by Buzzy Seeds’ “Guaranteed to Grow” promise and excellent customer support.

These are also perfect for events like weddings, parties, or showers! The mini grow pots make meaningful gifts for guests of all ages and interests. Whether used indoors or outdoors, they promise a rewarding gardening experience. Overall, Buzzy Seeds’ Little Plant Pots are definitely a must-have for any plant lover.

BUZZY Seeds Terracotta Mini Assorted 12-Pack
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Tech Gear Ideas for Adults by PopSockets

If you’re looking for a practical yet fun Easter gift for your tech-savvy friend, an iPhone case could be the perfect option. If your friend owns an iPhone 14 Pro Max or iPhone 15 Pro Max, they will love the Popsockets iPhone cases. These cases are designed to provide maximum protection for your phone while also offering a stylish and functional grip that doubles as a stand. The iPhone 14 Pro Max and 15 Pro Max cases are drop-tested up to 10 feet and made with PlantCore™, a plant-based material that is both eco-friendly and durable. They are also compatible with MagSafe accessories and come with a matching slide + grip.

PopGrip Slide enables you to grip your phone securely and slide it to the center for landscape viewing, texting, and taking pictures. These cases have a slim design compatible with Qi wireless charging and all PopMount products for hands-free viewing. These cases have a protective design that improves pocketability and portability and has raised surround screen protection. These iPhone cases by Popsockets are the perfect gift for anyone who wants to protect their phone while adding some style and functionality.

PopSockets iPhone 14 Pro Max Case | PopSockets iPhone 15 Pro Max Case
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Great Easter Gift Ideas for Adults by Park + Coop

Add a touch of style and sustainability to your spring kitchen with the Tea Towel by Park + Coop. These cotton tea towels are not only eco-friendly but also stylish, making them the perfect addition to any kitchen. Made with upcycled, recycled denim that is locally sourced, these tea towels are a great example of how repurposing materials can help reduce waste. As a woman-owned, mom-operated business, Park + Coop is committed to creating products that are both socially responsible and aesthetically pleasing.

The towels are designed with a denim decorative element that adds a unique and sophisticated touch to your kitchen. Measuring 16″ wide x 26″ tall, they are the perfect size for all your kitchen needs. Plus, they are machine washable, making them easy to clean and use again and again. These tea towels are made by upcycling donated denim waste that would otherwise end up in landfills or downcycled into rags. By choosing the Tea Towel by Park + Coop, you are not only getting a high-quality product but also supporting a sustainable and socially responsible business. Order your Tea Towels today and start enjoying the benefits of eco-friendly, stylish kitchen accessories.

Tea Towel
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Ami Amis™

Get your little one into the Easter spirit with the cutest collection of soft and cuddly knit plush characters from Ami Amis™.  One of the popular characters in the collection is Colossal Vinnie, who stands approximately 20 inches tall and is absolutely adorable. With its cozy knitted plush material, Colossal Vinnie the chicken is perfect for snuggling up with and makes a great addition to any collection.

Another great Ami Amis™ toy is the Fast Food Multipack, a delicious gift for fast food lovers. This four-piece boxed set comes with a hamburger, fries, a bag, and a ketchup packet. The multipack features extra soft, snuggly knit material with embroidered features, making it a great gift for plush lovers of all ages.

If you’re looking for something a little more glam, the Glam on the Go Multipack is an excellent choice. This four-piece cosmetics set features a mirror, lipstick, purse, and powder compact, all with a cute purse motif. Made with the same cozy knitted plush material and embroidered features as the other Ami Amis™ products, the Glam on the Go Multipack is the best gift for anyone who loves cute, collectible plush characters. Your kids will be entertained for hours as they play with these cute and cuddly stuffies.

These adorable knit plushies from Ami Amis™, where you can get exclusive Easter-themed Ami Amis (in-store only) at CVS, Aldi and Walgreens. So get ready to encourage imaginative playtime, making a wonderful gift for every special occasion! Shop now and give the gift of cuteness and creativity!

Colossal Vinnie  | Fast Food Multipack | Glam on the Go Multipack
Ami Amis™

Easter Gifts to Make Your Little Bunny Smile by Glo Pals

Discover Glo Pals for toys that foster creativity, promote growth, and enhance educational experiences through play. They are perfect for purposeful play this spring.

Transform your Glo Pals Light-Up Cube by placing it into the rear of each Pal, submerging it in the water, and observing as it illuminates! With flexible arms and vibrant characters, each Pal embodies the distinctiveness of every child. It’s the perfect gift for Easter.

Easy Easter Basket Gift Ideas For Adults And Kids 38 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Pippa | Sammy | Pippa Light Up Cubes | Sammy Light Up Cubes
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Old World Christmas

This year, put beautiful Easter-themed Old World Christmas ornaments into Easter baskets for a unique surprise. The adorable, hand-blown glass Chocolate Easter Bunny Ornament looks like a partially unwrapped chocolate bunny. The elegant heirloom-quality ornament will last for years to come, bringing smiles each Easter season.

Hang the Sparkling Cathedral Ornament or the Holy Cross Ornament on your Easter lilies. Crafted in age-old tradition with techniques that started in the 1800s, the Sparkling Cathedral Ornament welcomes you to church. The beautiful gold and silver Holy Cross Ornament boldly symbolizes all Easter means to Christians.

The beautiful hand-blown Old World Christmas glass ornaments are mouth-blown into finely carved molds. A solution of hot liquid silver is added for remarkable color and vibrance. The ornaments are then hand-painted and hand-glittered, making each ornament special and unique. For those who love Christmas, ornaments make a terrific gift any time of the year.

Ornaments can be used to decorate houseplants, create centerpieces, and more. (Of course, they can be saved for Christmas, commemorating holidays throughout the year!) Old World Christmas makes amazing ornaments for every occasion from holidays to graduation celebrations, as well as to celebrate favorite hobbies and sports.

Chocolate Easter Bunny Ornament | Sparkling Cathedral Ornament | Holy Cross Ornament
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Cute Easter Bunny Rabbit by Warm Pals

Who doesn’t adore a cuddly plush toy? But a plushie that can be heated or chilled to soothe our little ones—now that’s a game-changer! Warm Pals offers a delightful range of the cutest plushies that can be warmed up or cooled down. They are suitable for everyone and a delightful addition to any wicker Easter basket.

Whether it’s a bunny, unicorn, or Jesus-themed, each Warm Pal can be microwaved for 60-90 seconds, serving as a comforting baby toy, toddler toy, and companion for individuals of all ages. Alternatively, you can place them in the freezer for a quick cooling effect. Moreover, these plush animals from Warm Pals come with a soothing French lavender fragrance that can bring instant calmness to any situation.

Jesus | Bashful Bunny
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Gifts for Toddlers by Tekfun

Easy Easter Basket Gift Ideas For Adults And Kids 44 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

The Tekfun Nanodoodle is a kid’s doodle and writing tablet that easily hangs on the schoolbag, enabling kids to unleash their creativity anywhere. This lightweight and compact drawing tool comes in three unique characters and provides endless fun making it one the best Easter gifts for kids. Each tablet becomes a canvas for kids to express their individuality and distinct artistic style using a durable and safe board made of high-quality silicone material. When they are ready for a new design, they can press the button, and the board will be erased. Tekun eliminates the need for messy art supplies, making this the perfect travel accessory.

Tekfun Nanodoodle

Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Kids by Wild Republic

Spring is the perfect season to gift the little one in your life with the Snuggleluvs Polar Bear by Wild Republic. This award-winning cuddly companion not only looks adorable but also serves a deeper purpose—to teach kids about the environment. Wild Republic’s commitment to earth-friendly toys makes it a brand you can feel good about supporting.

The Snuggleluvs are specifically designed to provide comfort and ease anxiety, making them perfect for stress-relieving cuddles. Their added weight, ultra softness, and optimal cuddling size of 38 cm make these stuffies the perfect gift suitable for all ages. This Snuggleluvs Polar Bear will bring smiles to your child’s face and make them feel loved and secure for years to come. Adding Snuggleluvs Polar Bear to your child’s toy collection this season would be the perfect choice.

Snuggleluvs Polar Bear
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Jigsaw Surf Co.

The Aquamarine Life surfboard-shaped puzzle is the perfect gift for beach lovers of all ages. First, take the time to relax and enjoy putting the beautiful premium soft-touch finish puzzle together. The high-end 10 by 32-inch puzzle comes in a box with a magnetic box closure and a reusable cotton bag. Then use the specialized “surfboard wax” (aka puzzle glue that comes with each puzzle) to transform the puzzle into artwork for your home.

The Jigsaw Surf Co. puzzle is made from recycled paper and soy-based ink. A percentage of sales goes to the myPEAK Foundation, which promotes positive mental health through surf therapy.

Aquamarine Life
Jigsaw Surf Co. | Facebook | Instagram | | Youtube

Adult Easter Basket Ideas 2024 by Skullcandy

Earbuds are a must when traveling this Spring, and Skullcandy has a new pair that is sure to set the standard for headphones. The new EcoBuds True Wireless Earbuds are made with 65 percent certified recycled plastics, and 57 percent less heavy metals, and boast a 50 percent lower carbon footprint than comparable products on the market.

These headphones hold up to 8 hours of battery time and also come with a battery-free charging dock and a rapid charge feature that provides 2 hours of charge time in 10 minutes. These earbuds are also sweat and water-resistant. Music, Bass Boost, and Podcast preset EQ modes let you perfectly tune your buds for any media. Plus, EcoBuds feature a secure, noise-isolating fit, a microphone in each earbud, and drivers that have been selected and expertly tuned to deliver full, high-quality audio. These buds are an easy and inexpensive Easter gift that will surely bring a smile to the tech lover in your life.

Ecobuds Earbuds
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Easter Gift Ideas by Puffer Hug®

Easter is fast approaching, and there’s no better way to show your love than with the Original Puffer Hug by Puffer Hug. Surprise your special someone with this stylish and versatile wrap that features a cozy fleece interior and a puffer exterior. You can wear it as a scarf, drape it like a vest, or layer it under your favorite jacket. This stylish wrap comes in a variety of colors and is one of the best Easter gifts for adults.

The two deep pockets provide ample storage for your essentials, such as your phone and keys. It’s lightweight and easy to pack and fold, so you can take it wherever you go. The Puffer Hug® is perfect for any occasion, whether you’re out with friends or spending a romantic evening together. Show your love and appreciation with the Original Puffer Hug this spring! 

Original Puffer Hug® (Unisex)
Puffer Hug® | Instagram

Jakks Pacific

Get ready for a thrilling adventure in the Soda Jungle with the Nintendo Super Mario Soda Jungle Diorama set by Jakks Pacific! This set includes everything you need to recreate the exciting world of Super Mario. The set has a 2.5-inch Mario figure, Wiggler, Star Coin, Warp Pipe, and Piranha Plant. With the ability to move up and down in the Warp Pipe, Mario can explore every inch of the jungle. These authentic figures are perfect for kids and collectors alike. These Mario-inspired figures are sure to please fans of the video games. The accessories are modular, which means they can be used with other Super Mario playsets as well.

This means you can customize your own Mario world and create your own adventures using these iconic figures. Additional playsets and accessories are sold separately, so you can keep expanding your collection and your Mario world. The Nintendo Super Mario Soda Jungle Diorama set by Jakks Pacific is a must-have for any Super Mario fan. With its high-quality figures and accessories, you can recreate some of the most thrilling moments from the Super Mario games right in your own home. So, get ready for an adventure with Mario and his friends and take on the Soda Jungle like never before!

Nintendo Super Mario Soda Jungle Diorama Set
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Fun Easter Gift Ideas by Komarc Games

Introducing a novel, family-friendly toy for those always on the move! Constructed from a tailor-made polymer formula devoid of any adhesive substances, Stickikubes are versatile sticky blocks that adhere to various surfaces excluding fabric. These non-toxic cubes are child-friendly, allowing kids to unleash their creativity by crafting personalized 2D and 3D designs. Versatile in application, they can be used to embellish items like cups, bowls, glasses, furniture, and even car interiors, making them ideal for households, offices, or classrooms.

Available in four vibrant colors and designed for easy handling, Stickikubes boast long-lasting stickiness that can be effortlessly rejuvenated with a quick rinse or a gentle soap and water wash, ensuring they are perpetually as good as new. Let your children explore the joy of designing, building, and sticking with Stickikubes – they’ll have a blast sticking them onto their faces and arms, all without any additional adhesive involved!

Komarc Games | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | YouTube

World of Eric Carle x Creativity for Kids

Want to bring The Very Hungry Caterpillar to life for your little munchkin? Check out these cute toddler play ideas from Creativity for Kids! They’ll be able to craft their own stories with the Fun Felt Play Busy Board by using sturdy felt pieces and replaying the beloved tale as many times as they want. This cool toddler activity kit comes with a bunch of felt shapes and a tough felt storyboard. It’s awesome for sparking creativity and letting your kiddo make up their own version of The Very Hungry Caterpillar. They can mix and match the colors and shapes on the busy board to create all their favorite characters. So much fun!

Plus, check out this “pom-pom push” activity, perfect for little hands! No glue, no mess—just stick those pom poms on the sturdy felt boards and watch the colorful pictures come to life. And when playtime’s over, cleanup’s a breeze with the handy storage bag included. This crafty activity kit is the perfect way to boost fine motor skills and teach colors and sizes. Plus, it’s super sensory! Craft and Play Pictures makes a great toy for toddlers, which makes solo playtime easy and enjoyable.

Fun Felt Play Busy Board | Craft and Play Pictures
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Affordable Easter Gifts by Scentco

Spring is here, and what better way to welcome the season of sunshine and flowers than with some fun and colorful scented pens? There’s no doubt that Scentco is going to catch your attention with their incredible selection of Glitter Gel Smen and Glitter Gel Smen – Aloha Unicorn Scented Pens. These pens are perfect for all your writing, crafting, and organizing needs, and they come in a wide range of colors and scents that are sure to brighten up your day.

The Glitter Gel Smens – scented pens containing eight colored glitter gel ink pens infused with eight yummy scents through the grip. The pens are perfect for adding a touch of sparkle to your Easter eggs, crafts, color-coding notes, and organizing. The scents include Mango, Strawberry, Bubble Gum, Cupcake, Black Cherry, Blueberry Pie, Cotton Candy, and Watermelon. For those who love writing, sketching, and drawing, these pens will keep you engaged and excited while doing homework and journaling.

Finally, we have the Glitter Gel Smens (2 Pack) – Aloha Unicorn Scented Pens. These pens are perfect for those who want a little bit of magic in their writing. Each pack contains eight colored gel ink pens, including Pineapple, Strawberry, Orange, Banana, Kiwi, Watermelon, Mango, and Fruit Punch. These pens are perfect for students who want to add a little sparkle to their writing and crafting projects.

Scentco’s range of scented stationery is perfect for kids and adults. It’s sure to add a little bit of fun and excitement to your DIY Easter projects. So go ahead and indulge in some stationery—you won’t be disappointed!

Glitter Gel Smens | Glitter Gel Smens (2 Pack) – Aloha Unicorn Scented Pens
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Laura Ashley for Moms Easter Table  

Bring the English Countryside Home with Laura Ashley’s Country Roses Bouquet! Imagine soft, summer breezes wafting through a charming English garden, bursting with vibrant blooms. Now, capture that idyllic essence with the Laura Ashley Country Roses Bouquet, a delightful arrangement of 24 exquisite garden roses delivered fresh to your doorstep. 

This stunning bouquet features: 

  • A captivating blend of pink, peach, and cream roses, radiating warmth and elegance. 
  • Delicate petals  unfold, filling any room with their fresh fragrance
  • The timeless charm of the English countryside is brought to life through Laura Ashley’s signature style. 

Perfect for any occasion, the Country Roses Bouquet is a thoughtful gift that conveys: 

  • Love and appreciation: Shower your loved ones with the beauty of nature’s finest. 
  • Warmth and joy: Brighten someone’s day with a vibrant and fragrant display. 
  • A touch of elegance: Elevate any celebration with a sophisticated and timeless arrangement. 

Order your Laura Ashley Country Roses Bouquet today and display these vibrant and beautiful blooms on Easter Sunday.

LAURA ASHLEY | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest


Easy Easter Basket Gift Ideas For Adults And Kids 65 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Channel your inner rockstar with these Paper Mate Inkjoy Gel Bright! pens. Forget boring black and blue, these pens come in a burst of electrifying colors that will make writing as fun as playing air guitar (minus the questionable noise). The smooth-flowing gel ink lays down crisp lines that won’t bleed through the page so you can unleash your creativity without messy mishaps. Whether you’re jotting down grocery lists, brainstorming your next million-dollar idea, or signing your autograph for adoring fans (we believe in you!), these pens will keep up with your rockstar lifestyle.

At papermate.com, you can stock up on a whole pack for a price that won’t break the bank; add these pens in bold and right colors or pastels perfect for spring to your teen or tween’s Easter basket this season. So ditch the dull pens and embrace the bold with Paper Mate Inkjoy Gel Bright!

Paper Mate Inkjoy Gel Bright! Pens
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Easy Easter Basket Gift Ideas For Adults And Kids 66 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Unleash your inner artist and transform any surface into your canvas with the Sharpie Creative Markers! Ditch the limitations of regular markers and say hello to vibrant, paintlike colors that flow effortlessly from the brush tip. Gone are the days of worrying about bleed-through – these water-based acrylic markers work beautifully on paper, metal, wood, ceramic, glass, rock, and even canvas! Perfect for adding to an Easter basket for adults, teens, tweens, or littles, these Sharpie creative markers are bold, bright, and beautiful!

Imagine creating stunning artwork, lettering masterpieces, or personalizing everyday objects with the rich intensity of acrylic paint, but with the ease and control of a marker. No priming or prep work is needed – just grab a marker and let your creativity run wild! Plus, the brush tip lets you create thick and thin lines, perfect for detailed work or bold statements.

These Sharpie Creative Markers come in a variety of stunning colors that blend beautifully, allowing you to add depth and dimension to your projects. Whether you’re a seasoned artist or just starting to explore your creative side, these markers are the perfect tool to bring your vision to life. So, grab a pack (they’re available in sets of 5 or 12) and get ready to create something amazing!

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Finding the perfect Easter gift doesn’t have to be a daunting task if you’re willing to use a little advice! With our guide to easy Easter gifts, you can find a thoughtful gift to give and fun presents for adults and kids alike. From cute bunnies to practical items and fun games, there’s something ready to give to everyone on this list.

Remember, Easter is not just about satisfying your sweet tooth for the person who loves Easter candy or loves chocolate bunny ears. It’s about spending quality time with the people you love. So this Easter, one is sure to skip the stress and give the gift of joy and happiness with one of these easy Easter gift ideas. Happy Easter!

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