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Kushies takes the guess work out of parenting. Kushies supplies every product you need to get your child through a day. They make the toothbrush that will touch their teeth first thing in the morning and the pajamas that will keep them comfortable throughout the night. You no longer need to shop countless numbers of brands when you know Kushies makes a safe product for your child.


Start your day with a snuggle with your little one and their favorite lovie. Every baby loves having the security of a plush, adorable animal to keep them comfortable throughout the night and for the transitions in the day to come.

Teach your little one good hygiene with a toothbrush they will love. This Kushies brush is perfect for babies and early toddlers because the thick, silicone bristles not only clean, but soothe teething gums.


Enjoy lunch in style and without the mess with Kushie’s splash mats and bibs. A waterproof bib, like this, keep your baby clean but wipe down easily after the meal is finished. What we particularly love about the Kushies bib is the thick fabric along the neckline, protecting baby’s sensitive skin. Keeping baby clean is a simple fix, but how do you protect your floors? Spaghetti dinners and smash cakes have finally met their match with the splash mat. These mats are designed to be disposable but they can definitely be used multiple times if hosed off between uses.

spalsh mats

Enjoy your afternoon playtime with these inventive toys. A traditional stacking toy is adorned with interesting colors and textures to pique your little one’s interest. Magnetic people are perfect for open-ended play, and also make a great fridge toy! And the fun colors and patterns of this furry animal are perfect for a goofy moment with mom.

A day at the pool is much more enjoyable with some sunnies. Protect your babies eyes with a pair of these adorable, colorful Kushies sunglasses! And don’t forget  a swim diaper! A reusable swim diaper will save money (and the environment!) this summer.


No busy day is complete without a warm bath. The hooded towel is perfect for comforting your baby when it’s time to dry off.

We saved one of the best items for last. Kushies makes and amazing pair of pajamas. Each pair is organic and features adorable eco-friendly illustrations. Even the buttons and tags are adorned with recycle symbols and globes. We love the precious message these pajamas send.

More To Love

This is only a small feature of all that Kushies offers your child. They also have a line of cloth diapers and accessories, bath toys, bedding, and much more.

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