10 Amazing Items To Make Your Spring Garden And Home Flourish

As the warm weather approaches, it is the perfect time to start planning your spring garden. Getting outside and digging in the dirt is the first step toward establishing your garden sanctuary. We have found storage sheds, lounge chairs, stoves, outdoor speakers, and BBQ tools that will take the winter blues away so you can spend time outside enjoying the warm weather in your spring garden. Our guide is the perfect place to start browsing so grab an iced latte and start planning your spring outdoor space now!

Practical Spring Garden Gear For Your Home


Keter Shed Daily Mom Parent Portal 25

If your garage is beginning to feel a little cramped and you’ve been searching for the ultimate storage solution, let us introduce you to the Keter Cortina 9×7 Shed. Whether you need a place to store your lawn equipment, pool supplies, bikes, or camping gear, this shed can handle all of it and more. The stylish yet extremely durable Cortina Shed is perfect for all of your organizational needs and has an elegant yet modern design that will fit right into your backyard spring garden with ease.

The beautiful angled windows make it a light and airy space with great ventilation built in. Since the Cortina storage shed is a generous-sized (but not too large) storage shed, you’ll be able to move all of your non-essential garage items out so you can finally tame your garage and make room for all of your cars. Made of innovative wood composite Evotech panels, this shed is extremely durable and strong for an elegant natural wood look and feel that will fit in nicely with your spring garden. The double-wall construction and steel-reinforced walls and roof can handle heavy rain and snow loads of up to 30 PSF, while the heavy-duty floor can accommodate heavy items like riding mowers.

If you’re looking for an elegant way to store your outdoor cushions, spring garden tools, and pool equipment, the Cortina 150 Gallon Deck Box is a perfect addition to your backyard, pool deck, or front porch this spring! This large 150-gallon deck box will not only store all of your belongings, but it looks sleek, simple, and a great match to your Cortina Shed! It is water-resistant and durable, so there’ll be no cracking, peeling, or rotting, making this deck box long-lasting and high-quality. You can lock it and use it for additional seating if needed.

The UV-protected Evotech resin helps to withstand the elements all year round without fading or disintegrating, while the ultra-strong engineering allows you to stock and load the Cortina fully without worry. Enjoy the natural wooden look of the Cortina Deck Box that blends in naturally while eliminating the hassle of scraping, priming, and painting splintery timber. Easy access to your spring garden tools with the top-opening storage ensures your gear stays dry, organized, and locked away.

Cortina 9×7 Storage Shed | Cortina 150 Gallon Deck Box
Keter | Facebook | Instagram | Youtube | Pinterest

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Solo Stove

Solo Stove, the leader in smokeless fire pits, is here to help all outdoor lovers stay warm and have tons of firey fun this Spring. Setting up fire pits from Solo Stove is SUPER easy, and due to their innovative airflow design, they give off the ultimate warmth and comfort, perfect for those chilly Spring nights. Their best-selling firepit, the Bonfire 2.0, is ultra-portable, long-lasting, and incredibly versatile once you see the variety of accessories available. It’s THE Spring outdoor product every family needs this year to spruce up their spring garden.

But Solo Stove has taken the firepit game to the next level for those who’d like a little added safety and peace of mind. For those with kids and/or pets, the newest accessory from Solo Stove – the Fire Pit Surround – is the must-have addition to every spring garden. Step up the safety game with the latest 360-degree protective barrier, perfect for keeping 4-legged family members and little hands from getting too close to the heat. It’s even the ideal tabletop for a good old-fashioned plate of s’mores and chilled beverages with its perforated powder-coated steel design.

Daily Mom Parent Portal Spring Garden

Of course, the Surround isn’t just safe and functional. The sophisticated styling is supreme and really creates a focal point in the outdoor space. Whether you have the Bonfire 2.0, or any other fire pits, the Surround comes in 2 sizes that work with all of them. With a lifetime warranty, you’ll have a gorgeous outdoor space this Spring and for a lifetime with Solo Stove and the Fire Pit Surround.

Bonfire 2.0 | Fire Pit Surround
Solo Stove | Facebook | Instagram


Whether you’re a lumberjack or have a giant spring garden of your own that requires time, energy, and money to maintain this spring — Nitro 40V Power Share Cordless 16″ Chainsaw with Brushless Motor is here to make your life easier. This cordless chainsaw is perfect for cutting through branches, logs, and more with its 16″ bar length. The brushless motor allows up to 3x longer runtime than other models and delivers a quiet performance that won’t disturb your neighbors.

This high-power Chainsaw allows you to cut down unwanted branches at an amazing speed. The automated chain lubrication feature assures continuous, smooth operation and effective cutting for a variety of landscaping and woodworking projects. Worx’s Chainsaw is battery-powered with a good life span and features a battery level indicator — so you arrive at work fully prepared.

Not to mention how much money this one-time buy can save you by eliminating the need to pay the professionals. Altogether, this Chainsaw is an efficient, convenient, and versatile tool. The Power Share battery system means you only need one type of battery to power all tools in your arsenal, and you don’t have to worry about running out of power while you’re in the middle of a job.

Plus, this chainsaw is lightweight, so you can easily take it anywhere. So pick up your Nitro 40V Power Share Cordless 16″ Chainsaw before tackling any outdoor spring garden projects this season. Those logs don’t stand a chance…

Nitro 40V Power Share Cordless 16″ Chainsaw with Brushless Motor
Worx | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest

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iLive Electronics

Ilive Rock Speakers Daily Mom Parent Portal 6

Take your backyard to the next level by incorporating high-quality wireless speakers. And if you don’t want bulky, black speakers, explore these Waterproof Wireless Rock Speakers by iLive that are designed to look like real rocks that blend in easily with your spring garden. With IPX5 waterproof protection, you can have your soundtrack poolside, at the lake, or at a bonfire.

Ilive Rock Speakers Daily Mom Parent Portal 13

Feel free to keep the party going all day or night with up to 9 hours of battery life. Two charging cables are included so you can charge both speakers at the same time. This set of speakers comes in a 2-pack, and with the auto-pairing, you can pair both speakers with ease to play the same music in different locations, reaching more of your guests. The built-in full-range 5″ speakers produce clear, high-quality sound that enhances any of your spring get-togethers or summer pool parties.

Geo + Waterproof Wireless Rock Speakers (2 Pack)
iLive Electronics

Riverbend Home

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When the world is warming up, we want to get out and soak up the sun! Do it comfortably and in style with Riverbend Home. Enjoy the views from the Zero Gravity Lounge Chair and Table Set this spring and take a load off (quite literally). These chairs support you in all the ways you need to be supported and will look great next to your spring garden. Thanks to the all-weather sling fabric and bungee cords, the pressure you typically experience in other portable furniture isn’t present at all. A side table and beverage holder complement each chair so you can truly feel “at home.”

Daily Mom Parent Portal Spring Garden

The matching table within the Zero Gravity Lounge Chair and Table Set is unique and functional, a superb combination to start off in your spring garden! While many “portable” furniture options are bulky and hard to transport, that’s not the experience you’ll have with this set. Enjoy coffee and danish with the sunrise or cocktails at sunset-anywhere at all. This table has two mesh cup holders, a foldable design, and breathable all-weather fabric. Wherever your adventures take you this spring, this table can come along and make life easier. Whether you’re camping in the woods or traveling on the open road this spring, this set can come along and make you feel right at home wherever you end up.

Zero Gravity Lounge Chair and Table Set – Navy Blue
Riverbend Home | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest


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Get ready for all your Spring plantings with Burpee. Their selection of seeds, from vegetables to perennials, herbs, and fruit, is unmatched, and their large selection of gardening supplies will help ensure everything comes up roses! A grow light such as the Fordhook Seed House LED is the ideal start for seedlings and plants with a height that adjusts up to 12 inches. Designed to resemble the historic seed house at Burpee’s Fordhook Farm in PA, this adorable countertop-read grow light is also a great place to display beloved house plants. Give your spring garden a great indoor start with Burpee.

Fordhook Seed House LED Grow Light
Burpee | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest

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Baseball BBQ

The Baseball BBQ company is swinging for the fences with their one-of-a-kind “HOME RUN” Grill set featuring customized handles. This personalized 4-piece grill set includes Slider Spatula, Forkball Fork, Splitfinger Tongs, and Pickoff Bottle Opener. You can laser engrave the handles with your family name or business logo.

Your man can now step up to the grill with all the tools he needs to make any family barbecue in the spring garden or game night a huge success. If he uses these premium tools, he will never be hit by a curveball. This “HOME RUN” set will make a great gift if you know someone with baseball fever. Every time your man grills a juicy tenderloin, he will hum, “Take me out to the ball game!”

“HOME RUN” Grill Set with Customized Handles
Baseball BBQ | Facebook | Instagram

Gardener’s Supply Company

Daily Mom Parents Portal Behr 3 10

Make gardening easier with these lovely tree mats and landscaping edging from Gardener’s Supply Company! Whether you’re an expert gardener or a newbie without a green thumb, you will love these amazing, modern tools in your lawn and spring garden.

Made of tightly woven coconut fibers and durable natural latex, these tree ring mats stop weeds from growing while also letting plenty of air, water, and nutrients sink through to the roots of your tree. Mulching can be expensive, labor-intensive, and messy; alternatively, these tree ring mats are lightweight, easy to manage, and last up to three years! You can even mow right over them without harming your mower or the product.

The center hole can also be enlarged, allowing you to customize the fit based on the size of the tree. You can also choose from a variety of sizes when you order. Enjoy all the benefits of gardening with less back-breaking work when you purchase these tree rings mats!

Next, take a look at these lovely edging panels! These long-wearing and sturdy composite lumber boards look modern, sleek, and natural, creating beautiful edges and improving curb appeal for your spring garden, pathways, or playground. These tool-free kits contain everything you need to install the edging, including brackets. Both curved and straight pieces are available for sale.

With these products and some time for weekend DIY home projects, you’ll have an elevated outdoor space and spring garden by Monday! Get everything you need at Gardener’s Supply Company!

Coco Coir Tree Rings | Straight Landscape Edging Kit | Curved Landscape Edging Kit
Gardener’s Supply Company | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest | Youtube

Hammer Fist

Daily Mom Parent Portal Spring Garden

Ready to do a small home repair job or hang a picture on the wall? The Hammer Fist makes hammering easier and more comfortable, even for those with arthritis. The universal adaptive comfort grip also makes it simple to teach children to hammer. The uniquely shaped, compact hammer features multiple stainless steel strike faces. Use the hammer strike for nails, the pommel grip for extra power, and the 45-degree strike face for tight spaces. Hammer Fist even includes a non-marring mallet. In addition, the Hammer Fist boasts dual nail pulls, universal rulers, a 90-degree square, and a hex slot for screw heads or nut drivers. The Hammer Fist even has a bottle opener!

Hammer Fist
Hammer Fist | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest



These 100% waterproof women’s rain boots are the tried and tested boots you’ve been looking for. Field tested on sailboats, surf trips, and wet kitchen floors, they hold up every single time, keeping feet dry and happy. Made with matte natural rubber and a deeply grooved outsole paired with a soft knit inner lining, these boots top function with conscious comfort.

Bolinas Boot
SeaVees | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | TikTok | Pinterest

Setting up your spring garden with the amazing products we have found will give your yard the makeover it needs, especially after a long winter. The products we have found, such as the storage shed, are aesthetically pleasing and keep your yard tools, like lawnmowers and kid’s bikes, neat and organized. In addition, the chainsaw is the perfect tool to landscape your spring garden. Invite your friends and family, have a barbeque and display all the tools and gear you bought to set up your spring garden with help from the experts at Daily Mom. Your spring garden will be the talk of the neighborhood!

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